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how to find out competitors website traffic and best tools free

analysis of your competitor's website traffic is a strategic factor for your site to top Google search results. It measures the visibility of a site, its popularity with search engines, the analysis can be quantitative or qualitative. Depending on competitors' traffic analysis tools.

Spy on competitor websites allows you to know and analyze their website traffic in order to improve the quality of your site and compete in the search results.

competitors website traffic
competitors website traffic

the website traffic of your competitors

A web traffic estimation tool is used to analysis how users interact with a given site. It reflects information about the website, such as the number of visitors to the site, their sources (organic, backlinks, or paid ads), time spent on it, its keywords, SEO, and more.

Traffic estimators are primarily used for finding competitors and leveraging the information to improve website traffic, clicks, and overall conversion rates.

The importance of analyzing competitor website traffic

There are a host of competitive analysis tools to help you quickly and effectively assess where you stack up against your top rivals.

And with the right tools, you can put less effort into trying to find compromising information about your competition and spend more time marketing.

Rather than spending too much time trying to spy on your competition, why not let smart tools do the work for you?

We've put together a comprehensive list of competitive analysis tools that will help you do this effectively:

  • Social media competition analysis tools.
  • Competitor Analysis Tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Competitive analysis tools for content
  • Competitor Analysis Tools for Email, Advertising, and Industry.

traffic a website gets

  1. Displays details of total viewers, their interests and demographics.
  2. It helps improve your bounce rates and make adjustments based on user behavior.
  3. Determines specific searches through different search engines such as Google or Bing to improve your keywords.
  4. It helps boost your content strategies and engagement rates with better keywords, better SEO, and best time to post in a week or day.
  5. Highlights page performance so you can get an idea of ​​which pages are performing better and which need improvement
  6. Identify and compare your digital campaigns to drive more traffic and conversions.
  7. Now, let's check out our best traffic estimation tools for competitor research and driving traffic to your site.

best competitor analysis tools to increase

The best option, and finally the most reliable option, is to ask your competitor very politely to give you access to this web visit and traffic data. Okay, now that he's refused (secrecy), you have to find the second most reliable option. Some traffic analysis tools offer the possibility of obtaining an estimate of the traffic of a competitor site.

best competitor analysis tools
best competitor analysis tools

Competitor analysis tools for search engine optimization (SEO)

Here is a list of solutions to know the traffic of a competing site :

  1. SEMrush
  2. Alexa
  3. Similarweb
  4. Yooda Insight
  5. Ahrefs
  6. MozBar
  7. Serpstat
  8. Sitechecker

Most of the solutions are free and sometimes a limited amount of information (access to all the reports is chargeable).

Remember, these are estimates. The estimates come from engagement on social networks, the number of inbound links, brand awareness and of course the positioning of the site. It is important to compare the estimates for each solution, but also to compare them with the data on your website to check their reliability. Some platforms are much more reliable than others.

  • Sitechecker

Estimate competitor website traffic statistics at different time periods through different channels. Site Checker allows you to choose the best websites based on their rankings, check their website traffic, and find the percentage of web traffic your competition is getting from different channels.

You can pre-screen which competitors are using paid ads, compare the bounce rate and session length for each competitor, and explore the keywords that helped them attract the most visitors. Additionally, you can check the backlinks they used to attract referral traffic audience.

You can also analyze reports to get an idea of ​​traffic dynamics and how it has changed over the past six months to increase traffic. When you have the complete data of your competition's websites, it's time to take your website to the next level. Check the status of your site for the gap, strategize, and work on it to beat the competition and grow.

Improve your website performance by choosing a plan that's perfect for you starting at $ 29 / month.

  • Serpstat

Discover the sources of competitors' website traffic with a website analysis tool from Serpstat. Finding a topic, keyword or ad has never been easier, but Serpstat has made it effortless to retrieve all the domain data you want to know.

The main factor in increasing traffic is keyword analysis or keyword distribution so they offer PPC and SEO competitor analysis report. Improve your profits by using domain analysis tools, which will help you examine all the PPC / SEO competition and verify the most valuable keywords.


SEMrush is a reference solution for SEOs. Extremely complete, it offers functionalities and tools that concern technical SEO, internal and external links, content, and even display. You can get a good estimate of your competitor's traffic by creating a free account. Certain information remains reserved for paid accounts.

The free version of SEMrush provides the following estimates:

  1. Global monthly traffic (desktop + mobile) since 2012
  2. The average length of visit
  3. The bounce rate
  4. The number of pages per visit
  5. The number of keywords positioned by country
  6. The distribution of organic positions (Top 3, Top 10, Top 100)
  7. Brand and non-brand traffic
  8. Backlinks name
  9. Sources of traffic
  10. Referral sites
  11. The main organic and paid keywords
  12. Competitor sites and a positioning map of the competition
  13. Estimated overall traffic cost (SEMrush exclusive data)

It is possible to get a detailed report of a large number of data types for a much more complete and richer analysis!


Alexa, yes, like Amazon's voice assistant and smart speaker. Normal, since it was Amazon that developed this platform for statistics of global web traffic.

The Alexa Rank lists millions of websites around the world in order of popularity. By estimating the traffic of each site, it is possible to compare the traffic of a site.

The higher a site is ranked, the higher the estimated traffic. (Obviously, Google prances at the top of the ranking). The Alexa ranking uses two criteria to know the traffic of a site: daily unique visitors and average page views. You will also get other traffic data from a competitor website.

Just enter a website and you will find plenty of ways to increase your website organic traffic:

  1. SEO Keyword: This is your opportunity to find out which keywords are being used to drive more traffic, help you come up with content ideas, and build a powerful strategy.
  2. Competitive Benchmarking: This involves how your site drives traffic from keywords, searches, and backlinks when compared to competitors online.
  3. Website Traffic: You will get statistics and reports on website traffic through Alexa Rank, referral sources, engagement metrics, etc.
  4. Audience Information: Alexa helps you get an idea of ​​audience views, such as what they want, what keyword they are looking for, and what topics they enjoyed reading the most.

You can install the browser extension to get a free scan of millions of sites while browsing. You can even get more features with the advanced plan starting at $ 149 / month and enjoying a 14-day free trial.


Similarweb is an innovative “market intelligence” platform . It offers features for different objectives and different targets: marketing and SEO teams, market research experts, sales force or investors. The goal ? Make the right decisions!

We are going to focus on the SEO tool that allows you to know the traffic of a website for free, without registration. All you have to do is enter a domain name to obtain:

  1. Global monthly traffic (desktop + mobile) over the last 6 months
  2. The average length of visit
  3. The bounce rate
  4. The number of pages per visit
  5. Traffic by country
  6. Sources of traffic.
  7. Referral sites.
  8. Organic and paid keywords.
  9. Competitor sites.


Yooda is a publisher of solutions to assess the digital performance of companies and especially SEO performance. Among the 3 main tools of Yooda, Insight calculates the Google visibility of all websites. Indeed, the specificity of Yooda Insight is to estimate the traffic of a site by its positions on Google. With nearly 95% of the market share, Google enjoys an indisputable leadership position, which explains this publisher's choice. The tool is particularly reliable and rich for Search Marketing on the French market with 14 million sites, 100 million queries and 29 billion Google positions analyzed!

  • Ahrefs

Another must-have competitive analysis tool for SEO is Ahref's Site Explorer, which lets you see the top organic keywords in a URL. Also, you get a rough estimate of how much traffic a competitor receives from these keywords.

It's easy to see the top-performing content on a site based on backlinks (as opposed to shares) as well. This information tells you what types of products or messages work best for a brand.

And, in addition to the high-performing content, you assess which keywords are driving the most traffic to a competing site.

What should we remember here? Your competition's traffic isn't based on guesswork when you regularly conduct your own reports.

  • MozBar

This browser extension from Moz provides a surface view of a site's authority level in the eyes of Google. Based on Moz's own metrics on Domain Authority (DA), MozBar assigns sites a DA score based on how likely they are to rank on search engines (based on factors such as the backlinks). The higher the DA score, the better.

Placed at the top of your browser, the MozBar is a useful tool for quickly determining a site's potential search performance at a glance.

When enabled, you'll also see a comparison of competing sites in a Google query.

MozBar allows you to do a kind of passive competition analysis when you examine competitor sites to determine how long they have been around and whether or not they are getting backlinks.

Competitive analysis tools for content

Competitive analysis tools for content
analyze your seo competitors

  • Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo lets you watch top-performing content for the topics most relevant to your brand and specific competitors. This tool looks at some of the content engagement on social media as well as its total share on the web.

Not only does it tell you who is doing well when it comes to industry content, it also helps you potentially identify trending topics to explore on your own.

Whether you are looking for influencers in your industry or just looking for new ideas for blog posts, Buzzsumo has got you covered.

  • Similarweb

Similarweb is an incredibly comprehensive tool for both content and SEO. The tools help you dig deep into your competitors' content and understand the origin of their traffic.

For example, you can determine the referral traffic of a site but also know where a site ends up sending its visitors.

And even more important for content marketers, you see what topics visitors are looking for and what other relevant sites they are visiting.

  • Feedly

If you're looking for a way to keep tabs on a competitor's content without constantly checking their blog, look no further than Feedly.

Feedly is a content aggregator that stores and organizes content as it's posted, including that of your competitors. It allows you to see the trending topics covered by your competitors on a single page.

Competitive analysis tools for social networks

  • Sprout Social

With social media ranked as the # 1 channel for interacting with customers, this is arguably the best place to start when analyzing the competition.

Sprout Social lets you know how competitors are performing on social media from multiple angles and data points.

You can use Sprout's competitive reporting suite to assess and optimize your social media strategy using rich data points that you can follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whether you want to gain insight into what your competition is posting or benchmark your growth against the average of compared profiles, all information is available at the click of a button, eliminating tedious manual searches and messy spreadsheets.

Take your analytics to the next level with Sprout's Premium Analytics tool that provides a more comprehensive view of your social networks, plus interactive charts and graphs that you can customize to suit your goals.

Sprout offers the same competitive analysis on Instagram as well.
And you can go even further with Sprout's Advanced Listening Tool.
By using the publicly available conversations on social media, you can quickly see what your customers think about your competitors' products and services, as well as examine your own share of voice within your industry.

With direct access to customer sentiment, Sprout helps identify opportunities to differentiate your brand from your competition.

  • Phlanx

This Instagram engagement calculator gives you an idea of ​​how active an account's followers are. This is an amazing resource for analyzing your competition's presence on Instagram. Additionally, it can be used as a way to find out if an influencer has a legitimate follower base.

The Phlanx Engagement Ratio is calculated based on the number of followers on an account versus the level of interaction of those followers with the content (likes, comments, etc.).

For example, Trader Joe's has an engagement rate of 2.56%. That's a fair rating for a big brand that posts regularly.

But compare that number to the likes that Denny’s collects, a brand well known for its avid followers and die-hard fans:

This note is not the panacea, the omega of a brand's presence on Instagram, but it does offer a welcome perspective.

Take adidas, one of the most followed accounts, for example. The brand receives an incredible level of engagement for its posts, but it is low compared to its huge number of followers.

This allows us to address a major point regarding the analysis of competition on social media. Context is important. It's easy to get tricked by follower numbers, but engagement is definitely a more important metric.

  • Social Blade

Social Blade is a fun tool for reviewing major brands. It measures the number of followers from likes on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube among other services. While it's often used to gauge celebrity and YouTuber popularity, there is some other useful information for marketers here.

For example, its Twitter competition analysis applies a "score" based on the average number of retweets and likes.

In particular, Social Blade provides a daily update of the number of followers as well as a real-time count.

Another interesting feature is the ability to compare the various presences on social networks.

free competitor website traffic analysis

Ways and tools to help you check my competitor's traffic for free

  • Séobilité

Unlike most of the other tools here, you will need to register for an account with Seobility in order to use it. However, registration is free and the basic plan will allow you to follow a single area fairly comprehensively.

At the same time, it also offers a number of other tools. This includes checkers for SEO, keywords, ranking and backlinks, as well as SEO comparison. If you combine them with domain tracking, it's a pretty heavy utility that's available for free.

Note, however, that most verification tools are subject to an aggregate daily use limit. For the free account, you get five daily checks - combined, not per tool. This means that you will have to plan your usage wisely.

Personally, I think that if used correctly, seobility really gives you the opportunity to refresh your SEO content. It addresses this on different channels and you can make changes as you go in minor increments.

Google tools to analyze competitors' website traffic

If Google analysisis a very complete tool, there are other free or paid tools to analysis the audience of your website.

  • google page speed

In addition to providing page loading speed, Google's tool offers the perfect solution to know and analyse the speed of competing sites. The analysis gives you a score out of 100 in the various factors that are taken into account when the page loads.


“ Ethical Analytics, Powerful Insights “ is the wonderful promise made by Matomo to convince us to use its web traffic analysis tool. The web analytics platform also promises to make you 100% owner of the data produced - which is not really the case with Google Analytics. The real added value of Matomo is the integration of an all-in-one tool with interesting features and advantages:

  1. All data collected available
  2. Analysis of media files and interactions with site content
  3. Behavior study to optimize your conversion rate ( heatmap, conversion tunnel, objectives, A / B testing )
  4. Advanced SEO recommendations
  5. Customizable reports
  6. Tag management.
  7. Easy integration with CMS, plugins, e-commerce stores.


Cock-a-doodle Doo ! A French website traffic analysis tool exists. The AT Internet team has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the world leaders in the field - a feat in the face of very fierce competition. Unlike Google Analytics, At Internet Analytics is a paid website audience analysis tool. To justify this cost, the solution claims to be a real tool for understanding and simplified decision-making for companies.

  1. Hundreds of variables are available with existing reports integrating KPIs.
  2. Detections and explanations of anomalies by machine learning
  3. Study of the customer journey and the UX of the monitored site
  4. Optimize the conversion funnel
  5. Simplification du data mining
  6. Real-time performance analysis.
  7. Collaboration made easy.



OpenWeb Analytics , or OWA, is another tool for knowing your site's traffic in open source. You can use to track and analyze how people browse your website. OWA is licensed under GPLv2 and offers developers easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple JavaScript and PHP APIs. Choosing OWA also means being able to rely on a community of developers and install a compatible tool for WordPress or MediaWiki.


After Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Indesign, Lightroom, and dozens of authoritative software in their respective fields, Adobe also offers Adobe Analytics, its traffic analysis tool. Adobe wants to be the most complete tool in its category with the integration of increased functionalities compared to the competition.

Indeed, in addition to all the features listed above, Adobe Analytics allows you to measure the impact of social networks, perform customizations and tests, manage your content and campaigns, and optimize your advertising spending. Despite everything, it remains fairly accessible for everyone thanks to an intuitive interface and simplified reports. It is even possible to analyze data offline… Price on request!

What do you look for in your competitors' traffic analysis?

Finding the right competitor sites traffic estimator can be challenging. You need to understand some concepts of digital marketing and then make your decision to choose a program. Keep these points in mind before using the Traffic Estimator:

  • organic traffic 📈

If your business or site primarily depends on organic traffic, then improving your search engine rankings should be a must for you. In this case, you can look for a traffic estimator that focuses on aspects of SEO, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.

  • PPC Ads ✔️

Contrary to the above, if paid web traffic is your important digital marketing strategy, then you should opt for a focused traffic estimator for paid ads. You should also compare the brand activities of your other competitors such as the type of ads you create, distribution channels, etc. Tools like LikeWeb can help.

  • Customer demographics 🌐

Think about the demographics of your user base before choosing a traffic estimator. Tools like Alexa can help you monitor your competitor's customer demographics so you can use the information to target a potential market.

Mistakes to Avoid in Competitive Analysis

As with the most powerful tools, a competitive analysis can be a double-edged sword. Especially if it is misused. Be aware of some of the potential pitfalls when making your own:

  • Regularly monitor your competitors

Competitive analysis is an ongoing game. It is not something that can be done once and then forgotten. Even too large a gap increases the risk, especially with regard to data collection activities.

  • Be biased

Each of us has our own inclinations and natural opinions. When it comes to competitive analysis, leave those at the door and focus on the data. These are facts that we cannot dispute.

  • AGIR

Getting a ton of information is useless unless you plan to use it. Make sure that your activities always lead to a plan of action, otherwise you will simply be wasting your time. At the same time, keep in mind that overaction should also be avoided.

  • Time the market

Analysis and action is good, but always remember the third element - the market. No matter what you do, be aware of the current conditions and try to time your activities optimally.

  • Keep a broad focus on your business

Since SEO is something that can be very broad, don't focus too much on too many specific areas. You will find that you will end up creating more work than you can do. To be realistic.

At the end of a lesson on analysis competitor sites for your site:

Even if it is impossible to know exactly the traffic of a competing site, it is still possible to obtain a relatively precise estimate using analytical tools. In order to have a clearer idea of ​​your competition on search engines, ask SEO experts to conduct a competition study ( keywords, positions ... ) to set up an SEO action plan on more efficient possible!

Let us know in the comments below:

  1. So how often do you spy on your competition?
  2. Are there any tools that you consider essential to conduct your competitive analysis?
  3. how can I spy on competitors' websites?
  4. how can I check my competitor traffic for free?

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