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How to change the name in the game PUBG

PUBG is one of the largest and most popular games in the current period, as many people use it, numbering over a million players, and there are millions who play it every day.

Playing, and when entering the game for the first time, you have only one chance to choose and write a nickname.

Once you select it, you will remain stuck for a certain period, and this name is what other people see inside the game, so it is an important step during registration on the game.

How to change the name in the game PUBG
How to change the name in the game PUBG

Possibility to change your name in pubg

If you are unable to think of writing a good name for yourself in PUBG the first time, you are in luck, as several ways have been devised through which you can change your name properly, but these methods may require some time, and that is by purchasing the Battlegrounds tag To rename in the game, which is the easiest way to do this, where the person buys the card and then follows the following:

  • We go to the PUBG mobile shop and select another tab.
  • Then we buy the card, and then we will recover 180 battle points.

The way to access the nickname rename card is the steps, and among these steps are the following:

  • We go to events to get rewards or to see what is available from them.
  • Then we go to the inventory and open the check box, in order to receive our card, if any.
  • Then we complete the missions to get the Battlegrounds to be renamed.

How to get free cards

If you do not want to buy these cards, you have only one choice, which is to complete the third level and the tenth level. There are also certain times to rename people within the PUBG game, and it is also possible to obtain free cards through the following points:

  1. We are completing Battlegrounds Levels 3 and 10 or free demos available at this time to rename.
  2. And then we collect the important rewards that contain free cards.

Use rename card in pubg

After knowing how to obtain cards, it is necessary to know how to use those cards, through the following:

  • We go to our card stock, click on the chest icon, and choose to use.
  • After that, we will be presented with a list that will allow us to write a new name in it.
  • We cannot use a name that has already been used, and if we encounter a problem doing so we may add symbols or numbers after marking to ensure that this modification is approved.
  • Also, one cannot change the name more than once in the whole day, so do not try to do it more than once.

write a good name in pubg

Because the chances of changing your name in PUBG are limited. It is essential that you do this well and put a suitable name that you can appear in front of the people participating in the game.

Therefore, many people tend to write a number of names used in the game, which can be kept in it, and for this the person will not have to waste time trying to discover new games, and there are some important tips that are available to create a suitable and good name for the user, including the following :

  • You should work on writing a nice and short name.
  • Do not write a long name that contains many numbers and letters that require rewriting each time you log in to the game.
  • It is necessary to write a short name that does not include long letters and numbers.

Setting the player name in PUBG

It mostly offers multiple names from different games that are related, so there's no comfort in naming your name on the game as Spellflinger or Battlegrounds.

Because such names even mean something in the context of using the game, and for this it is important for each person to write a name or mark that distinguishes him within the game and for the rest of his teammates to see, which will make him more welcome.

For example, if he uses words like Surfiverr or HiKaliber it will be better than the previous words, and it is also important not to write an offensive or dangerous name that exposes you to doubt and questions, in addition to not calling yourself a small name or something that a nine-year-old does, for example.

Because such names do not give the impression to other people involved in the game that they want to do business with you.

Is it possible to change your appearance within the game PUBG ?

Regardless of the name of the person in the game, his appearance can give an important role in his communication with others, so it is necessary when starting the game that the player creates his own image, and if at first you were in a hurry and could not put an image, you can go back to it and change it, and it happens This is without paying any fees or material consideration, and it is important to clarify that clothes are not included in changing your appearance, as you can deal with them separately, that is, the back here is represented in gender, skin color, hairstyle, facial features, as well as the shape of the face and skin.

How to change your appearance in PUBG

The change of appearance depends on how good the player is, and this is done through the following:

  1. At first, we go to the main menu in PUBG.
  2. Then we define the specialization and from it to the appearance.
  3. Then we determine the gender, style, hair color, skin, and face according to your desire.
  4. Also, you do not have to pay money to change these features, but it is important that you unlock the use of the clothing item, as it can be changed through the customization menu, in addition to the possibility of purchasing it from Steam or opening it in the game for free.

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