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Best Free Simple and Elegant Blogger Template

Why should a simple template be installed on the blog?

Bloggers should always choose a simple and responsive blogger template to install on their blogs.

You may ask (yen) and why?

Although there are many designs and various forms of free blogger templates , it is preferable that the blog template be a lightweight template

It is simple because it makes the blog faster, due to the small size of the codes used, and therefore the download is faster.

The navigation between pages and sections of the site is easier when using a simple template.

Best Free Simple and Elegant Blogger Template
Best Free Simple and Elegant Blogger Template

What is the best free simple and elegant blogger template?

The “Featured” template is a light and fast blogger template, and most importantly, it is an Arabic template that can be used in many fields such as technology

And news and many more… It is suitable for almost all blogs.

Main features of the template:

  • Responsive to all screens
  • Fast
  • Equipped for search engines
  • Clean and organized design
  • Supports Template Designer
  • 404 error page
  • contact us tool

Preview and download the “Featured” template

It is always recommended to install the cleaning mold before installing the activation of this mold, so that there is no merging between the two molds.

Here now a link to download and preview the template:

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