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Best Sound Amplifier Software for Windows 10 PC

  • For all music lovers, movie buffs or avid streamers, good sound is paramount.
  • We're here to show you how Windows 10 PC sound amplifier software can revolutionize your listening journey.
  • A good sound amplifier will recalibrate your acoustic sense in addition to boosting PC volume.
  • And that because along with PC audio boosting software, you will also get audio mixing and equalization tools.

Not satisfied with the sound quality of your Windows 10 PC? Fortunately, there are solutions to improve it. We are talking about an audio amplifier, of course.

If you like music, watch movies on your computer, or are a big fan of YouTube, an audio amplifier will definitely revolutionize your listening experience.

However, there are not many audio enhancers for Windows 10. So finding the right one can be a tedious task.

We'll make the quest easy for you and list the best audio amplifiers below.

In order to take advantage of all the depth of the original recording, consider pairing your amplifier with a DAC . The sound reproduction will dazzle you!

What software to increase the sound of the PC?

Best Sound Amplifier Software
Best Sound Amplifier Software

1- Boom 3D

Global Delight Apps has developed a powerful application called Boom 3D for Windows. The application was originally created for Mac and iOS and has gained immense popularity with over 40 million users worldwide.

Boom 3D for Windows is user-friendly and even simpler to use than the older Winamp. It is equipped with a patented 3D Surround Audio Engine algorithm that can adjust users' acoustic senses. This exclusive feature makes Boom 3D the ultimate sound booster for your PC.

However, there are many other features to discover within the application.

Here are the primary features to consider:

  • Powerful EQ with presets you can use as default, or create your own from scratch
  • A set of effects that you can combine with the equalizer to achieve clearer sound
  • You can also choose the type of headphones you have if you use them
  • System-wide audio enhancement functionality that lets you play all audio content in surround sound on any headset, from any player, media or streaming service

2- FxSound

FX Sound is a wonderful equalizer if we talk about low resolution outputs.

It will help you model any audio format so it can sound great even from a 100 year old jukebox that can be hooked up to a PC.

The software is optimized for any type of output hardware so you can enjoy a true EQ process with the resources you have.

Here are the primary features to consider:

  • Full EQ with custom effects
  • Volume boost without distortion
  • Presets for different genres
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10

Despite its simplicity, FxSound is a powerful tool that has received a lot of good reviews from users.

You can download it for free from the official website, and you can upgrade to a more powerful version after trying it.

3- SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab

The SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab is a highly effective software that caters to your audio enhancement requirements.

Its primary focus is on cleaning and reviving your audio files, and it does so with remarkable ease by offering one-click solutions, smart presets, and user-friendly controls, all supported by a top-of-the-line toolkit. With a range of features that facilitate noise reduction and recording optimization, the software provides endless possibilities for enhancing audio quality.

Furthermore, the intuitive workflow of the software streamlines the process, making it more convenient for you to complete your tasks efficiently.

Here are the primary features to consider:

  • Digitizing capabilities to support audio transfer from analog media to your PC
  • Noise reduction, cleaning and restoration tools
  • Recording function (up to 96 kHz)
  • Import, export and backup your audio files (in any format including MP3, WAV and FLAC)
  • Cleanup spectral display, plus audio and video optimizer
  • Over 360 presets to automate cleaning tasks
  • Maximize your productivity with workflow optimization tools such as customizable templates, interactive guides, and an effective search function.

4- Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer is a software tool that can transform your Windows 10 PC into a high-quality sound environment by optimizing the system and its multimedia platform.

It can work with all audio software that is currently available on the market, including Spotify, YouTube, and others.

Here are the primary features to consider:

  • Isolates base affinity from non-audio process and lowers its priority so as not to interfere with audio-related processes
  • Seven audio profiles are available to choose from
  • A complete installation guide is available
  • Improved product efficiency on Windows 10

Fidelizer is available in 2 versions: a Premium Plus version and a Premium Pro version.

5- Bongiovi DPS for Windows 10

Bongiovi DPS is a remarkable audio software that can enhance your listening experience significantly. Its advanced technology enables it to continuously adjust the audio input signal according to the capabilities of your audio system, making it sound more natural and similar to how humans perceive sound.

The tool literally keeps the sounds most important to listeners at a very consistent volume level. This strategy allows the selected sounds to become more audible than normal everyday noise.

Here are the primary features to consider:

  • Output selection – choose the type of device you're listening to
  • The DPS processor offers two distinct settings due to the significant difference between the audio signals used in music and movies.
  • DPS HEAR – this feature reduces volume to a safer listening level for headphones while maintaining audio clarity
  • Bass and Treble – easy-to-use bass and treble controls let you create the sound that suits you best.
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