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Some common mistakes users make on LinkedIn

There are some common errors that most LinkedIn users make. Unfortunately, these errors can hurt your chances of making connections or finding new job opportunities on LinkedIn. Therefore, try to avoid these mistakes that may cost you your dream job at times.

Common LinkedIn errors

Common mistakes on LinkedIn
Common mistakes on LinkedIn

No photo on your profile

Having a profile picture on LinkedIn helps make an initial impression of you, allows viewers to connect with you instantly, and shows who you are as a professional. If you don’t have a photo, it can be difficult for people to identify you and make contact. Unfortunately, some people may not post photos of themselves or use an unprofessional photo, such as:

using bad lighting, a selfie, other people in the background of the photo.

or using a photo in an unprofessional setting, such as:

a party or a trip.

Don’t write your abstract

Write the summary yourself on your LinkedIn bio instead of having someone else write it for you.

No one knows your personality better than you and when someone else writes a summary of you, it takes away the personal aspect that many people hope to know.

Writing in the third person also creates a distance between you and the people who read your summary and want to know about your personality and skill.

Not updating your LinkedIn profile

You should always update your personal profile regularly. Some users fall into the trap of not updating the file.

Send public invitations

The main purpose of using LinkedIn is to connect with others and build your own large network to get a job or grow your business. And you won’t be able to do this if other people’s impression of you is general calls of no use.

Other users may ignore your messages if you use common language or don’t provide a reason for their post.

So be sure to share why you want to connect, such as: having groups or connections in common, or your interest in their profile.

Abuse of the LinkedIn blogging platform

LinkedIn allows anyone to create posts. Unfortunately, most users commit this possibility to advertise their brand or post a link to something they wrote or created. It is the most wrong way to use this feature.

The best use of the platform is to establish yourself as an influential leader with your exceptional and new ideas in your field.

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