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How to adjust router settings

The router in general is a device or computer program that regulates how data packets are transmitted in the network. So that it chooses the best way to transfer this package to the target place.

A wireless router is a device used in wireless local area networks (WLAN) to regulate the transmission of packets by defining the target point for each packet sent over this network.

Network devices such as computers , laptops, etc. are connected to the wireless router through wireless transmitters and receivers found in these devices.

In addition to the main function of the wireless router, it also protects network devices from penetration. This is by not revealing the addresses of these devices on the Internet , and the router can work as a firewall.

How to adjust router settings
How to adjust router settings

Configure and adjust the router

The router must be set and configured before it can be used, but before that, it is preferable to place the router in a suitable place. By placing it in a wide place in the middle of the house, and if this is not possible, it is not preferable to isolate it or put it in a narrow place.

As this will reduce its range for the devices connected with it, and more than one router can be used in this case and work like a node, so routers are placed in several places in the house that work as meeting points (in English: Node) for this network.

Login to the control panel

The router’s control panel is accessed by following these steps:

  • In the event that the process of connecting to the Internet requires the presence of a modem (in English: Modem), it must be connected to the router, and this is done by turning off the modem and then unplugging the Ethernet cable (in English: Ethernet cable) connected between it and the computer, after that this is connected The cable is connected to the WAN port on the router. Then the modem is turned on and wait for a few minutes, followed by turning on the router and waiting for a few more minutes, after that another ethernet cable is used and connected between the computer and the LAN port on the router.
  • To start adjusting the router settings, the control panel is accessed through a web browser by entering the IP address of the router in the browser, and it can be known This address is from the attached router user guide; This address varies from one router to another, depending on the company producing it. The IP address of the router is usually similar to the address, so it is entered in the address entry field (in English: address bar) in the browser and pressing the Enter button (in English: Enter) on the keyboard .
  • After entering the control panel address, a screen requesting login will appear, and the username and password of the administrator account (in English: Administrator account) for this router are entered, and the data of this account can be found from the router’s user guide, and then press the enter button on the keyboard.

Wireless network settings

The Wi-Fi feature (in English: Wi-Fi) is activated on the router to allow the various devices that support this technology to connect to the network wirelessly, and this is done as follows:

  1. After entering the control panel, the Wireless Setup tab or something similar is searched for.
  2. In the event that the Wi-Fi wireless connection feature is not activated from the ground up, it will be activated, and if the router supports the dual-frequency feature (in English: Dual-band), then there will be different settings for both frequencies that the router works with, namely 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  3. Choose the « Auto » option from the channel setup.
  4. Choose the desired encryption type for the wireless network, and it is preferable to choose « WPA2-PSK [AES] », as it is the most secure encryption for wireless networks currently, and it is not preferable to choose « WEP » encryption; As this encryption contains a loophole that allows a so-called (in English: Brute-force attack) to know the password.
  5. Choose the desired password, and it must contain between 8 to 63 characters, and it is preferable that the password be complex and long so that it is difficult to guess.
  6. Save settings.

Reset router settings

In the event that the user forgets the password for the router or problems arise with it, the router can be reset through the following steps:

  1. Search for the reset button (in English: Reset) on the router .
  2. Using a tool with a pointed head to press the button, it is pressed for 30 seconds.

In the event that the previous steps were ineffective, the 30-30-30 rule can be used to reset the settings, in which the reset button is pressed for 90 seconds instead of 30. How to reset the settings may differ from one router to another depending on its type.

Router system update

It is always preferable to update the router operating system to the latest available version, as updates usually solve problems that may exist in the device, and they also contain improvements that benefit network security and performance.

Some routers may update their system automatically, but other routers may require the user to do so manually, and this is done through the device’s control panel, and you can resort to the attached usage guide to learn how to update.

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