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Why facebook Close Accounts and Pages?

If you're a Facebook user, there is a risk of having your account or official page closed. What are the reasons and mistakes that can lead to this problem? And what is the solution to avoid closing your Facebook account? Many young people are facing similar issues and some claim that their accounts were shut down without any apparent reason. However, the root of the problem is that many people have not reviewed the policies and terms of use for the website.

Uncovering the Reasons behind Facebook Account and Page Closures

Why facebook Close Accounts
Why facebook Close Accounts

Discover the top reasons why facebook close their Facebook accounts. Learn about common factors, including advertising policy violations and controversial content.

Why You Might Consider Closing Your Facebook Profile: Common Reasons

On Facebook, there are many policies that prohibit certain practices and actions. For example, Facebook has measures in place to prevent spamming and the posting of inappropriate content to protect its users. Additionally, there are conditions that must be followed by page owners, and failure to adhere to these conditions can result in the closure of the page. In this article, we will examine these reasons and provide tips on how to avoid them in the future.

Understanding the Reasons for Closing Your Personal Facebook Account

What are the reasons for closing personal Facebook accounts?

  1. Continuously opening new accounts from the same device.
  2. Using improper nouns, particularly those that include meaningless adjectives.
  3. Sending excessive friend requests.
  4. Registering for websites, applications, and programs that require an Access Token.
  5. Using the name and image of a well-known movie character.
  6. Using copyrighted images from Google without permission.
  7. Using someone else's name and photo.
  8. Posting randomly in groups for a very brief period.
  9. Posting website links daily in comments and groups.
  10. Using Facebook auto-use programs.
  11. Participating in unknown games that automatically post on your profile.
  12. Using scripts and applications to artificially inflate likes on posts.
  13. Receiving an unusually large number of notifications in a short period of time.
  14. Using strange scripts to post on Facebook.
  15. Suddenly logging in to your Facebook account from a different country with a new device and IP address.
  16. Failing to associate the account with a phone number.
  17. Registering while connected to a VPN or proxy on your device, which may result in an immediate account shutdown.

Exploring the Reasons for Closing Facebook Pages

What are the reasons behind the closure of Facebook pages?

  1. Posting a prohibited website link on Facebook.
  2. Sharing a banned website link on Facebook can also result in the closure of your page, so it's best to avoid publishing it randomly.
  3. Failing to pay for promotion rights on your advertising account automatically leads to the closure of any pages with outstanding debts.
  4. Using the messenger bot in a random and unsolicited manner can result in the complete shutdown of your page. It's recommended to use the bot only to respond to messages that you receive within the first 24 hours and avoid contacting customers again afterward.
  5. Randomly using apps and programs to increase likes can lead to the closure of your page.
  6. When you publish a link on Facebook, it's essential to keep in mind that users aren't required to verify before exiting, and the report button is right next to the confirmation button. If a significant number of users click on the report button, it can result in the closure of your page.
  7. The use of profitable short links is also not allowed.
  8. Using a link while publishing a live broadcast can be deemed as an improper use of Facebook.
  9. Receiving a high volume of notifications from many users in a short time can also lead to the closure of your page.
  10. Posting prohibited images and videos can cause your page to be closed.
  11. Using software and scripts on your page can also result in its closure.
  12. Using scripts to increase page likes on external websites can lead to the closure of your page.
  13. Any unusual or improper use of a Facebook page can result in its closure.

Understanding the reasons behind closing Facebook advertising accounts

What are the reasons for Facebook to close advertising accounts?

  1. Advertising any health-related product on Facebook, such as products related to hair loss, weight gain or reduction, kidneys, back, and others, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Advertising products that are trademarked or owned by other companies, such as Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Lacoste, and others, is not allowed.
  3. Designing and promoting T-shirts with copyrighted content or using characters and phrases from movies and series without obtaining the necessary licenses is not permitted.
  4. Using copyrighted images or phrases from movies and series to design shirts is not allowed.
  5. Failure to pay advertising fees or violating payment terms can result in account closure.
  6. Using incomplete images or misleading user images is not allowed.
  7. Using arrows on photos or other misleading elements to grab attention is not permitted.
  8. Using before-and-after photos to advertise products is not allowed.
  9. Posting any controversial political content can lead to account closure.
  10. Including excessive text on photos used in ads is not permitted.
  11. Promoting pages that have previously been linked to a closed advertising account is not allowed.
  12. Advertising anything that is illegal or deemed inappropriate is strictly prohibited.
  13. Using excessive watermarks on images, such as video playback or opening tags, is not permitted.
  14. Facebook encourages advertisers to promote only their own products or products they have full rights to sell, and to avoid using text in ads images to prevent potential issues.

FAQs About Why facebook Close Accounts and Pages

1- What is the reason for Facebook's account closures?

Facebook closes accounts due to various reasons such as violation of their Terms and Conditions, use of a fake name, impersonation of someone, and engaging in recurring behavior that goes against the Community Standards.

2- What caused Facebook to restrict my page?

Your page's functionality might have been limited because the device you used to log in to Facebook could be infected with a virus or malware. These restrictions are put in place to prevent the spread of such issues to other accounts.

3- How can I retrieve my Facebook page?

To recover your Facebook page, go to your main profile and click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. Then, select "Settings and privacy" and click on "Settings." From there, select "Your Facebook Information" and click on "Reactivate." Next to the page you want to reactivate, click on "Reactivate" again.

4- What is the process to unblock my Facebook account?

If your Facebook account has been blocked, you can use the social network's dedicated page to recover your account and reconnect to your profile. On this page, you need to provide your mobile number or email address and reset your password. You can choose to receive a reset code by email or SMS.

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