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What is information and communication technology

The use of data and communication technology has become a basic necessity of the human lifestyle, thanks to the services it provides in various social, economic and cultural fields.

Its use has increased today, thanks to its contribution to improving the effectiveness of people, distinguishing competitiveness within the lifetime of institutions, and quickly adapting to developments and urgent changes in political systems and advancing economic development.

What is information and communication technology
What is information and communication technology?

The world has witnessed, in recent decades, accelerated change within the ways of using information and communication technology, so concepts have changed and tools have developed, and therefore the individual has become living in a virtual world governed by new communication programs and applications based mainly on the connection of laptops, smartphones and digital panels to the planet Wide Web, which has caused profound transformations. In society, it had been a mainstay for the expansion of the economies of countries.

Information and communication technology

In this research, we attempt to help researchers and students of schools and universities of upper education to know the topic of data and communication technology, in a simplified way, by introducing the varied concepts and schools of data and communication technology, the date of its emergence and methods of development in societies, additionally to highlighting the extent of its impact on the lifetime of the individual and therefore the group, and therefore how it's utilized in this technology.

What is the meaning of data and communication technology?

The last half of the 20 th century witnessed a crucial technological development that led to the emergence of the latest means of communication, which were called at the time "National Technology for Information and Communication NTIC ".

it had been represented within the use of electronic computers in storing, analyzing, retrieving and making information available in an audited manner, which reflected positively on the lives of people, societies and governments, by gaining time and money in handling events, especially with the spread of the web, digital communications, satellites and optical fibres, until we reached the matter today.

to speak about information and communication technology "TIC", and to delete the word "modern", given the continual scientific progress and therefore the emergence of the latest means of communication that changed the human view of technology.

What are the various concepts of data and communication technology?

The concept of technology: The researchers differed in defining the concept of technology due to their different specializations, but all of them agreed that it's the tool employed by man to assist him spending his daily affairs and wishes, which made this tool liable for the changes that occur within societies.

The term “technology” appeared in Germany in 1770, and it's a compound of two syllables, techno, “art or industry” and logy, “science or theory,” which resulted in the use of the term “science of data making,” meaning tools and means resulting from the appliance of the knowledge domain, to denote the term technology that there's no equivalent within the Arabic.

  • The concept of communication: communication means people communicate with one another through different communication tools, and it's a human process supported by the exchange of a message between two parties during a communicative situation supported by the presence of a sender, addressee and a channel, additionally to the “Feedback” which is that the extent to which the recipient responds. With the message during which the sender communicated with the opposite party.

  • The concept of media: The concept of media is the use of all available means and technologies for the aim of transmitting and circulating information and building information systems within the sort of unified digital data that folks use appropriately. The concept of media includes two main branches: information operation (functions that affect processing and distribution) and knowledge transmission (delivery of processed information using communication means).

When did information and communication technology appear?

Modern media and communication appeared with the invention of electromagnetic waves in 1824, then the invention of the "telegraph" in 1837, which became one of the foremost important tools of data and communication technology.

In 1876, the phone was invented to transmit sound over long distances, employing a thin sheet of metal that vibrated when sound waves hit it.

In 1891, he recorded the invention of the "kinetoscope" for viewing movies, which later evolved into a cine projector in movie theatres in 1895.

In the last century, the means of data and communication technology have developed, to incorporate radio, television and therefore the mass press, which became the magic window through which individuals follow everything that happens within the world and derive their sources of data from them.

At the start of the sixties, the US Department of Defense established a network to link a gaggle of computers many kilometres far away from one another, through the utilization of a group of protocols that allow the exchange of data over the web between Ministry employees.

In 1972, the exchange movement was developed to incorporate small text files sent via e-mail, while large text files are sent via FTP.

What are the Departments of data and Communication Technology?

Information and communication technology has witnessed an excellent development from one decade to a different and from year to year, to incorporate different fields and various fields and hide several sections:

  1. Information content: it's the creation of content and therefore the acquisition of property through authors and writers.
  2. Information transmission: it's the delivery of stories and knowledge from the source, that is, the sender to the target, who is the addressee, through various means of communication, like communication networks and digital broadcasting.
  3. Information processing: this is often supported by providing the means for communication technologies and modern software tools.

What are the consequences of data and communication technology?

Information and communication technology has contributed to a profound impact on human life on multiple levels, also within the lifetime of the working organization and therefore the economic cycle.

The trend behind this endless technology makes the individual and therefore the group in continuous development with the possession of the required intellectual knowledge that permits him to adapt to modern situations.

The advantages of this technology also are reflected within the lives of institutions, through the event of individuals’ capabilities and therefore the introduction of the latest organizational methods and structures that contribute to achieving a high degree of flexibility and integration between various elements, additionally to advancing the wheel of economic and social development, by providing the simplest means help to hold out the assembly process.

Effective and improve the image of the enterprise within the market.

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