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How to recover a hacked or blocked Facebook account?

I no longer have access to my Facebook account. I think it was hacked by someone in bad faith. Can you really help me recover my hacked or blocked Facebook account so that I can change my details, deactivate or delete it?

Piracy is, in fact, one of the most common means on the Internet. As said earlier in our article on computer viruses, no one is safe from hackers let alone malicious people.

In doing so, vigilance must be put on every action you take on the canvas. Having your Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram account hacked can happen at any time. Whether you like it or not. But then, it is always advisable to ensure the security of your private data because hackers have several means at their disposal to hack your account and do what they want with it.

When someone hacks your account, they will have access to all of your personal information, which can be fatal to your reputation. Especially when he allows himself to divulge some of your intimate secrets on social networks. So see the tension that can create.
Fortunately, the largest of social networks allows, at the end of sometimes disturbing procedures, to very easily recover any hacked account. However, you have to differentiate between hacking and blocking a Facebook account.

How to recover a hacked or blocked Facebook account
How to recover a hacked or blocked Facebook account

Because, one is directly linked to Facebook (the blocking) after finding a sabotage of its confidentiality rules and the other not.
So, in this post, find out how to recover any hacked or blocked ( disabled ) Facebook account .

How can my Facebook account be hacked or blocked?

To hack your neighbor's Facebook account, you can:

  • Use one application or crack software: There are several applications or software for cracking passwords. These applications will search your device for all saved passwords and then transfer them to the hacker's account.
  • Apply combinations to detect your password: Most internet users combine components of their identity such as their name, date of birth, and other personal information to form the master password for their accounts. Thus, hackers can be inspired by it to easily hack your Facebook account. There are also universal passwords that are regularly posted on websites. If you happen to use one, you will see the fire in your way.
  • Publishing infected links: think again! All the links that you will see on your wall are not clickable. Some either contain viruses or collect your information.
  • Send infected emails: emails can be the basis for hacking a Facebook account. So be very careful, only open the email when you know the person who sent it to you.
  • Make you download infected applications and software

Tip: When logging into a friend's phone or PC, always be careful to delete your account after browsing.

How do I know if my Facebook account is hacked?

When a Facebook account is hacked, its owner faces the following situations:

  • He no longer accesses his account
  • His friends receive messages of which he is not the author
  • Publications, stories are posted on his wall without knowing it
  • Events and other unusual actions flood his profile

To reassure yourself and identify the sources of these inconveniences, you can perform the following actions:

On pc

  • Click on the very last button to the right of your account then select Settings and Privacy
  • In the menu that appears, click on Settings then choose Security and Connection
  • In Your connections, Facebook displays a summary list of all the browsers and devices on which you are connected. This is therefore your browsing history on the social network. You can tell Facebook that it was not you who was logged in on this or that other device, or you can log out of all sessions to which your account is associated.

On the Facebook Lite app

Go to Settings > Password and security > Your connections. You will see all the devices where your account is logged in. The same possibilities presented above are accessible here.

How do I recover my hacked Facebook account?

2 cases arise:

  1. Either you can still access your account
  2. Either the pirate has turned everything upside down. He then has to change the password or other account details.

In either case, we will see the procedures defined by Facebook to bypass these criminals.

How to recover an accessible account?

To do this, Facebook has set up a help page that allows hack victims to easily find their accounts. All that is needed is for the account owner to answer a few questions.

In this case, Facebook may ask you to enter your email address or the phone number associated with the account to verify if it is you.

At the end of this operation, you must change your old contact details. Including your password, username or phone number. So, you will log into the new account in the most secure way possible.

Tip : When you find that your account has not been hacked but rather a friend has opened it on their device, please log out of all Facebook sessions. If necessary, immediately change your password.

How to recover an inaccessible Facebook account?

In the first step, everything was easy. Because, you could still access your Facebook profile. Here, everything becomes complicated.

The procedure changes and so does the waiting period. You can wait up to 2 days for Facebook to review and then retrieve your account.

But how does it work ?

  1. Go to the Facebook page dedicated to recovering hacked accounts
  2. You must enter your email address or phone number then click on Search. If your account is not associated with any email address, enter only your phone number
  3. In the new form that appears, you are asked to choose the channel with which you want to reset your password. Still, have access to your account? So, click Continue. If not, click on You no longer have access to this information?
  4. On the next page, click log in with a password
  5. Facebook displays a pop-up in which you must enter your old password (regardless of whether it has been changed or not) then click on Connect .
  6. That's all ! You will be automatically redirected to your facebook home page. However, you have to be on PC to do this. But why? Indeed, because web browsers save all the passwords entered while browsing.

Finalization of the recovery procedures for the hacked profile

When after trying all these steps the hacked Facebook account is not always recovered, the recovery will now take an unpleasant turn. Because, on the account, a parameter is necessary for its recovery.

You must first have trusted contacts. It is thanks to them that you can finally find your account.

Finally, the following solutions may help you recover your account:

  • How to recover your account from a friend or family member's account

  1. Find the account you want to recover
  2. Below their cover photo, click on the three ellipses (…) then select Find Help or Report Profile
  3. In the form that then appears, choose "  Other
  4. Finally, click on Recover this account. You must then follow all the account recovery steps indicated by Facebook.

  • Change password to recover your hacked Facebook account
  • Use another phone number or email address
  • Check if you are case-sensitive for your password. Or if your phone number is correct
  • Your account may be blocked or disabled by Facebook. Please check that too

How to recover a blocked or disabled Facebook account?

Facebook can block or deactivate your account for various reasons:

  • Posting content that violates its privacy policy
  • Your account is using a fake name
  • You pretend to be someone else
  • Your communication harasses others, incites hatred, transgresses the rules of standard use, ...
  • Etc.

So, your account is deactivated and it seems unfair or incomprehensible to you? Here is a form dedicated to the resolution of your case. Complete the necessary information and send it to Facebook for review.

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