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All you need to know about Paysera Card

Paysera Card

Paysera payment card is a convenient and reliable way to always keep your money close at hand.

You can order the card, choose its color, and manage your accounts in the Paysera mobile app.

You can also add Paysera Visa to platforms such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

paysera card
paysera card

Bank Paysera

It was established in 2006, and it is currently located in Lithuania and is considered one of the best banks for the year 2019, as it provides a lot of electronic services, and its services cover all Arab countries.

It started as a real bank, not electronic, then it updated and developed its services and now owns the services of the electronic bank as well, and has outperformed its counterparts from other electronic banks by offering multiple advantages:

  • You can have a bank account with him for free.
  • It provides Paysera Visa service that helps you activate your PayPal account.
  • It provides the possibility of charging your account through Skrill and Neteller or any other bank that has a bank transfer feature.
  • It provides currency conversion service which includes about 32 multiple currencies.
  • His bank transfers do not have any commissions.
  • You can transfer money to more than 150 countries around the world.
  • Transfer to European bank accounts may take 3 minutes for countries
  • It gets the lowest commission and costs among the analogues of other electronic banks.
  • You can order up to five other Visa card at the same price for your family members.
  • Enjoys a high degree of security and protection of accounts.
  • You can transfer your Paysera account to your WebMoney account or to your Payza bank account.
  • Support is available at the bank from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, as it is a real bank and not a virtual one.

Paysera fees

  • The card issuance fee is 3 euros. The monthly fee is 0.45 euros.
  • The currency of the Visa Card is the Euro.
  • The card must be activated within 3 months of its request, otherwise it will be permanently suspended from the site.

Shipping paysera

You can charge your account in Paysera through a bank transfer. If you want to charge through a bank transfer, you can do so by transferring from any country, and there are fees for transferring from the sending bank, differing from one bank to another, and it has been found that there are those who complain that the fees are somewhat high What, we advise you to inquire with the bank you wish to transfer from first before transferring.

Visa Card Paysera

After you have charged your Paysera account with an amount sufficient to request a Visa card, then enter Paysera Visa to request the card, and here you will be asked to further confirm to enter this page, either by sending a code to your email or a message to your mobile phone with an activation code.

After entering the code and confirming entry, you will move to the next page, which will show you the most important features of the bank's Visa Card and its fees, including:

It enjoys high security and protection and the possibility of increasing the protection of the card by activating Verified By Visa

Now that the Visa Card application has been completed, you can use the site to withdraw from Skrill or transfer to Payza or WebMoney or bank transfer to or from the account. PayPal and then withdraw your balance from any ATM.

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