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format should you choose for the images for website? JPG or PNG

On your website, the visuals must be of high quality, in order to give a good image of your content to Internet users. But to promote the SEO of your website, they must also be optimized .

There are many different image formats . Today we are going to compare the JPG and PNG formats to know in what context to use them and present you 4 tools to convert your JPG images to PNG and vice versa.

jpg png what format to choose

What is the difference between JPG and PNG?

JPG is the  image format  that is most often used for sharing digital photographs. Its quality allows it to restore all the complexity of the shots: shadows, nuances, gradients. It draws from a repository of 16.7 million colors to achieve this.

The png was created to offer a free alternative to the gif. It has two levels of compression, one, png 8, very light but which can only display 256 colors, the other, png 24, heavier than JPG but with the same rendering in terms of hues.

At first glance, the JPG allows better image compression , but the png offers the possibility of managing transparent backgrounds, useful for montages. Their differences do not end there, however.

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When to use a JPG on a website?

For its lightness, the JPG will be particularly welcome for background  or  large images . Indeed, its compression format will not overload the bandwidth,  calming the impatience of Internet users .

Generally speaking, you will continue to use it for most photos.

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In which cases to use the PNG on a website?

PNG will be preferred to display a logo  without fear of loss of image quality (the main risk of compression being pixelation). Especially since the transparent background will allow them to be easily inserted on the site.

It will also be useful for  graphics : lines and text render better and more precisely in PNG.

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Why choose between JPG and PNG?

On your website, you'll want to offer visitors both the best possible image quality…and the fastest loading time.

It is for these two reasons that you will have to switch from JPG to PNG depending on the type of visuals that you want to highlight… and that you will not be content to apply the same format in all circumstances.

Your reflection could not stop there. You will have every interest in choosing the best compression software, those that will allow you to best reduce the weight of the image without altering it. Some even exist as a plug-in, for example for WordPress.

In general, avoid PNG 24, too heavy for the web. Experiment with different levels of compression to find the right balance. And don't forget to also plan that these same images will have to be resized  in order to be visible on the smallest screens of smartphones!

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Why and how to convert a JPG file to PNG?

You understood, converting your JPG files to PNG allows you to maintain the quality of your images. This is because a JPG file gradually loses its quality each time you make a backup. Files saved in PNG are more reliable over time. But how to do it ?

You can perform your JPG to PNG file conversions from online site. There is also the possibility of doing it from the options that are inside your computer. You have it on Windows, but also on Mac.

4 tools to convert JPG to PNG and vice versa

In this paragraph, we offer you some tools to convert your JPG files into PNG and offer better image quality to Internet users.

Wondershare UniConverter

The UniConverter program is easy to use.

  • Upload your picture,
  • Select output format
  • Click convert.

You also have the option to modify and edit your photos.

UniConverter can be used on Windows and Mac.

This site is secure, and more than 5 million people have already downloaded it.

Besides the fact that it allows you to convert your JPG files into several other types of formats, you can also compress or resize your PNG images.

It offers you many other possibilities including the modification of your images in watermark, and the removal of the background.

This tool is not free, but you have the opportunity to test it before committing.

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The JPG 2 PNG site is one of the most widely used free online tools.

It converts your JPG images to PNG absolutely free. Without obligation, without asking for an e-mail address.

You will be able to convert files up to 50 MB but also several images at the same time (20).


Convertio is a platform that allows you to convert your JPG files to PNG online. It is very intuitive and gives you the possibility of converting images of 100 MB very simply. Its Chrome extension allows you to do file transfers from cloud.

Plan prices range from $10 to $26 per month. These are cancellable at any time.

Cloud Convert

It has a satisfaction rating of 4.4 and gives you access to good quality image conversion service for free.

CloudConvert comes with easy-to-use features without Ads or Spam. In addition, it is possible to upload your JPG files from your computer to its server to perform your conversions. All this at no additional cost.

Our tip for choosing between JPG and PNG format

If you need advice or help with managing your image formats, you can hire a skilled graphic designer in the field.

Converting your files is simple with the tools available on the internet. However, if you want to hire a professional graphic designer, do not hesitate to visit SGTINM.XYZ to submit a project for free. Thousands of graphic designers are available to support you in the realization of all your projects.

FAQs format should you choose for the images for website? JPG or PNG


What image format for a website?

JPEG: Perfect for colorful images and visuals, this is the most used format on the web . PNG: Ideal for images with transparent backgrounds, graphics and logos. SVG: Format suitable for vector images , allows them to be deformed without altering the quality.

Why choose the PNG format?

The PNG file is a file format commonly used on websites to display high-quality digital images. Designed to perform better than the GIF file, it offers lossless compression, but also a much more varied and vibrant color palette .

What is the difference between PNG and JPEG format?

Unlike JPG, PNG supports transparency in images : an important and often even decisive advantage for users. The PNG format allows you to have a transparent background around an object and avoid a solid white or colored background.

What is the best image format?

The three most used formats for a high-quality file remain PNG, JPEG and SVG . PNG is very present on websites, but remains heavy to load. The JPEG loses quality, but it remains almost invisible to the Internet user. As for SVG, it is ideal for simple illustrations.

What is the best format between JPG and PNG?

Due to their compression method, JPEG files contain less data than PNG files and are therefore smaller . Unlike the JPEG format, the PNG format supports transparent backgrounds and is therefore essential for graphic design.

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