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The best foreign professional blogger template download sites

 The best foreign professional blogger template download sites

The best foreign professional blogger template download sites
Best blogging templates

To create a replacement blog you would like an appearance for your blog and tons of individuals are trying to find professional foreign blogger templates, and that they do not know where to urge them.

When we enter any site on the web like Facebook, Google, et al. , we discover that every site has its own appearance and shape that creates it distinct and different from other sites.

You also need to choose a template that provides a beautiful look that distinguishes your blog, and it must be easy to use to form the visitor love your blog.

Let's first get to understand the foremost important factors that you simply must take into consideration before choosing any template for your blog.

Factors for selecting the proper template for your site

Template error-free

This factor is one of the foremost important things that you simply should specialise in before choosing any template, if the looks of your site contains any errors, this negatively affects your site, so that search engines consider your blog harmful to the visitor.

To find out if there are any errors on your site, you'll run a test through Google's " Test Data " tool.

Respond with all devices

In the era of the spread and development of smart electronic devices, it's become imperative that your template is aware of all devices.

As we all know that within the past, anyone who wanted to use the web must use a computer, but now most searches are done through mobile phones.

You can determine how responsive your blog appearance is to smart devices from Google's " response test " tool.

 Template loading speed

As we know, we are now within the age of speed. Anyone who goes to look engines and searches for a subject, wants to urge information quickly

If he clicked on your site and appeared late, he will exit immediately, and this provides the search engines with a thought that your site isn't useful and reduces your ranking within the search results.

You can run a template speed test from Google's " Speed Test " tool.

After we mentioned the foremost important factors that help us choose an appropriate template for our site.

Now we'll pass to say the simplest sites that enable us to download professional foreign blogger templates

The best foreign professional blogger template download sites


It is considered one of the simplest foreign professional blogger template download sites.

The site contains the newest designs and updates of blogger templates.

Although the location includes paid templates, you'll use them for free of charge while preserving the rights of the designer.

And if you would like to get rid of the rights from the template, you've got to pay $ 9.95.


It is considered the oldest and largest site to download free blogger templates. It includes thousands of blogger templates dedicated to blogs, tech, anime, games, and tons more ...

If you enter this site, you'll surely find the proper template you're trying to find.


It is another site to download free blogger templates, one among its advantages is that it offers much lightweight and SEO compatible templates.

It also includes many templates for magazines and stores, also as for displaying photos, and more...

In fact, the foremost distinctive thing about the templates available on this site is that the combination of simplicity and professionalism in design.

You can use all the templates on the location for free of charge, but a number of them got to keep the designer's rights under the template.

them expose

This site is taken into account one among the sites specialized in designing and publishing professional blogger templates.

The site shares templates on various niches, for instance. Technology, entertainment, magazine, photography etc.

If you can't find a relevant template for your need on the location, use the Contact Us page and that they will assist you to find what you would like.

The site has 3 plans:

The first plan: Free download and use of the template on you're site while preserving the rights of the designer.

Plan 2: Buy the template for $ 9.95, delete designer rights, and obtain free lifetime support.

The third plan: Pay $ 30 and obtain a template without rights, additionally to free lifetime support and videos on the way to affect the template, also as obtaining future updates for free of charge.

And for people that don't need to pay any dollars, Plan # 1 is extremely good.


One of the simplest sites to download Arabicized blogger templates for free of charge, yes, it is.

Although the location may be a foreign site, it offers professional blogger templates that support Arabic, and this feature you'll not find it on most sites.

Bootstrap made

This site is one of the simplest sites to download professional blogger templates, yes, it is.

The specialization of this site is to supply professional blogger templates that are responsive interfaces for displaying personal services or corporate services, then on...


It is a free and paid Arabic blogger template download site .

In it, you'll buy and sell different templates, add-ons, icons and styles, at a price suggested by the business owner and definitively determined by the shop consistent with the standard and usefulness of this work.

Also, the worth includes the owner's commission and the other commission associated with the electronic payment method. this suggests that you simply, as a user, will only buy what he gets "without the other addition."

Advantages of professional foreign blogger templates download sites

One of the benefits of those sites is that they're reliable and provide you with error-free, responsive, fast, and SEO blogger templates.

These sites allow you to use all templates for free of charge, with one condition that you simply leave the ownership rights to the template under the template.

If you would like the template without rights, you'll pay 10 dollars.

Disadvantages of free blogger template download sites from experience

Some might say no! I would like a free blogger template without rights.

Let me tell you something, there's no free template without property rights, albeit you discover it you'll find it filled with errors or redirect visitors from your site to a different site. 

Personally, I encountered many blogger templates without rights, but once I download and upload them to my blog, I see many errors within the webmaster tool, and this may definitely harm your blog, so I forget the thought of a free template without rights.

Now we come to the question that a lot of may ask, which is how will I Arabize these templates if I even have an Arabic blog?

Do not worry, localizing blogger templates have become very easy, so you'll view the article the way to Localize Blogger Templates Online with Pictures step by step.

Before applying any template to the blog, you want to paste the Blogger cleaning template to delete the accumulated codes which will harm the blog.

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