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Download Likee 2024 app for Android, direct link, latest version

Download Likee for free for Android, likee for free

Likee program, similar to Tik Tok, enables you to create videos with special magical effects. Likee contains many filters. stickers, and other features for editing photos and videos.

Likee is one of the most popular applications around the world, where the number of downloads of the original Likee program reached more than 500 million downloads in a short period of time. in this article, we provide you with a free download of the Likee program for Android.

what are its advantages and disadvantages, and an explanation of logging in and using it? and you will also find the latest updates of the Likee program 2022?.

Download Likee 2021 app for Android
Download Likee 2021 app for Android

What is Like Like?

Likee is an application for shooting short videos, and you can edit videos, add filters. effects, and audio clips.

You can also watch videos made by users, watch and participate in live broadcasts, comment on broadcasts and videos, and you can download most existing videos after downloading Likee.

Log in to the original Likee

One of the advantages that you will find after downloading the Likee program for Android is that the login process is not complicated.

as the program gives you a quick registration feature in which the program gives you an available username and you can log in with it, or in the usual way you can log in using your Google account or Facebook account.

Application Laiki properties Features Likee

  1. Follow celebrities and artists and interact with their posts.
  2. It helps you create professional videos through a set of tools.
  3. Tools to improve videos such as filters and add-ons.
  4. You can make a live broadcast to your followers on the application.
  5. Show your talents and get followers.
  6. It allows you to make videos with your photos.
  7. It has a large number of funny stickers that can be used.

How do I switch the account in the Lakee 2021 program?

A very important feature has also been added. which is adding another account and switching between the two accounts. You can do this by entering the settings and then choosing to switch the account.

After that, an interface appears for you to switch the account, either with an existing account or add a new account, but you should note that if you add a new account, you will not find the express entry feature, you can only log in with either a phone number, a Google account or a Facebook account.

Download video from Likee

You can save any video from Like by pressing the arrow on the left below and then choosing Save and then save the video, you will find it in your gallery.

Search for videos like 2021

In the Like program, you can follow people and watch their videos. The videos are divided into three sections. The first is the videos of the people you follow. the second is the popular videos, and the third is the videos of people who are close to you geographically.

If you are interested in a specific topic and want to see all the videos related to it, you can search for it in the search box and write what you want Search for it and you will see all the videos related to this topic.

How do I open a live broadcast in the Likee application?

In the Like program, you can do a live broadcast, but there are conditions that you must pass to do a live broadcast in the Like app, including that you be over 16. that your account contains at least 3 videos, and that the number of your fans is 1000 or more.

How do I create a video in the Like program?

One of the best features of Likee is that it combines watching fun videos and creating videos with great effects.

When creating a video, you can control the speed of the video and the size of the screen on which the video will be displayed. You can also add many different filters, in addition to stickers.

In the Likee application, you can also make a video from photos, where you choose the photos that you want with a maximum of 8 photos, then convert them into a video. and then choose the music that you want to put on the video and also choose the effects and filters and if you want to put quotes on the video, and also you can choose quotes that You want to put on the video.

Likey update

  • Like cases

You can use the Like program to create cases such as WhatsApp cases, where there are ready-made cases in templates, choose from them and add the images or video you want on the case.

  • Group voice chats

Imitating the Clubhouse app, the Likee app has added group voice chats in the live broadcast section, where you can open a live broadcast and invite any number of people to join you.

  • Creator Center

If you are a content creator in Likee, this feature will interest you, as through the settings you can go to the Creator Center and you will see all the stats of your videos and your followers.

  • SuperMix feature

Previously, the Style feature was the one that contained the filters, but now it has been combined with adding photos in the new SuperMix tab.

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