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Best Free Software to Test CPU, GPU, RAM on PC

If you've just built your computer, overclocked any of your components, or are having problems with your aging hardware, stress testing your computer will give you a good idea of ​​whether it's stable or not, and if it doesn't. If not, where does the problem come from?

So, in this guide, we'll give you our pick of the best tools to use in testing your system components, including the best CPU stress testing tools, the best RAM stress testing tools, and the best GPU stress testing tools. We've also included a number of hardware monitoring tools that you can use to monitor how your system behaves during stress tests as well.

Best Free Software to Test CPU, GPU, RAM on PC
Best Free Software to Test CPU, GPU, RAM on PC

From time to time, PC owners have to run stress tests on their devices.

However, normal use does not produce benchmarks that demonstrate the full potential of the device. It is often recommended that you perform a stress test on everything from the CPU and GPU to RAM.

CPU stress testing tools:

CPU stress testing tools
CPU stress testing tools

  • IntelBurnTest

Intel Linpack allows users to squeeze their computers to the limit. In fact, testing can cause even more powerful computers to hang in some cases.

Linpack results in significant energy use in order to stress the capability of the devices, so temperatures can rise to dangerous levels. So keep the CPU temperature monitoring app open anyway. For better or worse, Linpack alone is hard to use.

IntelBurnTest simplifies this entire process and makes Linpack easy to navigate. The program features a smooth and simple interface with real-time error checking.

In addition, the results are displayed in detail on the screen in real time. There is no need for guesswork here, and no one should struggle to take advantage of this software to access Linpack's full potential.

Don't forget to pay attention to the heat generated by this test, as adequate cooling is vital.

  • Prime95

Overclockers and system builders tend to prefer Prime95. Unlike Linpack, Prime95 focuses specifically on processor floating point instructions and integer instructions.

Users can keep track of every area of ​​the processor that is under stress. They can then see the results and easily make sure their devices are stable.

Moreover, Prime95 uses all cores in a particular processor. Users do not have to worry about inaccurate or incomplete results here.

Prime95 is one of the most popular CPU stress testing tools on the market, and it's available for free. After performing a stress test, the collected data can be used for various purposes.

  • PowerMax

PowerMax tests your PC's CPU and PC separately, combined testing is also available. The program aims to offer the most comprehensive stress test on the market.

By running CPU and GPU tests simultaneously, users receive the most comprehensive possible results. Extreme caution is recommended while using the burn-in feature of the test.

However, PowerMax is not a benchmarking tool and does not provide results. The program aims to emphasize CPU and GPU tolerances with other reporting software.

Users should keep this in mind before starting the test. Otherwise, they will find themselves clicking on their computer components with no data to show.

  • NovaBench

A free stress testing utility that comes from Novawave Inc. In addition to the CPU, you can also test the endurance of graphics cards (Direct3D 11 and OpenCL tests), memory (RAM) throughput tests, and even hard disk tests (read and write speeds).

The great feature of this free tool is that you can compare your computer system with other systems in the world.

  • CPU Load Test

The CPU stress test tracks the performance of your computer's processor with online settings. Therefore, users do not need to download software to run the stress test here.

They can simply choose how many threads they want to test and how much power they want to use. The test then charges the CPU according to these parameters and tracks various metrics.

The tracked metrics include the overall processor speed and power consumption. A specific benchmark score is generated for the CPU stress test.

Finally, quadratic frames are generated based on CPU performance alone. A simpler tool may not be available online, which is convenient to access and make use of.

GPU Endurance Test:

GPU Endurance Test
GPU Endurance Test

  • Unigine Valley

With Unigine Valley, PC owners can test the strength of the GPU. The test focuses on the GPU, the power supply, and even the cooling system.

The test runs a specific valley scene with improved visual quality for the GPU test. Currently, Unigine Valley provides FPS as a benchmark along with other information.

Unigine Valley is customizable based on user needs. In fact, stress testing is available in VR to test how well the GPU handles VR scenarios.

Unigine Valley is a fast download and is basically free. Various Unigine exams are available and will be covered soon.

  • FurMark

Despite its strange name, FurMark offers a complete endurance test of a PC video card. The program displays and runs a scene with millions of data.

Users receive an FPS report during the test as well as other metrics.

During testing, users can keep track of the GPU base clock and memory clock. They can also see the overall temperature and fan speed as well as load numbers.

Most users care about frames per second. Usually, FurMark can put the most powerful graphics processors to the test.

  • 3DMark

3DMark is one of the most popular stress tests available today. The software includes a full suite of CPU and GPU tests.

After running the program, the user chooses which tests he wants to run. You can run as few or as many tests as possible, and they will all be run sequentially to provide complete results.

Millions of people, from amateurs to professionals, entrust 3DMark to deliver record scores. When users see CPU and GPU reviews online, they often see 3DMark scores more than any other test.

For this reason, users can trust 3DMark for excellent results and a proper stress test.

  • Unigin Heaven

Like Unigine Valley, Unigine Heaven stresses the GPU, computer cooling, and power supplies. The sky-inspired theme is projected onto the GPU and provides real-time results for users to track.

Unigine Heaven remains quite similar to Unigine Valley, although each test provides slightly different results due to differences in rendering and scenery.

  • Unigine Superposition

Unigine Superposition presents a great scene of stressing the computer's GPU. Users may find themselves intrigued by what they see.

However, the GPU will feel pressured through an incredibly stressful test. The same results are tracked in other Unigine benchmarks here, and users won't miss a metric.

RAM stress test:

RAM stress test
RAM stress test

  • memtest64

Memtest64 is installed on a PC and measures the performance of the PC's RAM. The software is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Intel processors.

With this in mind, most users will be able to test their RAM with this software. They will not need admin privileges or DOS mode access.

With Memtest64 they can test the overall performance of their system's RAM. They can even check RAM modules for various errors detected through stress testing.

In this context, Memtest64 is ideal for both troubleshooting and performance evaluation. A simpler and more user-friendly software may not be available on the market right now.

  • memtest86

Then again, Memtest86 is very popular for stress testing for RAM as well. This program needs to be booted from a USB flash drive, though.

Users can expect more challenge running Memtest86 compared to Memtest64. Once again, every program comes with its strengths, and Memtest86 really pushes RAM modules to their limits.

For a comprehensive analysis of system RAM, almost nothing beats Memtest86. The program provides 13 different test algorithms and supports most types of consumer RAM.

Secure Boot is available with this software, and Memtest86 has been around for years to provide benchmarking and troubleshooting results to PC owners.

General computer stress test:

General computer stress test
General computer stress test

  • HeavyLoad

For full PC testing, HeavyLoad is an excellent option that is available for free. HeavyLoad stress testing stresses each area of ​​the system's hardware as hard as possible.

Users can test the capabilities of cores for an individual CPU, or the entire CPU. GPU testing is also included here. HeavyLoad still provides many other endurance tests today.

This includes a write test file that puts pressure on available disk space. Memory testing reduces the available memory and tests how the computer is responding.

With HeavyLoad, users can help figure out how their computers are performing at maximum intensity. This information is useful in determining peak performance for a device before overall performance begins to decline.

  • Passmark Burnintest

Passmark Burnintest is used by everyone from overclocking apps to PC manufacturers and repair shops. By stress testing here, users can quickly identify potential issues with computers.

They will also receive detailed reports on the performance of the entire system from the CPU to the GPU, RAM, power supply, and more.

Passmark Burnintest succeeds by providing detailed reports and fast uptime. Passmark Burnintest starts and ends in minutes instead of hours.

Therefore, users can get the results they want without letting their devices idle. A dedicated user base prefers Passint's Burnintest app over competitor solutions.

  • PCMark10

There is probably no other stress test that is more known than PCMark10. Millions of Windows PCs are tested with this software every year.

Contrary to some benchmarks, PCMark10 attempts to assess real-world performance through tests that simulate the real world. More accurate results enable testers to understand how their computers work under stress.

PCMark10 provides a set of tests, and users only need to run Run. A wide range of data is collected according to individual criteria, and it is easy to understand.

With PCMark10, PC users get a complete picture of the real performance of their hardware. A better measurement software may not be available at this time.

Why should you try these programs?

Everyone can benefit from stress testing software on PC today. Ordinary users can test the limits of their devices or engage in troubleshooting.

On the other hand, professional overclockers and system builders can increase performance and stability. Computer repair shops use these software for troubleshooting. A use case is available for almost all types of computer users and related professionals.

It's important to keep in mind that stress tests put devices under stress. Anyone wishing to check their device should exercise caution before performing these tests.

For safety reasons, refrigeration and care are required to avoid overheating of components or other types, which will lead to damage.

No one should download these programs and hit Run without understanding how they work. They are powerful software and tools that cannot be ignored.

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