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How to get backlinks on Wikipedia - SEO

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia. Google search results are released. This topic may concern many content makers, owners of large or small sites, or even beginners. Obtaining a backlink from Wikipedia is something that occupies a lot of people. From this article, I will share with you my own experience on how to get a backlink in Wikipedia and issue search results in Google. He cried easily.

How to get backlinks in Wikipedia

The best backlink you can get from this site, which is regularly upgraded in Google. Wikipedia is the first encyclopedia in the world that contains a lot of information on all topics. And different in all the languages ​​of the world, which makes the Google robots do not come out of this giant site.

The stats for that site are great. And very big for this reason, today we will get a backlink to our site from Wikipedia.

How to get backlinks on Wikipedia
How to get backlinks on Wikipedia

What is a backlink?

Very briefly, and without prolonging it until we understand what a backlink is, it is an external link that has to be entered into one of the other or external sites in order to obtain a strong backlink that makes people interested and knowing your site how important it is when viewing your site link embedded in other sites, especially if this link exists Inside a large site such as Wikipedia or other sites, as we mentioned on our YouTube channel, in a special list, how to add a strong backlink to your site in order to rank better and raise the domain authority and big authority of your site.

What is the benefit of backlinking to the site?

But the benefit of the backlink for your site is many, and they are distinguished if your backlink is from an external site, dofollow We follow this link. When we get a backlink from another site, we must pay close attention so that this does not return to negative and causes very big problems on the site.

So you have to go to sites that are similar to your site’s domain and not another domain in order to get the best performance and the best Big Authority from that site when the site you want to work on is the backlink that is in the same field.

Therefore, we always advise when we get a backlink on Wikipedia, be very careful to put the link to your site on an article that is compatible with the domain in which your site is working, and not another domain, so as not to damage your site and cause a high spam score and your site loses Google’s trust.

What is Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia is the largest platform or the largest global site that contains a very large and infinite wealth of information in all fields and sections and what is going on around us in the world as everyone reaps Wikipedia on daily visits of no less than one billion views, which makes most of us always seek to get your mind Link from Wikipedia to improve his site and paste it on Google as well.

How to get backlink

From this article, I will explain to you my own experience in obtaining dofollow backlinks from Wikipedia in a legal, easy, and guaranteed way. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. First, enter Wikipedia by clicking on the word Wikipedia mentioned in the article and then create an account on Wikipedia.

After opening an account, go to the search box. Wikipedia and then search for an article or website that is the same domain as your site that you want to get a backlink for. On Wikipedia, then select the article you want to backlink on, provided that the article does not have information in the side menu about the person who added the article to Wikipedia.

Thus, go to the bottom of this information for the author of the article. And then modify it and add the links to your site in the appropriate place for it so that it is in a coordinated form. It does not cause your edits to be removed by Wikipedia moderators and reviewers. Wikipedia also edited articles, but be aware of my own experience. Try to add backlinks inside articles. My account was banned after that, so we advise you not to add the link to your site. Inside any of the articles, but follow those steps mentioned. In this video in order to get a strong backlink from Wikipedia.

Top search results on Google

Undoubtedly, many of us are always striving for this in order to get the best results. Let us understand why we want to publish Google search results or our topics or articles in Google search results.

  1. In order to have your luxury and many visitors.
  2. For better and greater profits from Google Adsense.
  3. Get the best organic entertainment from Google.
  4. Get a Google Adhere and Better Alexa Rank.
  5. In order to always gain the trust of your customers or visitors to your site.

Because this is what many of us are striving for in order to achieve. Who among us does not want this precious thing that will have a future return of wealth to you and paste it to yourself that you are a skilled and content creator that occupies the search results in Google. It is easy to get a high-quality ranking or to publish your site in the first results I have Google, but there are always conditions that you must follow and respect. The SEO standard while writing the article. You can learn how to write an article that tops Google search results, and the one who gets tired of your article is adored by Google and always has a beloved friend in search engines and I have Google search spiders.

What is SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO and the SEO standard, and how to respect the SEO standard. Within the article, let us simply explain to you so that you understand what SEO is, how it works, and why it is important.

Suyu is an essential factor for your site and search engines, which makes your site better in archiving and arranging your articles or topics within the appropriate section in Google search and rankings.


But when we want to top our position in the first results, we have to know or. Seo Check A tool to improve SEO articles. Our site first before you start writing money that matches the SEO. So as not to throw your articles on witches, no one will go to them and be anonymous if they are SEO. Your site has no problems, it basically helps your articles to be published on Google.

Because SEO is one of the most important factors that depend on Google algorithms. In order to understand what your site is talking about or what your article is talking about so that it becomes in the most appropriate place for it within the filter. Internal articles and this is done through a working mechanism from Google robots in ordering articles by topic.

Therefore, we always advise when writing any topic. Or any article of your own, you must respect the SEO standards of your own, but rather an article. that you want to write on the site. Or your blog from where the keyword distribution is mentioned. And what you want to work on inside the article is not random, but rather. Always take care of the visitor's understanding of the topic and do not frown, but rather an article so as not to become bored. Or the visitor gets bored of what you talk about in your articles. Be tidy of your thoughts and article until you present your best.

To here, we hope that we have been fully detailed and covered the topic, but full of information. Wait for us in an article and a new topic that is always available on the SGTINFO website.

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