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Adfly is the best link shortening site

What is a link shortening site? How does it work?

In general, link shortening sites are sites based on the mechanism of switching long links that you insert into them to shorter links. These sites are some profitable sites and others only have a marketing and analytical purpose and there are no advertisements as they direct users to the original links directly.

As for the profitable link shortening sites, the mechanism of their work is slightly different, as when one of the users clicks and enters these short links, he has some advertisements that follow the advertiser’s party (a person who made an agreement with the link shortening site that you display his ads in exchange for the site receiving specific profits) These ads are usually on a page that precedes the page that contains the original link, and when the ads are viewed, a percentage of the profits are achieved.

One of the best of these sites is ADF.LY, so let's learn about adfly's explanation:

Adfly is the best link shortening site
Adfly is the best link shortening site

Adfly website

Adfly is one of the best sites that are used to profit by shortening links, and what distinguishes this site is the ease of use and dealing with it, as it is most suitable for people with modest experience in the Internet in general, as the site interface is simple and easy for the user and registration on the site is also easy ( you can register from here ).

adfly explanation

Like other link shortening sites, the Adfly site converts long links into short ones that may reach only about 20 characters.

When a person clicks on the Adfly short link to go to a blog or to a website, regardless of its destination, Adfly displays one of the advertisements that it has for the user or visitor, and when this user or visitor views the advertisement for a period of no less than 5 seconds to achieve a percentage of profit, and then the user is transferred to the original link.

Average Profit on Adfly

The rate of profit from the Adfly website is about $4 per thousand clicks, meaning when a thousand visitors click on the link or short links that you promote, you earn $4.

How to withdraw profits from the Adfly site and minimum withdrawal

Adfly provides the possibility of withdrawing profits when they reach $5, meaning that the minimum payment is only $5, so once you get a profit of $5, you can receive the profit either through a PayPal account or through a Payoneer card.

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