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best 10 Portable Browsers [No Installation, for USB]

A portable browser lets you take your preferences with you on any computer. The benefit is that you don’t have to install it on every device you use. You just run it from a USB stick and your data will sync automatically. With a browser that doesn’t need installation, you will always have a reliable and convenient way to browse the web.

Are you unhappy with your current browser? It’s time to switch to Opera.

Opera is trusted by 350 million users every day. It offers you a full browsing experience, improved resource consumption and a beautiful design.

Here’s what you can expect from Opera:

  • Easy sync and import: Use the Opera wizard to import all your data (bookmarks, favorites, passwords, etc.)
  • Optimized resource usage: No other browser can use your RAM more efficiently
  • Enhanced privacy: Free unlimited built-in VPN
  • Ad-free: Built-in ad blocker speeds up page loading and protects against profiling
  • Download Opera What is a portable browser?

Why should you look for one?

It’s the ease of use that makes it so handy. Let’s see what it’s all about.

A portable web browser is simply a program that runs from a USB drive. It doesn’t need to be installed on your hard disk to work.

This means you can use your preferred browser, with all the settings and bookmarks already there. All you need to do is plug in your USB drive into the computer you want to surf on.

This way, you can have a familiar setup wherever you go. The benefit is that you can quickly load all your settings without losing mobility and without filling up your hard disk.

Here are our top choices:

  • Opera portable – Best web browser without installation
  • Google Chrome Portable Version – the most versatile URL bar
  • Vivaldi – customizable page display
  • Firefox portable – built-in password manager
  • Maxthon portable – minimal system requirements In our opinion, using a portable browser is a smart choice for anyone who wants to have more control over their browsing experience.

What is a web browser tool?

A web browser tool is a software that lets you access and view web pages and websites. It is your main way of connecting to the Internet and exploring all the pages it offers.

How does a web browser work?

A web browser works by reading the instructions in the HTML/CSS and JavaScript files of the web pages, and then rendering the content on the screen as text, images, audio, video, and other files such as PDFs or interactive charts.

Different web browsers may use different versions of HTML, and that’s why a website may look different depending on the browser. There are many browsers available on the market, and most of them are free or open source. Privacy is often one of the most important features that users look for in web browsers.

You can switch browsers anytime, and you can install more than one on the same computer or smartphone.

The best web browsers for Portable

Some of the best web browsers for surfing the web are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer), Safari, Brave, Opera, Tor Browser, Vivaldi or Sidekick. The user interface is usually customizable, so you can make navigation easier with user-friendly interfaces. Web browsers let you access the Internet on desktop (Windows, macOS or Linux) as well as on mobile (iOS, Android) with mobile versions.

Web browsers offer a range of features that enhance your online experience, such as:

  • Tabs: You can keep multiple tabs open at the same time to switch between websites without losing your place.
  • Passwords: The web browser can securely store your passwords (with your consent) and fill them in automatically when you visit the same site again.
  • Security: Most web browsers Portable update regularly and automatically to protect you from malicious attacks and prevent security breaches. They also have other features like pop-up blocking and warning you when you visit a potentially unsafe site or download something suspicious.
  • Privacy: To protect your personal data, browsers let you manage how they track ads and cookies, and use private browsing mode.
  • Shortcuts/favorites: You can add several sites to a list of favorites or bookmarks, so you can access them faster, without using a search engine.
  • Web extensions: Browsers usually let you add custom extensions or plugins, such as ad blockers, productivity tools (screen capture, file converter, translator, etc.) and development tools, or extensions for videoconferencing tools.
  • Downloads: You can download items from websites through the browser.
  • PDF: You can view, edit and share PDFs directly from web browsers.
  • VPN: Some browsers, like Opera or Sidekick, have a built-in VPN to protect your personal information while browsing the web.
  • Browsing data: Browsers let you view your history, and manage or delete your browsing data.
  • Address bar: You can access websites directly from the browser’s address bar, which lets you type the exact address of a site, or keywords that will start a search on your default search engine.

Choose a web browser

Browsers are constantly updated to improve their speed and compatibility with the latest versions of websites. To select your browser, you need to consider your preferences in terms of privacy protection, plugin, speed and compatibility. It is possible that some old browsers are not able to support some new versions of sites. Sometimes technologies change, and browsers and sites have to adjust, as it happened with the end of Adobe Flash Player. Mobile browsers can be downloaded from the various stores, or are sometimes preinstalled, like Safari at Apple for example.

What is the best Portable Browsers?

best Portable Browsers
best Portable Browsers

1- Opera – best web browser without installation

Opera stands out from other browsers with its unique features.

Some of these features are not available in other browsers, such as a VPN, a snapshot tool, and a unit conversion utility.

Did you know? Opera VPN portable

  • Opera portable is a complete browser that has all the functionalities of Opera.
  • This means you can use the VPN integrated in the browser to access geo-blocked content and enhance your online privacy.
  • Moreover, you can run this software from a portable storage device (like USB keys).

Unlike Google Chrome, the Opera user interface has a sidebar that allows easy access to browser tools as well as Instagram and Twitter.

Opera also has convenient tabs. You can group all the tabs of a window into one.

Besides, Opera lets you organize tabs into workspaces and find them easily with the tab search utility.

These are some of its key features :

  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Pop-up videos that float outside Opera’s window
  • Battery saving mode
  • Opera feeds to manage and share videos, links and images between devices

How to enjoy Opera browser without installing it?

There are several ways to use this amazing browser without having to install it normally.

If the regular Opera installation does not suit your needs , you can choose the offline download option. Even better, you can try the Opera browser that is portable.

The benefit is clear, there is no trace, no software leftovers and most importantly no changes in your settings.

Since it is a portable app, it will not affect your PC settings. Browsing data (bookmarks, search history, extensions, etc.) will not be saved locally on the computer.

Here’s how to get the portable Opera for USB:

  • Plug the USB drive into your PC.
  • Then, go to the official page for the portable Opera browser .
  • Just click the Download button .
  • Move the installation package to your USB drive.
  • That’s it, you now have a portable version of Opera that you can take anywhere!

If you want a browser that is light and fast , there is no better option than Opera portable, the browser that anyone can use!

2- Google Chrome Version Portable – the most versatile URL bar

The browser known as Google Chrome is widely regarded as the most commonly used browser globally. Users value its various features, which include a straightforward interface design, the ability to translate web pages automatically, the option to browse in incognito mode, and its fast performance.

In addition, Chrome works well with various platforms and has the best integration with Android mobile devices.

Users can easily sync Chrome bookmarks and other saved preferences between PC and mobile using their Google account.

These are some of its main features :

  • Task manager for browser tabs
  • Ad blocker integrated
  • Password manager integrated
  • Versatile URL bar that can also function as a calculator, translator and currency converter


This package for downloading Google Chrome on a USB key is not from an official source. We recommend you to be careful!

3- Vivaldi – customizable page display

Vivaldi provides users with a wide range of customization options to personalize their browsing experience. These options include the ability to customize themes, start pages, tabs, bookmarks, panels, address bars, appearances, and more.

Compared to most other browsers, Vivaldi also offers better tab functionality, allowing users to view thumbnail previews by hovering over them. Additionally, Vivaldi's unique stacking feature allows users to group tabs together and display up to four tabs at once in a single window.

The only downside to Vivaldi is that it does not have a portable version, although it is still possible to run the standard browser from a USB drive.

All you need to do is select the standalone installation option and click Browse to pick a USB drive directory.

These are some of its main features :

  • Different page display options
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • The quick commands menu lets you search for tabs
  • Fully customizable interface

4- Firefox Portable – built-in password manager 

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that has it all: an ad blocker, a password manager, a fast text mode and a screenshot tool.

But that’s not all. It also offers convenient page actions for copying links and standard tools for bookmarking and searching.

What’s more, Firefox lets you customize it to your liking by adding and removing items from its URL toolbar and choosing from three different built-in themes.

With its rich repositories of add-ons and themes, FireFox is one of the most flexible browsers.

Here are some of its key features :

  • Page thumbnail previews
  • Option to block autoplay
  • Ability to set up master passwords
  • Reading mode that eliminates clutter from web pages


This version of Firefox is not from an official source, like portable Chrome. We recommend you to be careful!

5- Maxthon – minimum system requirements

Maxthon is a browser that offers many features without using much system resources.

Maxthon allows users to save content from web pages and sync it later across different devices.

It is a great browser for cross-platform use.

Maxthon 5 portable has some unique tools that other browsers don’t have. For example, its External Tools feature lets you add shortcuts to other software in the browser.

Also, you can download videos from web pages with Resource Sniffer option of this browser.

These are some of its key features :

  • Has a night mode option
  • Has a built-in screenshot tool
  • Autofills saved information for forms
  • Has mouse gesture shortcuts for browser options

5- Qt Web

Qt Web This is a free and portable browser that you can run from a USB device without leaving any traces (except for a downloads folder) on the host computer. Qt Web is a standalone program that does not require installation. You can get it here .

6- Maxton

Maxton This is a powerful browser with tabs and a customizable interface. It uses the same engine as Internet Explorer, so it can display any web page that IE can. However, it also has many extra features that make it more efficient. You suck here .

7- Front

Front This is a fast browser with multiple windows and features such as Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Flash Ads Filter. It enhances Internet Explorer with more options and functionality. It is also based on IE. You dig here

8- Midori

Midori This is a fast, lightweight, open source and free web browser. You can download Midori Portable Browser from here.

9- Green

Green This is a free, tabbed, portable and customizable web browser that resembles and works like Internet Explorer. It is also a simple alternative to portable Firefox. You suck here .

10- Brochure

Browzar portable browser allows you to browse the web privately

These are 10 of the best portable browsers that you can use on Windows PCs without installing them on hard drives. Have you ever used a portable browser without installation? Let us know in the comments section below.

How secure are portable browsers?

Sometimes you might need to use a web browser on a PC that is not yours and you don’t have permission to install anything on it. In that case, you can use a browser that you have copied on your USB drive and run it without any hassle.

Another benefit is that the browser will not leave any evidence of your online activity, so your privacy will be safeguarded. On that note, you might also want to check out these trustworthy browsers that don’t store your history and personal data.

Portable browsers are usually more secure, but you have to keep them updated. If the file on your USB drive becomes too old, it will be vulnerable to various attacks.

Is it possible to put a browser on a flash drive?

A portable browser is a web browser that has been designed by its developer to be launched directly from a portable storage device, like a USB flash drive. This allows users to carry the browser and their browsing history with them wherever they go, without the need to install the browser on each individual device they use.

How can I use a browser without installing it?

First, go to the browser’s download page, we will demonstrate this for Opera’s portable version. Then click the Download button. Make sure to plug in your USB flash drive into your computer, then double-click the file that you downloaded to start its installation. When it asks you for the Destination folder, choose your flash drive and then proceed with the installation process.

Now, let’s see what the best portable browsers are.

FAQs best Portable Browsers


Which browser is the most portable?

Google Chrome: the ruler of the web We suggest Chrome Beta as a better option, since it is more stable than the rest. But if you value stability over novelty, Google Chrome will work well for you.

Which browser is the lightest?

Opera Opera has many features, but it is still a light and relatively fast web browser. It has a free and unlimited VPN built-in, which makes your browsing more secure.

Why choose Firefox over Chrome?

Firefox has an edge over Chrome when it comes to privacy, with its dedication to online data protection and its free services that are integrated in the browser, such as password managers that also warn you of credential breaches.

Which browser is the best for free?

Google Chrome: the standard. Google Chrome is a free and excellent web browser that stands out from other popular applications like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer).

Which browser uses the least RAM?

We were surprised to find out that Chrome is the browser that uses the least RAM and CPU resources, followed by Opera. Microsoft Edge is the most resource-intensive browser (RAM + CPU), followed by Firefox.

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