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DXN Explanation: Is DXN a fraud?

Is one of your friends trying to convince you of urgency to join DXN? I'm not the only one, this company promises its foolish members profit in exchange for luring victims.

Your friend is usually either a professional fraudster with experience in pyramid marketing companies, or he is mostly a victim of the company and does not want to drown alone.

The danger of network marketing lies in the social aspect and the victims' lack of conviction that they have been defrauded, so most of them take the initiative to lure others to compensate for their losses before the collapse of the company.

We will dedicate this article to explaining the fraud methods used by DXN in detail, and we will also provide followers with a method for exposing this type of company while providing better alternatives for establishing their small projects.

DXN Explanation
DXN Explanation

Understanding DXN: Is DXN a Scam?

The site's team of experts explained and reviewed the fraudulent DXN company and its methods of achieving immoral profits, while reviewing its fraud methods to lure and exploit victims.

What is DXN? Abstract

DXN is a Malaysian network marketing company that was established in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin. The company specializes in manufacturing and marketing nutritional supplements.

This long history of presence in the market is not attributed to the quality of the products, but rather to its reliance on hierarchical marketing (multi-level), which allows it to deceive marketers and convert them into customers for its poor quality goods.

For example, its headquarters and assets were confiscated in India in 2013, due to its association with fraudulent practices using Ponzi schemes, which are prohibited by law in all countries.

Why is DXN considered a fraud? 

DXN is a fraud because it relies on network marketing in its business system, in order to sell poor quality products at an exorbitant price to new members.

Also, the company's products are advertised as magical products with health benefits, but they are not licensed or approved by the official control bodies.

The company also lures new members to pay them to sign up for subscription packages in exchange for profits, and this is not true, according to the testimonies of former members . You should know that the fraudulent DXN company is marketing bad products to cover up its illegal business, and to evade legal accountability for as long as possible.

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DXN, like other network marketing companies, makes promises of quick riches to new members, but in fact it exploits them.

Most of the group targeted by the company consists of the poor and middle-income, which lack any previous experience in entrepreneurship .

This is motivated by the work of its fraud professionals and its focus on social marketing, so it is easy to convince victims by organizing seminars, dinner parties and encouraging the company to affiliates to target family and friends.

Finally, the company always changes its website link periodically, due to the large number of bad reviews it gets on platformsVerify the credibility of the sites.

What confirms our words is that the DXN website does not have any evaluation on the platformTrustPilotEven though it is available to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Also, this confirms that most of those who buy products are marketers who aspire to profit only, as it is well known that consumers tend to evaluate products.

Finally, the jurisprudential opinion is very explicit and prohibits trading with network marketing companies, and this matter may concern some of those who are about to join and have religious reservations about the matter.

How does DXN exploit marketers and customers?

DXN accumulates huge profits in unethical ways, but it can be summarized in the following points.

  • Selling products at more than their real price, at a price equivalent to dozens of times compared to the production guarantee.
  • Putting pressure on customers to buy products even without an order, or deducting points from their balance.
  • Promoting nutritional supplements that have miraculous power and cure incurable diseases, and this is a heinous exploitation of patients.
  • Selling products that do not have any approval from health authorities, which may expose you to legal action in the event of any consumer emergency.
  • Most of the positive product reviews and recommendations are paid and fake to mislead new members, especially by swindlers.

It should also be noted that DXN promotes the launch of productive projects whenever it feels the fading of its star and people discover its truth, and this plan has succeeded in many developing countries. The latest target country, according to the website team's research, is USA.

DXN has deluded customers that it is about to launch a large farm in USA. This step was taken by the company to give credibility to the big scam, so it organized a big luncheon attended by members and top scam marketers.

The company did not launch any production project, so why would it give up the large profit margin from selling its bad supplements made in Asia to compensate for it with the most expensive USA. Also, the purchase of land is an attempt by the company to diversify assets, as most owners of network marketing companies spend their last days chasing charges of fraud or money laundering.

This step is exploited by marketers to maintain customer confidence, which guarantees the company a huge profit stream from exploiting the money and efforts of thousands of victims in USA.

Evidence of the company's huge profits from exploiting USA is the visit of its founding boss, the "gang leader", as he only travels to the profitable outposts of his fraudulent company in developing countries.

Finally, a simple review of the company's website traffic will show that it is a fraudulent company targeting developing countries, because developed countries impose strict control over fraudulent companies.

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Why is network marketing a scam? 

Network marketing is similar to hierarchical marketing in terms of the business plan and method of distributing profits, the only difference is working for the interest of the center instead of the top of the pyramid.

Anyone who tries to convince you that network marketing is different from hierarchical marketing is often a fraud, or someone who does not understand anything in marketing and wants to win a commission from attracting you.

Network marketing companies make promises to members to turn them into entrepreneurs, but in fact they make them clients of their poor-quality products that are priced at twice their cost.

It also lures members with promises of quick wealth by paying for attracting new affiliates, but in fact it turns them into an army of free marketers. This type of company goes through the same life cycle, which can be summarized in the following stages.

  1. A group of fraudsters invested in the company's capital.
  2. Manufacturing cheap products and pricing them many times the cost of production.
  3. Buying the receivables of influencers and e-fraud professionals for advertising the company with payment under the table.
  4. Connecting with previous MLM product marketers, and convincing them to join the new scam.
  5. The emergence of hotbeds of companies everywhere, especially with their reliance on face-to-face marketing, which raises the number of victims.
  6. Some smart people started exploiting it for money laundering, especially as it offers quick payment to senior members or subscribers to VIP packages.
  7. The legal authorities enter to inspect the company and seize its accounts.
  8. 97% of marketers lose their investments, as well as their social balance, as most of the victims are lured by the factor of personal trust (relatives, friends, co-workers, or even neighborhood acquaintances).

What is the best alternative for DXN victims?

I'm sure the majority have come across DXN fraud while seeking new opportunities, or changing career paths in search of better wages.

Ambition is the fuel for success and a legitimate right for every person, but the problem facing beginners is the lack of experience in the field of entrepreneurship, and thus the high possibility of exposure to fraud and fraud.

An enterprising site team that does not provide a magic formula to help beginners, but we have already published many tutorials and neutral reviews in various sections of the blog.

All you have to do is use the search feature on the site, which will enable you to access dozens of high-quality articles in all areas of investment, from e-commerce, digital currencies, forex, small projects and entrepreneurship.

To make it short, we suggest checking out our guide to the best online business ideas, which is suitable for people who have simple computer skills and are looking for an opportunity to work online from home.

Reading the guide will help you to become familiar with the various job opportunities on the Internet, with their advantages and disadvantages, and thus choose the appropriate idea while ensuring that you are not exposed to fraud.

Our team also did not forget the people who tend to invest in projects on the ground, so we explained the best ideas for profitable home projects that do not require large capital.


Entrepreneurship skills you will master with the passage of time and the abundance of experiences, so your exposure to a scam by DXN can be considered a step on the way to learning.

The most important thing is not to repeat the mistake, so you must enjoy the queen of doubt and look seriously for any idea you come across.

Believe me! Success in building small projects is not easy, as it requires work and the sacrifice of capital, not trusting swindlers in cafe councils or suspicious seminars.

Now it is your turn to interact with the blog team in the comments section, by commenting or asking your questions below. Also, do not hesitate to help the site team expose this fraudulent company, by sharing the educational article with friends on the Facebook platform.

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