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Best online video compression toolur and sites

Videos take up a lot of internal storage space of all devices.
Many suffer from this problem due to the constant exchange between users of videos via e-mail and the exchange of videos through social networking sites.

Recently, we notice the emergence of many websites specialized in reducing the size of video on the Internet.

Best online video compression toolur and sites
Best online video compression toolur and sites

 Top 5 Online Video Compressing Sites and toolur

These sites provide many advantages, the most important of which is to save a lot of space on your computer or phone and facilitate sending videos by e-mail or sharing them through social networking sites easily, and also to ensure the quality, accuracy and suitability of videos for viewing on phones of limited size.

One of the great benefits of using online video size reduction sites is that you do not need to download video compressing software for computer or video compression applications , and thus it is very simple because it is done through the Internet.

Reduce video size while maintaining HD quality

These sites provide the service of reducing the size of the video while maintaining the highest HD quality, knowing that it is a free service and does not cost you whether to subscribe and register with them, here are the best online video compression sites and HD quality:


It is a free video space compression site.

The site offers many distinguished services that are not available in others, the most important of which is that there is no specific size for the files to be compressed, that is, whatever the file size is, the site is able to compress it.

The site also has default settings for compressing files , although this allows users to adjust the settings manually.

The site supports a number of different video formats when uploading.

The site provides the feature of uploading video files directly to a number of international sites such as: Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook and others.

But the disadvantage of this site is that it requires registration on the site to obtain services and also allows only five files for free memberships.

The method of use is easy, as you first log in to the site and create an account either through Facebook or with a Google account.

Then press Compress my video until the required file is downloaded from your device.

After that, either keep the default settings and the program will reduce the size of the video while maintaining HD quality, or adjust the settings manually.

And in the end, after the video is compressed, save it either on your device, or you can upload it to YouTube or the site you want.

videosmaller site

Free online video compression site.

The site supports video sizes of up to 500MB and its services are also provided for free.

It provides a range of formats for different video sizes and cuts them easily.

The video is compressed by pressing the Browse button, then selecting the video to be resized, followed by the process of selecting the required sizes.

The time taken to compress the video depends on the size of the duration of the video. The result is a reduced video size while maintaining HD quality.

Once done, click the Upload Video button, and so on in the same way for each video.

One of the advantages of this site, besides its ease of use, is that it maintains the high quality of the video in a great way.

cloudconvert site

This site supports various video formats such as (MP4, OGG, MKV, VAI, WMV, FLV) with the ability to

Control more than one video at the same time, paying great attention to the high video quality, as you can reduce the size of the video to the maximum while maintaining the quality.

It also allows the ability to store in various cloud storage files available online.

clideo site

It is one of the best free video compression sites, and it contains smart tools that help you quickly compress the video size to the sizes you specify yourself.

The clideo site is distinguished by providing high levels of protection and security to its users, as it encrypts all the data that accesses it.

In addition to that, the site has a preview feature where the user shows a thumbnail of the video format during the compression process, and this saves us time, as if the video format is not good, we can stop the process, delete it, or restart the process from the beginning, and so on.

Supports all kinds of different video formats. It features an easy and simple user interface.

It is characterized by the speed of the video compression process while maintaining high quality as well.

zamzar site

The interface of the site is very attractive and simple, and it is preferred by many users.

Video sizes are up to 50MB.

The site allows you to put the link of the video to be compressed, and after it performs the compression process with ease, it sends you the link of the compressed file to the e-mail you specified previously.

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