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Toolur to reduce the size of images online

Do you have a blog on the Internet. or those who want a program to reduce the size of images so that they do not take up space! Well, it seems that you have reached the solution. as we have found programs for you that reduce the size of the image by compressing it with modern techniques without losing its quality.

For example, if we want to change the image size from 1 MB to 500 kb, we only have to upload it to the program to reduce the size of the images and enter the adjustments manually. and whenever the reduction is Big the lower the image quality, pay attention to that point.

For example, the size of the images is 2 mb, if we reduce it to half a mega by 0.5mg, of course. the image will be distorted and lose its luster and it will be very bad in terms of its quality, so the pressure between the image before and after it must be average, for example from 1 mega to 900 kb.

Toolur to reduce the size of images online
Toolur to reduce the size of images online

Take advantage of the program to reduce the size of images

It has several benefits: for owners of websites on the Internet. or for those who want to save images on cloud services and others.

And there are a lot of its benefits that benefit others when they need it, all the programs that you will see are free and easy to use and I chose them according to their many features and simplicity.

Computer image resizing toolur

  • PNGGauntlet

PNG Gauntlet toolur reduces images as much as possible and is able to maintain the image quality as much as possible when reducing the size. It is free and directed to computer users. It has another task that may help you, which is the image conversion feature. Gauntlet will be able to do just that in no time.

  • File Optimizer

A free program to reduce the size of images on the computer, reduce the size of the image and at the same time reduce its accuracy so that the difference is small after reducing the size of your images. there are programs that reduce the size but remove many details from the image, which makes it look poor in appearance and accuracy is not at the required level, but this program is the opposite of that It preserves accuracy when the image sizes are reduced to it.

  • PNG Optimizer

From its name, it speeds up images and reduces their space on your site or on your device in PNG formats. When you upload and reduce images, the processing of the image will be completed within minutes, which saves you a lot of time. Through it, you can adjust the images and reduce their size according to what you see fit for you and your conviction, then save the image on your device.

  • jStrip

I was surprised by the size of the program, which is 1.26 very small, and it significantly reduces the size of the image. and this is the most important feature that many people are looking for, in order to reduce the size to the lowest possible number and not sacrifice image quality, and it is considered one of the old and popular programs for this specialty and you can rely on it, as it is also free.

  • ImageOptim

It makes loading images faster by compressing the size of the images according to your choice of the size to be set. You can also change the dimensions such as width, height. and so on. A free program that does not require any subscription or payment of $. Dealing with it is simple, because the main interface is understandable, uncomplicated and suitable for use by everyone. It supports more than one format for images to reduce their sizes.

  • OptiPNG

Converting images and resizing them through many tools included in a program and made available for free, all of which you can adapt to using the program easily as it has been programmed and developed professionally to be as easy as possible for others. Most of the known image formats are supported by a program and you can reduce them.

toolur for Photo resizer for Android

You can also use a program to reduce the size of images using your phone. There are many applications for this specialty and they are available on the Play Store. but there is a difference in preference between one application and another. so we have tried the popular applications and they are popular with many users. and this is what we reached in terms of the best:

  • photo reduction & resize

It is developed by Lit Photo that helps you reduce images and make them of a small size without affecting the quality. It is available for free for download. but it lacks an update that completes the arrangement of the buttons. In fact, the program is integrated. but some of its users complained about the location of the buttons in the application. In other respects, it is excellent at work and will meet all your desires for sizes Pictures.

  • Resize, resize images

After searching for many applications to reduce the size of images, we concluded that this is a program that is the best and is approved by most smartphone users. There are positive comments and ratings that favor it on the largest application store in the world (Google Play). We always give priority to users’ experiences and opinions and do not take into account the words of the application developers. Because experience is the best evidence of the efficiency of his work.

Advantages :

  1. Complimentary.
  2. The quality is acceptable when the images are reduced in size.
  3. Unlimited and impressive pressure (from 2 megabytes to 140 kb with suitable dimensions.
  4. Anyone who does not have experience can deal with a program because of the easy user interface.

  • QReduce Lite | Compress image

The task of an application is to compress images and make their area small. allowing you to upload and modify many images at the same time to obtain images whose sizes are reduced and do not take up much space, and you can use it to reduce the size of all your images in record time.

  • image size – photo resize

It allows you to reduce images to any size you want, and it is really a small application for the best images for phones, giving you full control over the number of images and changing the aspect ratio. How to use it:

  1. Upload the image from your phone's media library.
  2. Change the final values ​​for the image size.
  3. Crop photos by moving your finger on the touch screen.
  4. Save your photo after you finish setting it.
  • Resizer app

Reduce or resize the image in png | jpeg The application shows you a percentage. You can raise a percentage, which directly affects the size. The higher the percentage, the smaller the image size. and vice versa, since the relationship is inverse between the ratio and size of images. The application is available on Google Play and you can download it for free through the following link.

toolur for reduce photo size for iphone

Reducing the size of the images while maintaining their quality helps you publish and share your photos on social media with ease, especially on WhatsApp, because the quality of the images taken using your smartphone is now no longer the same as before, because smartphones have high-quality cameras and provide large-sized images Because they are high-resolution images and a dense color volume.

In order to help you change the size of the image on the iPhone and free up the space of your phone . today I will present to you a way to compress images on the iPhone through a list that contains the best programs to reduce the size of the image while maintaining its quality, continue the explanation.

Best image compression toolur for iPhone

  • Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express application offers a wide range of diverse tasks. and it is one of the best iPhone toolur that perform routine tasks in modifying images and adding adjustments to them , especially if you want to make adjustments to the image dimensions, and Photoshop Express has many advantages, namely:

  1. It has a wide range of functions that enable the user to edit photos and adjust their size.
  2. It provides tools for using effects and filters so that collages are created.
  3. The ability to add improvements to the image and fix it with a set of great features.
  4. Providing a comprehensive photo application that provides a range of different tasks.
  5. You can download the application for the iPhone through the following link from here .

  • Photo Compress app toolur

If you are looking for a photo editor for Instagram for iPhone, you should download this application. as Photo Compress provides you with a variety of uses that help you reduce the size of your photos and reduce their size while maintaining their quality significantly; Among its most important features are:

  1. Provides you with tools specialized in reducing the size of images.
  2. The application has a simple user interface.
  3. It provides the ability to cut images comfortably through the cutting tool available in it.
  4. It contains a tool with which it is possible to determine the dimensions of the image.
  5. It gives you the option to resize more than one image at a time.
  6. The application provides photo editing in JPG, and other formats.
  7. Images can be compressed through the application feature with control over the possibility of scaling.
  8. You can also download the application for the iPhone from the following link from here .

  • Image Size app toolur

This application helps in adjusting the size of images easily, to facilitate the process of sharing images in social networks. with the ability to keep images to determine the accuracy in proportion to the accuracy of the camera, and the features of the application are the following:

  1. Provides the ability to keep the original image dimensions.
  2. The modified images in this application are saved in a special folder that is automatically created.
  3. The application is very popular among IOS users to reduce the image size.
  4. The application is characterized by the presence of an easy and simple interface that can be easily handled.
  5. It is used easily by entering the exact size of the image in pixels or cm with instant image resizing.
  6. Also, if you want to download the Image Size program from the Apple App Store, all you have to do is click on the following link from here.

  • Desqueeze app

We cannot exclude this application from our list of the best image resizing programs. as it is considered one of the best simple applications that enable the user to change the size of the image, and through which it is possible to change and adjust the image size. with the ability to re-format the image size with sharing and saving it in the device, and from Application features include:

  1. The application provides a wide range of various features through which the image size can be changed.
  2. The application supports a variety of image properties.
  3. The application is downloaded for free.
  4. It has a wide range of additional features so you can clarify and enhance your images .
  5. You can download the application for the iPhone from the following link from here .

  • Instasize Photo Editor

The application is characterized by a wide range of different features so that it is possible to reduce the size of the image for the iPhone while providing different measurements of the images so that the images are shared through social applications, and the features of the application are the following:

  1. The application is launched from a white screen in the phone.
  2. It provides you with the ability to add and modify an image to suit the dimensions of social networks.
  3. The application supports cutting different images to match Instagram, and all the different social networks.
  4. It offers a wide range of different editing settings to control brightness, contrast and sharpness.
  5. The application can be downloaded for free to benefit from the advantages of the application.
  6. You can download the application for iPhone from the following link from here.

Best toolur and website resize image online

Compressing images has become one of the important things for all users, which helps them to save storage space on their various devices. and with the quality of the camera on phones in our time, images have a very large size and only a few of them take up a large space and this is without talking about videos. so today We will learn some ways to reduce the size of images while maintaining the quality of these images.

We talked previously about the image compression program that you can download and work with on your various devices. which will provide you with the best service in this field, as well as the topic of the best video compression program through which you will be able to compress video clips to save a very large space on your devices, and finally the method of file compression And reduce its size.  which provides the ability to compress different types of files that you have on your devices.

Best site to reduce image size in kb

Today we are talking about the best sites to reduce the size of images with the same quality online. which I will present to you through many sites that are the best sites in this field, which will help you reduce the size of images online without the need to download a program to reduce the size of images on your devices 

How does this work?

Speaking of reducing the size of images, the reason is often due to the lack of space on the hard disk. and even in the case of working on websites, where the managers of these sites work to reduce the size of images while maintaining quality in order to save the storage space of the site. so image size reduction sites remove Repeated data on the image in order to reduce it while maintaining its quality.

To explain more clearly, the colors are the ones that take up the largest area on the image, as there are three main colors in each image, and each of these colors has 256 degrees that differ from the rest. and here we find that the number of possibilities on the image reaches several millions. so we find a very large number of repeated colors On the image while the site is working to delete the repeated colors from the image and this reduces its area significantly while maintaining its quality.

What are the best sites to reduce the size of images in kb?.

  • Squoosh website

Squoosh is the best site to reduce the size of images in kilobytes, through which you will be able to compress images to the smallest size while preserving their quality. In many of the features presented to the user in an easy and simple.

The Squoosh website has many features, and the most important feature in my opinion is that it supports all image formats. and the beauty of it is the ability to raise the quality of the image and the possibility of reducing it as well.

Squoosh features to reduce image size

Squoosh has many features that make it one of the best sites in this field.

  1. Squoosh is a free website.
  2. A site that provides ease of use.
  3. Provides the ability to easily and simply change image formats.
  4. You can control the dimensions of the image in a distinctive way.
  5. Provides the ability to resize images.
  6. After you finish working on the image, it shows you the two images to notice the difference between them.
  7. The site does not put a watermark on your photos after you have finished working on them.
  8. It does not require registration on the site to work on it.
  9. It does not show ads on its interface.
  10. You do not need to download image compression software on your device.
  11. It gives you the ability to completely control the image quality.
  12. After completion, it displays the previous and current image size to see the difference.
  13. You can work to reduce the various image formats.
  14. The ability to compress GIF images.
  15. Supports drag and drop feature on the site.

Reducing image size in kilobytes online via Squoosh

After getting to know the Squoosh site, we will now explain how to reduce the size of images in kb. online through this site through the following steps, in which we will highlight all the features of this distinguished site.

  1. First: Log in to the Squoosh website from here .
  2. Second: Upload the image to the site by clicking on Upload photo or dragging and dropping the image onto the site.
  3. Third: The image will appear to you and all information about it, including its size, quality, and more.
  4. Fourth: You will find some default settings in front of you, through which you will be able to control all the properties of the image.
  5. Fifth: You can change the image format through the settings on the image.
  6. Sixth: Below you will find many settings that I do not advise you to use because they are not important.
  7. Seventh: If you want to control the size of the image, you can do so through the Resize option, and then enter the dimensions you want on your image.
  8. Eighth: After making all the changes you want on the image, click on “Download” in order to download the image.

Thus, you will be familiar with all the features of the best site to reduce the size of images while maintaining the same quality and the ability to dispense with downloading a program to reduce the size of images.

  • Compressnow is a website to reduce the size of images in kb online

Compressnow is one of the best sites that will help you reduce the size of images without programs. and it is one of the best sites that I have personally tried in a large number of times, so I advise you to rely on this distinguished site. which offers great ease of use.

By relying on Compressnow, in simple steps, you will be able to compress and reduce images while maintaining their quality.

How Compressnow works to reduce images

  1. First: Go to Compressnow from here .
  2. Second: Upload the image to the site by clicking on the “Upload Image” option.
  3. Third: You can drag the bar to reduce the size of the image to the extent you want as it appears on the image.
  4. Fourth: After that, click on Compressnow to make an adjustment to the image.
  5. Fifth: Click on “Download” to download the image to your device.

  • Reducing the image size via iloveimg

iloveimg is the best website to Reduce image size in KB online, through which you will be able to control the size of the images in a very distinctive way. and it also supports the ability to reduce the size of images for the iPhone and this is due to its support to work on smart phone browsers, which will help you apply the method of reducing the size of the image Mobile photos are very easy.

How is that!!.

Features of iloveimg

  1. easy to use.
  2. You do not need to have experience in this field.
  3. You can reduce images with a single click.
  4. Does not save user files on the site.
  5. It works to preserve user privacy.
  6. Providing the ability to control all dimensions of the image.
  7. Ability to watermark photos.
  8. Convert image format to many other formats.
  9. Free site.
  10. You can work on it without having to register your account on it.
  11. You can compress 15 images at one time.

How to compress the image size in kilobytes while maintaining its quality on iloveimg

  1. Head to the iloveimg website from here .
  2. Via the main menu at the top, choose the “press” option.
  3. Select the image through:
  4. A new page will appear, after that click on “Compress and reduce the size”.
  5. Click on “Compress Images” and the image will be compressed quickly.
  6. Click on “Download” to save the image to your device.

Thus, you have been able to reduce the size of images online through the iloveimg website. which supports work on mobile devices, which will obviate you from downloading a program to reduce the size of images for Android.

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