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How to change the name of a Facebook page

Often times, some Facebook users search for how to change the name of the Facebook page they manage for many reasons, but some do not know the correct steps to do so, so I will show you these steps in order.

How to change the name of a Facebook page
How to change the name of a Facebook page

change facebook page name

Initially, you must have a Page admin role to request that your Page's name be changed.

Change the name of your page on the computer

  1. Click About at the bottom of the page's cover photo.
  2. Click Page Info in the left column, scroll over the Name section, and tap Edit.
  3. Enter a new name for the page and click Continue.
  4. Review the application and then click “Request Change”.

(If you don't see any option to edit the page name, this could mean the following:

You do not have the permission or the role of a Page admin that allows you to rename your Page.

  • You or another Page administrator has recently changed the Page's name.
  • This option is not available at this time as there may be a limitation on your page.

How to change the name of the Facebook page from the mobile

  • Go to your page and click edit page.
  • Enter the new name at the bottom of Edit Name and click Save.

(Remember that changing your page name will not affect your username)

However, be careful not to completely change the direction and interests of your Page because you will lose the interaction of your followers and they will not be interested in your new posts because they are simply not in their interest, so when renaming the Page you should make sure to stay in the same field that your fans are interested in.

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