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Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Apps and Websites

Sometimes we'd like how to preserve our important files. In previous years, the foremost popular method was the non-volatile storage and auxiliary storage memory, additionally to external hard drives.

but these means were exposing our information to tons of danger. to wreck as a result of poor storage or maybe poor manufacturing, to not mention the various times that these males and flash drives were lost, which exposes our information in many cases to loss and forever.


 Top 10 cloud storage apps and sites that offer you free space 2022

At this time, the trend has become to use another sort of storage, which is cloud storage, which is certainly the simplest option thanks to its advantages not found in traditional storage methods, especially with the event of Internet speeds, this method has become widespread in our time. 

Just as we were trying to find the simplest companies to accumulate their own storage products, at this time we are trying to find the simplest sites and cloud storage applications that give us large storage spaces for free of charge, with a cloth cost for the larger storage spaces, supported the service provided and supported the space that you simply request. during this, The article will review the highest 10 sites and applications that give us free space for storing to uploading our files. 

  • Note we'll arrange the sites and applications consistent with the sites that give us the foremost space for storing first. 

the location and therefore the application of Mega Mega

The Mega site and application are taken into account as one of the simplest and most generous cloud storage sites, because it features a wonderful interface and an outsized free storage capacity of up to 50 GB, additionally to the suitable prices for the most important storage capacities, the location launched on Robert E Lee's Birthday, 2013 synchronized with the anniversary of the closure of the Mega Upload site.

The mega cloud storage site has an application on the Android and IOS platforms, where the appliance gives you the power to browse the uploaded files and also the power to download them at an equivalent time. you'll download applications from the Google Play and App Store stores.

the situation and application Drive Drive

Google Drive may be a service provided by Google to assist with the cloud storage process, Google Drive was launched on April 24, 2012. as Google Drive is an extension of the Google Docs service that permits users to make, modify and store office files on the company's servers. Google, guarantees the safety of the files in it, which they're not accessed except by the owner of the file or whoever allows him to try to do so.

The Google Drive website and application, which is out there on both the Android and IOS platforms, gives you a space for storing up to fifteen GB free of charge, additionally to good prices for other storage categories. you'll download the appliance for the platform through Google Play and App Store. 

Media fire website and application

This platform is taken into account as one of the oldest cloud storage platforms or a minimum of feet in terms of use and recognition, so who among us didn't use this platform and download files from it? Mediafire may be a file download and cloud storage service that's headquartered in Shenandoah, Texas, the corporate was launched in June 2006 by Derek Lappein and Tom Langridge, the corporate provides its services to the client for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS systems.

This platform gives you 10 GB as free capacities to use, you'll download the applications for this platform on both the Android and iOS platforms through the Google Play Store and therefore the App Store

the cloud website and application

It may be the primary time you've got heard of the cloud storage site and application, but this site is taken into account as one among the superb sites in this field, as this site and application are available on both platforms Android and iOS giving you 10 GB free space for storing, additionally to the power to boost this space for storing By paying a particular amount consistent with the specified space, and you'll see the small print within their site. 

the ice drive website and application

This site is additionally not popular just like the one before it, but you'll cash in on the computational storage service provided by this site and therefore the application at an equivalent time as this application is out there on both the Android and IOS platforms, and this site offers you 10 GB for free of charge, additionally to the presence of packages you'll subscribe it.

The goal of publishing these sites and applications is to make as much free space for storing s as possible for those that are unable to subscribe monthly to get more storage space.

the location and application one drive One Drive

It is equivalent to Microsoft's OneDrive previously, because it may be a Microsoft file hosting service that permits users to upload and synchronize files to the cloud storage and then access them through a browser or phone. OneDrive is a component of the web services suite previously referred to as Windows Live.

The OneDrive application gives you 5 GB free of charge for you to upload files to, additionally thereto it's available on the Android and iOS platforms.

the iCloud website and application

The iCloud service is one of the cloud storage services that Apple launched online on Columbus Day, 2011, consistent with statistics in July 2013, the service became available to 320 million, although the iCloud cloud service may be a product of Apple, it's also present on the Android platform. to offer you greater flexibility added to the website for this service.

Apple isn't very generous, as through its service it gives you simply 5 GB of space for storing, you'll get more hours of storage by paying Apple and this might be useful to you as you're a lover of Apple products that support the iCloud cloud storage service significantly. website and application

This service isn't very fashionable among cloud storage sites, but it's an honest addition to the group of websites that were mentioned above, this site gives you 5 GB of free space for storing, besides the sites mentioned above would be an honest addition.

Dropbox website and app

Dropbox is a dropbox hosting service files are travel by American Dropbox Inc., is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is one among the services of cloud storage, sync files, and private cloud client software. it's also possible to use the service to exchange files between quite one user on the web and synchronize files between quite one computer or mobile.

It is not considered much liked by users and therefore the reason could also be that the location only gives you 2 GB as free space for storing, Dropbox is out there on the Android and iOS platforms.

instant chat platforms

One of the smart tricks that are utilized in storing files is instant chat platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, et al., which offer you open storage spaces, especially telegram, which receives large files, so that you'll make a talk or a conversation and put important files in it, but remember to synchronize so that you'll return them in any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the best free online storage?

The best free online storage offer for us is the one provided by pCloud. Provided you do the necessary, it will give you the possibility of taking advantage of 10 GB of cloud storage, which for us is extremely generous. In addition, even if it remains a free offer, you will be able to take advantage of good speeds to download or save files. If at some point you realize that 10 GB is no longer enough, you can very easily switch to one of pCloud's paid plans.

What are the disadvantages of a free cloud?

The main disadvantages of using a free online storage solution are low storage capacity (often only a few gigs), slow speeds, limited access to features normally offered through paid plans, and often less important security… It is for all these reasons that we tend to recommend the use of inexpensive cloud storage such as iCloud.

Where do I store my photos?

If you are looking for the best place to store your photos online, we advise you to opt for pCloud. After testing a lot of cloud storage solutions, we were able to conclude that it offered the best at the moment and at really attractive prices.

What is the most secure cloud?

Google Drive - Best of all

If you have a Google account, you already have 15 GB of free storage in Google Drive. You can use it to back up documents, photos, videos and anything else you want to keep safe

Where to store files for free?

The best free online storage service is pCloud as it allows storing up to 10 GB of storage. For an even more complete and feature-rich service, you will have to turn to drive which offers 3 GB free of charge and an office suite to collaborate effectively online from your drive.


I listed 10 different platforms, sites, and applications for cloud storage to use as many of them as possible to supply the most important possible space for users, but if you plan to subscribe to a paid plan, you'll believe one platform for it, so you've got to match the costs of storage spaces in several platforms to succeed in the choice the simplest for you to store files.

If this explanation has benefited you and won your admiration, you'll share it with your friends through the buttons on social media platforms at rock bottom of this post, and should God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

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