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Create a professional application and games website | Profit cycle from Blogger 2024

Create a professional application and games website | Blogger 2024

Create a professional site for applications and games

Creating a professional application and games site. Many followers asked that we start a new course to create new types of sites, such as creating a quiz site, applications and games site, and many other types of sites. So we started the course and uploaded two episodes to the Oyoun Informatics channel.

Is the application and game site compliant with Google Adsense policies? 

Indeed, this type of site is compatible with Google Adsense policies, as many sites have been created and accepted in Google Adsense, and today the owners of these sites are making very good profits from this type of blogging.

How to install and customize the template 

In today's explanation, we will use the andro play template, and this template is very professional, as it is completely similar to the apk pure template, and through this template, you can create a professional blog and games applications and the template has many features that make it at the forefront of the templates that you can rely on.

Features of the andro template

  1. Search engine compatible template
  2. Responsive template for all devices
  3. Full codes for topics
  4. The possibility of adding reviews
  5. The ability to professionally write an article about the application or the game
  6. The template's colours are distinctive and compatible with Rita
  7. Ease of modification on the template
  8. Ease of placing Google Adsense ads inside the template from the format

Method for installing the template 

  1. Decompress template files
  2. Copy the codes and place them inside the theme
  3. Save

How to amend sections 

  1. Enter the theme
  2. Press ctr + f
  3. Look for the word sections
  4. Modify the names of the departments and put their links to them

Create a site for applications and games

How to create topics

In the files you will find a file named Topic Codes, copy it, enter the posts, create a new post, move to the HTML mode, and then paste the codes that you have copied and modify them as in the explanation of the video included in the article and it is preferable to watch the entire video as it has many Of the tips that will help you in creating a professional website.

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