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How to save Instagram story in high quality for all devices

How to download Instagram stories in high quality for all devices running Android, IOS, or even computers, as it is known that the Instagram application does not support its users to download images and videos from publications or stories, and in light of this talk, the reference site is interested in introducing us to how Download Insta stories with high accuracy through some websites or applications that allow this process, and that work on different types of devices and browsers.

How to save Instagram story
How to save the Instagram story

Instagram story download high quality

Many users are looking for a way to save Instagram Stories on the mobile phone or on the PC, as the method differs on each device due to the different programs supported by the operating system of the device, and in the following, we will provide an explanation of how to download Instagram stories on each From computers, phones running the Android operating system, in addition to the devices running the iOS operating system.

How to download Instagram stories in high quality on your computer

How to download Instagram stories
How to download Instagram stories

The process of saving the status from Instagram to the computer is carried out by following the following steps:

  • Go to the website for saving the stories from the link directly.
  • Enter the name of the user whose status we want to upload in the search box.
  • Click on the search option and wait until the results are displayed.
  • Select the state we want to save.
  • Clicking Download and clicking Download.
  • Wait until the process is finished and get the story in the device memory.

        How to download high-quality Instagram stories on iPhone

        download high quality Instagram story on iPhone

        You can download the stories from Instagram on the iPhone through the following sites:

        • Open the internet browser on the mobile phone.
        • Go to the Instagram download site via the link directly “ from here ”.
        • Enter the name of the user whose story we want to download.
        • Click on search and wait for the results to appear.
        • Choose the status you want to download.
        • Click on the download option and save the file to the phone.

        How to download high-quality Instagram stories on Android

        Through the use of the modified Instagram applications on Android phones, you can download the story as follows:

        • Download the Instagram Gold application via the direct link “ from here ”.
        • Allow installation of unknown sources to complete the installation process.
        • Open the app and log in to our Instagram account in the usual way.
        • Go to the story we want to download.
        • Click on the three dots to display the options.
        • Press download and wait until you get the story in the gallery.

        Best Instagram story downloader

        There are many applications that mobile phone users can get to download the Instagram story in high quality without having to search for download sites, as the applications differ from each other in the number of features that each program offers to its users, and below we will mention some of the best programs for Android phones, iPhones, and Android devices. The computer, allows the user to download the stories from the iPhone.

        instal gold

        It is one of the applications that is used as an alternative to the official Instagram application, through this program, you can easily browse Instagram and with an interface similar to the interface of the official application, through which you can get all the pictures and clips of Instagram, in addition to the ability to save stories from other users to the device Directly, how much there are two versions of this program, the first is installed as an alternative to the official Instagram program, that is, the device recognizes it as an Instagram update, and it can be obtained through the link directly “ from here ”, while the second version is downloaded to the phone as the Instagram application It is separate from the official application, and it can be downloaded from the direct link “ from here ”.


        It is an alternative Instagram application that works as an accompanying version of the official Instagram version, through which you can log into the Instagram account and browse the posts and use it as the official application, and from within the application you can directly get any image, video or story on Instagram, from By clicking on the download button next to the desired image or video, this program works on mobile phones and can be obtained in the form of an apk file via the link directly.

        Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

        It is a program for Android phones that allows users to download all photos and videos from the Instagram application, whereby logging in to the application, you can browse the publications and stories published by other users and save them on the device, and the application can be obtained for free by clicking on the link “ from here .”

        Instant Save

        It is one of the best applications that allow users of IOS phones to download photos and videos from Instagram status, and it is also possible to save all photos and videos from the publications available to the user on Instagram, as the application has its own browser through which you can access The required story and work to save it to the device’s storage memory, the application is free and works on both iPhones and iPads, and it can be obtained from the official Apple Store or through the link directly.


        It is an application through which you can download images, videos or audio clips from all sites, as the application supports the download feature from more than 1000 different sites, among which is the Instagram site, where you can simply go to the user account that we want to download the private Insta story The application is available for both Android devices and computers, and it can be obtained for Android phones through the link “ from here ”, or for computers via the link directly “ from here ”.

        Best Instagram  story  download site

        In a related context, with the talk about downloading Instagram stories with high quality, it is necessary to talk about the most famous sites that users tend to use to download photos and videos from Instagram stories, and among the most famous sites that provide download services from Instagram stories, we mention the following.

        Save Instagram 

        It is one of the sites that specialize in downloading from the official Instagram website, meaning that it works only on the Instagram website without other sites, and the services of the site are used free of charge, as it supports all operating systems, whether on the phone or computer, and it is possible to access The site via the link directly “ from here ”.

        Instagram Story Downloader

        Story Downloader is one of the best sites that Instagram users use to get stories from the Instagram site, as the site specializes in downloading cases only, unlike some sites that support downloading various publications and images from Instagram, and the download process is done by entering the username that We want to download his story, then click on the search option on the official website page via the link, then choose the story we want to download and then click on save and wait until the process is completed completely free of charge.

        insta- stories 

        The Insta Stories Trick site allows downloading the Instagram story in high quality on mobile phones or computers, where it is possible through the services of this site to download all the images and videos on Instagram for free and without the need to subscribe to the site, all you need to download on the site Go to the page The official website by linking “ from here ”, then entering the username to view his status on Instagram and save it to the gallery.

         In fact site 

        It is one of the famous sites dedicated to downloading from social networking sites, as the site contains several sections that allow the user to download from Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok without a watermark, in addition to downloading Instagram stories easily and with high quality, where the user name must be pasted in the search box On the home page of the site via the link “ from here ”, clicking on the option to download stories and wait for the download to finish.

        How to download Instagram stories in high quality for all devices An article in which we talked about all the ways that the user can use order to get stories from Instagram, as some many sites and applications provide download services, but many of them do not support downloading stories from Instagram in high quality.

        Questions and answers

        How do I save my Instagram story for iPhone?

        1. Click on the Downloads tool in the Safari browser, and the story you want to save will appear.
        2. The story appears on a separate screen, at the bottom you will find the share icon, click on it.
        3. Then an options screen will appear for you, choose to save the image so that the Insta stories for iPhone will be downloaded with ease.
        4. Go to the photo album, you will find the story directly in the studio.

        How do I save insta video with audio?

        You can also save the audio file for later reference by pressing the bookmark icon, and if you want to use the audio clip immediately, press the Use Audio button at the bottom of the screen.

        How do I save pictures from Instagram without a program?

        All you have to do is press the bookmark icon below any photo or video on Instagram and it will be saved immediately and you can access it again by entering your account page and clicking on the options menu at the top of the screen (the icon for three horizontal bars) and then choose “saved” and you will find all the photos And the videos that I saved.

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