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How do I know that my mobile is being monitored

How do I know that my mobile is being monitored and how do I act if I discover that it has been hacked!!

If you are asking this question how do I know my mobile is being monitored don't worry you are not the only one, millions of people have expressed their privacy concerns over the past few years, it is scary that people are spying on your phone without your knowledge, but fortunately there are many Ways to know if your phone is vulnerable to spying and hacking .

How do I know if my phone is being monitored?

When you suspect that your mobile is being monitored, you should immediately look for evidence that confirms that your mobile is being monitored by an intruder, such as the following:

How do I know that my mobile is being monitored
How do I know that my mobile is being monitored

1- Quickly discharging the battery

Here the question appears how do I know that my mobile is monitored when I play a game and the battery is discharged , but if the battery is discharged more quickly than usual , regardless of playing a series of games on the phone , this shows a sign of spying on you, and applies also when the phone takes time Longer charging, long charging time may indicate the operation of bulky application such as monitoring application.

2- Overheating of the phone

The temperature of the phone will rise from time to time when you are running huge programs or games, but when the phone heats up without running those applications, this indicates that you are a victim of spying, this does not apply while charging the device, sometimes the temperature of phones increases when charging the battery.

3- Strange sounds during calls

If your phone calls are full of western sounds or you hear hesitations while you speak, someone may be listening to the call . If you have not had problems with your phone during your past calls but now you feel these problems, there may be an intruder listening to the phone calls.

4- Unusually high consumption of data over the Internet

Spy applications work by sending data to the spy who has secretly installed it on your device. The data of messages, calls and texts will be sent to the spy through the phone network, so you must monitor your phone if it consumes a high percentage of data, by entering the settings, then to use the data.

5- Receive or send strange messages!

If your friends report receiving messages that you didn't send, something might be wrong (and this applies to emails as well). Also, if you receive strange, unusual messages, it could be a sign of a hack.

6- The presence of new applications on your mobile that you did not download before!

Sometimes your mobile manufacturer legally installs official apps from time to time when doing certain updates, if you notice new apps, search for them online and make sure user reviews that they are safe and harmless, otherwise, your device may be hacked or Someone is watching your mobile device.

How to behave if your mobile phone is exposed to surveillance, spying or hacking!

If you experience any of the above symptoms, the best first step is to download anti-spyware and hack protection apps. Anti-spyware apps can help you get rid of spyware that may have been installed on your device. Anti Spy Mobile can be downloaded. that will perform A scan on the phone for spyware and helps you get rid of it. On iPhone devices, it will not allow any spy app to be installed because it only allows App Store apps.

For Android, Avast is recommended, which provides a complete solution to protect against hacking and spying as well as block malicious calls. iPhones may be less vulnerable to hacks, but they are not completely immune. 

How to avoid your mobile phone being monitored or spied on?

  1. Download trusted security apps, such as Avast.
  2. Do not click on any anonymous links coming from text messages (SMS) or via email.
  3. Do not access the open Wi-Fi networks provided by shops and others, as they are vulnerable to being spied on.
  4. Do not charge your mobile phone from suspicious sources!

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