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Free Snapchat Ads

The use of ads on Snapchat has not been fairly common for some time, but the company has taken steps to expand this aspect of its business.

by creating new formats and launching an API that simplifies the advertising and content creation processes as well as the rapid growth of users, and the status of Owning the mobile video space, it has captured the attention of major brands and those looking to have more time in front of their coveted audiences.

Snapchat Marketing can be available to any business with any budget. As with most social media platforms, there are both free and paid ways to reach this growing community.

Free Snapchat Ads:

Although Snapchat requires a little more effort than updating a status on Facebook or Twitter, it is still possible to connect with and follow Snapchat without a significant investment.

Snapchat helps you connect with your community in a new way, without increasing your ad budget, by implementing one or more of the following three strategies:

share behind the scenes

Like sharing snapshots of what's going on in the office, during holidays or after office hours?

Snapchat users love receiving exclusive insights into the brands they follow, and you'll be able to connect and develop lasting and meaningful relationships with some of your most passionate fans.

Offer coupons and discounts

Snapchat is the king of flash sales. The ability to create messages that disappear within 24 hours to offer special offers, coupons and discounts;

To direct followers to your website or to your store. If your followers are used to receiving frequent deals through your Snapchat account, they will surely check in regularly, making it easier to exchange additional ideas about your brand and products and build customer engagement and loyalty.

tell stories

Snapchat stories consist of short videos that remain visible for 24 hours. You can make the most of this feature by creating short videos, instructions or other forms of engaging content; To grab your audience's attention.

This is not a place to publicly advertise it, but a funny video about your product can be attractive and go viral.

Paid Snapchat Ads:

Free Snapchat Ads
Free Snapchat Ads

Pick up the ads

Snapchat ads are probably the traditional way of paid ads through Snapchat, a 10-second video will play between stories and the user has the option to swipe up if they want to know more by visiting a video or A longer article or application.

(Snapchat) states that these ads convert at a 5 times higher rate than traditional banner ads which makes them a very effective advertising option.

Ads sponsored by lenses

Snapchat provides you with fun themes, known as lenses, that you can add to your videos and photos. 

From funny glasses to snowstorms, companies have the option to sponsor lenses that users can use when capturing videos and photos. For example, Starbucks has created a drink image that can be added to any (Snapchat).

Geographical filters

Snapchat geofilters allow all Snapchatters to add location-specific filters and frames to their overlay, provided they are in that particular region.

Businesses can sponsor Geofilters, allowing users to add frames or filters to photos they take while at or near the company.

Geofilters cost anywhere from $5 to hundreds of thousands for national campaigns. A one-day national campaign can reach 40-60% of Snapchat users; This makes it another high-impact marketing opportunity.

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