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Solve the problem of not opening websites

Solve the problem of not opening websites even though there is an Internet connection with simple steps.

We offer you a solution to the problem of sites not opening even though there is an Internet connection, even prominent sites or services may stop at some point, although downtimes for sites such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter are usually measured in seconds, other sites may become down for hours, or even days.

but the stop is not the only reason behind your inability to access the Web site, you may have been blocked in your country, or have been blocked by the security software, or you can not access it because of the routing service provider problems Internet.

Solve the problem of not opening websites

Solve the problem of not opening websites
Solve the problem of not opening websites

Analyze why you can't access a website

You open a site in the browser's address bar or click on a link, but instead of seeing the website being rendered in the web browser of your choice, you get an error message, or it takes a long time before the timeout is shown to you.

In the method of checking if a website is down, we have included several options to analyze why you cannot connect to a particular website, thus solving the problem of websites not opening even though there is an internet connection.

  • Try again

The first thing to do is try to access the site that you cannot access again, if the site is still loading, press the stop button, then reload the site to see if the connection problem is temporary or if it is resolved during the second attempt.

  • Make sure to Ping / Tracert on the command line

  1. Run Ping / Tracert on the command line, this is done quickly and may reveal valuable information right away.
  2. Open a command prompt in Windows, by pressing the Windows icon, typing cmd.exe, and then pressing Enter.
  3. Type ping, leave a space and ping
  4. Then type tracert, leave a space, and type tracert,, to run the trace.
  5. Request timed out messages are indicators of server or routing problems.

  • Hire Web Checkers

The main advantage that Web Checkers have is that they can tell you if other users can enter the site you want to enter, when you put the site in Web Checkers you will get two answers:

  1. The site is not valid for anyone in this case You know now that The problem is not caused by a setting on your computer or your ISP.
  2. Or that the site is not valid for you, here you must know the problem is in your computer, or in the Internet service provider.
  3. You can use a service like to find out if the site in question is really down. or not.

  • Ask someone else

Although you can use a service to see if the site is not accessible in your area, or globally, you can also ask a friend to check it, it will help to learn more about the connection problem, preferably The friend uses the same ISP, and lives in the same country.

Troubleshoot connection problems

Now that you know that you can't access a website or service on the Internet, you definitely want to do something about it.

  1. Try a different web browser, or the same browser in private browsing mode, in case you use extensions, we suggest you try an unmodified profile or a different browser.
  2. Check if the security software on your device is blocking access to the site, you also need to check the firewall log, or temporarily disable the security software to find out why.
  3. Check if your host's file contains an entry for the requested site.
  4. Use third-party tools, such as Domain Health Report, or Blacklist Check, to see if a site is blacklisted and, therefore, blocked.
  5. You can do a search on Twitter, Reddit, or other services in real-time to see if the site is available to others, or if the site operators have posted information.
  6. Open the developer tools in your browser by pressing F12 and go to the Network tab, reload the site in question, and check if you have errors there.

How to access websites that you cannot access

It is quite possible that you will not be able to access a site, it may be blocked at the level of your ISP, or even across the country, or it is not valid for anyone. You can use the following tools and services to try to access the site in question. Note that these features often block access only to static content, and do not allow you to interact with the site.

So if Facebook crashes, for example, you can access the public profile, but you may not be able to post or write comments, or use the messaging service.

  • Hire Startpage's Proxy

To solve the problem of sites not opening despite the presence of an Internet connection, Proxy can be used. The search engine start page contains a Proxy feature that you can use to access sites through their servers. You have to either enter the URL of the site in question, in the search form, and click on the link Proxy next to it to access the site using Proxy, this works if the site is down for you, but it works for the rest.

  • VPN hiring

This works similar to using a Proxy but you can connect to servers in different countries depending on the VPN This is ideal if a service is blocked in your country or region, or if a site is down in a certain country, but not in others.

  • Hire a Wayback Machine

You can use the Wayback Machine to access a cached copy of the site. This is useful if you want to access published content, for example, an article on a site, however, there is no guarantee that the Wayback Machine has been able to archive a copy of the page in question.

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