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Solve the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies

If you are a fan of watching foreign films and series, you must have suffered from the problem of subtitles one day.

To solve the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in films, you are here in the right place.

We will guide you to three different ways to fix the problem and enjoy a quiet night with a special movie Absolutely clear translation.

Solve the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies
Solve the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies

Solve the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies

Get rid of that very annoying problem that may disturb your day, especially after you have made the effort, and wasted time downloading a movie to be surprised that it is translated into UN, but the lines appear as symbols only, you may think that the problem is in the movie itself, no, it is not, the problem may be Media player that does not support the English language.

Method 1: Convert the file encoding to a Union code

Converting the file to the Union code format enables the media player or the program through which you watch the movie, to support the new file format, thus solving the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies, follow the following steps before you get angry and spoil your mood

  • First, open the translation file via the operating system's notepad.
  • From the file menu, choose to save as.
  • Name the file whatever you want, you can choose the name srt, for example.
  • Then from the Encoding menu on the right, select union code.
  • In the final step, click on save.
  • Now go to the media player you prefer to watch movies and import the subtitle file into the player, and you will find that the subtitles started appearing as usual and elegantly.
  • If the first method did not work, please move to the second method.

Method 2: Solve the translation problem without using software

Certainly, the problem of incomprehensible subtitles in movies can be solved without using programs, and through the computer control panel.

  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Click on the control panel.
  3. Look for region options, or as they are called regions.
  4. When you click on the region options, a window will appear, you will find three tabs at the top.
  5. Choose the last tab, which is administrative, and click on it.
  6. Then click on Change system locale.
  7. Amak will open a new window, through which change the language, to English, and press OK.
  8. Then restart the device, and you will notice that the translation appears completely clear and in English.
  9. If the second method does not work, do not get angry at all, and kindly go to the third and final method, which must solve the problem.

Method 3: Change the font type in the video player

After you followed the previous methods and did not succeed in fixing the problem, only this method remains, which is to change the font type in the video player:

  • Play the movie first, then right-click on the movie display itself.
  • A list of options will appear.
  • Choose subtitles, then search for styles.
  • In the styles option, change the font type and look for the font called Arabic typesetting, which is the best font.
  • You can also download the Showtime line, or MBCN if you wish as well.
  • Then change Ansi to Arabic, press OK, and now enjoy watching the movie as you wish, and enjoy watching.

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