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SEO agency: the keys to choosing the right SEO provider!

Digital visibility is a major issue for companies. A natural referencing strategy makes it possible to increase its pages in the results of search engines, and thus to garner more visitors on its website. For this, the outsourcing option is the one that has the most advantages: entrusting your Google visibility to an SEO agency offers maximum flexibility, gives access to many skills, allows you to better control your costs and optimize its return on investment. It remains to know the criteria for identifying (and choosing) THE right service provider.

choosing seo agency

The positioning of the SEO company on search engines

The saying goes that the shoemaker is always well shod. Similarly, an SEO agency must benefit from a good ranking in search engine results: this is proven proof of competence. Start by doing a Google search on key queries like “SEO company,” and see which providers show up in the top results. For example, by typing “natural referencing agency”, it is the Eskimoz SEO agency which is in pole position.

The ability of the agency to respond to your issues

The positioning of the SEO agency's site on Google is not everything. Placing a page on an ultra-specific request is one thing; optimizing an e-commerce site with 1,000 product sheets based on French and international queries is a different story. Making the right choice also means working with a service provider capable of responding to your problems, taking into account the particularities of your company, your sector of activity and your market.

The refusal to make untenable promises

A contact promises you a first place on Google within three weeks? Run away ! Implausible promises bind only those who listen to them. Natural referencing is a long-distance race, not a sprint: in highly competitive sectors, results can take years to come. In return, they have the advantage of being long-lasting and generating continuous traffic. As in geometry, there is no royal road in SEO.

The implementation of a personalized strategy

There are as many SEO strategies as there are companies. The viability of an approach is based on many parameters: field of activity, size of the company, type of products or services offered, positioning on the market (national, local, ultra-local), competition, current state of your site web... A quality SEO agency will ask you a lot of questions and carry out a whole series of preliminary steps (including an audit) before proposing a strategy that suits you. It will also take into account your imperatives: commercial objectives, budget, etc.

The involvement of the SEO project manager

In an SEO agency, it is not uncommon for a project manager to manage 40 or 50 clients at a time. Conditions that inevitably impact the quality of work.

Because the implementation and monitoring of an SEO strategy require real involvement: the project manager must know the client's site inside out, manage the actions to be carried out, ensure the relevance of the content to be published, regular reports... The dialogue must be two-way (you also have your say) and your interlocutor must be sufficiently free-spirited to take care of you properly. This means managing a limited number of customers.

SEO expertise

We expect an SEO agency to know its business. For example, the SEO agency in Lyon Eskimoz has developed an E-Commerce SEO expertise unique in France! Estimating the degree of expertise of a service provider is therefore an excellent way to judge the interest of entrusting it with your digital visibility strategy. A good method is to browse the agency's website to assess its professionalism and the quality of the content published. For example, if you take a look at the Eskimoz SEO blog, you will find a number of expert articles on digital and marketing topics. Proof that its teams know what they are talking about!


Natural referencing is a nebulous discipline in the eyes of laymen. Some professionals know this and make sure to maintain this opacity to keep control of the relationship - and the purse strings. But a quality SEO company, sure of its know-how, has nothing to hide. She is keen to provide references and give examples of clients whose positioning on Google she has improved. Once engaged in a strategy with a company, she is not afraid to share her information and to be educational in her approach. Transparency is therefore more than a good selection criterion: it is a success factor.

The use of “clean” SEO methods

Natural referencing has its “dark side”: this is called Black Hat SEO . SEOs who evolve in this parallel dimension achieve rapid and spectacular results by insinuating themselves into the flaws of search engines and flirting with legality. But this type of strategy only works in the very short term. Penalties quickly put a stop to these methods... when they don't put the website at risk of disappearing body and soul from the results of the engines. In short, choose an SEO agency that respects Google's guidelines , and which will give you a visibility that is certainly slower, but "clean" and sustainable.

Continuous improvement of methods and tools

SEO is an ever-evolving field. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, as well as their guidelines . SEOs must constantly adapt and update their knowledge. The ability of an SEO agency to continuously optimize its processes, working methods and tools is a good signal: it is proof of its flexibility and its desire to constantly improve... for the benefit of its customers!

These criteria will help you choose the SEO agency that meets your needs. This is the assurance of implementing a relevant and effective natural referencing strategy.

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