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6 best toolur image compression and site

 6 best toolur image compression and site

6 best toolur image compression and site
6 best toolur image compression and site

Why do you need image compression sites? Because it will help you save space on your device, it will also help you send files quickly and without waiting for a long time.

Also, compression of files and images is one of the most important things for everyone working on the Internet in general, especially website and blog owners, because reducing the size of images makes your website pages load faster and this is exactly what search engines like (speed in download).

But the real problem with reducing the size of the images is that their quality decreases in the sense that the image does not appear clearly.

But some sites have dealt with this problem so that you can now compress images while maintaining their quality.

Let's now go through the sites to reduce the size of images one by one:

The best sites and toolur to compress images while maintaining their quality for free

Tinypng site

The most famous and best online image compression site for free. The site is available in two versions depending on the format of the images.

The first version of Tinypng enables you to compress images in png format, while the second version is tiny jpg, which is for reducing the size of images in jpg format.

The site also has a special addition to Photoshop for Windows and Mac devices, to facilitate the process of compressing images to the smallest size without the net or reducing their size directly after designing them.

Among its advantages is that it also has an online tool to analyze the images on your site. You can see, you can use the tool from here

Website compress jpeg

This site is available in several languages, but unfortunately, it does not have an English version, but it is considered one of the most popular image compression sites.

  • The site enables you to reduce the size of 20 images at once, for free.
  • The site supports png and .jpeg image compression
  • The site also enables you to compress pdf files.

Compressimage.toolur toolur

It is another best toolur to compress images and reduce their size for free.

The most unique feature of this site is controlling the quality of the image that you want to compress.

For example, you want to compress the image while preserving its quality, you will find an icon on the site called Image quality “ “ You will set it to 100%, and if you want to reduce the size in half, put it at 50%, you can control this percentage yourself.

The site also enables you to reduce the size of the images according to your choice, from a box

Resize to “ ” and indicate the sizes that suit you.

One of the most distinctive features of this site is also viewing the images that you have changed their size or compress, before uploading them.

You can upload and downsize 25 images in one go.

Loving site

In addition to being a site for compressing images and changing image sizes, it includes several tools, including those that help you to crop images, convert image formats, and edit images online.

  • All of these tools put the site in your hands for free.
  • The site supports the English language.

toolur compressor

It is a website that specializes in reducing images and   supports many formats, including JPG, JPEG, .GIF, PNG

The maximum image size accepted by the site is 9Mb = 9000Kb.

As for saving pictures, this site saves your photos for 30 minutes, after which it deletes them automatically.

The site is available in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

One of the advantages of this site is that it allows choosing the percentage of retaining the quality of the images when compressing them.

Resize image site

The speciality of this site is to change the size of the images and shrink the images online

The site also has all the tools you need, from reducing the size of the images to cropping them, reducing their size, and rotating them.

It also provides a control feature to preserve the quality of the image when it is minimized.

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