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100+ points to audit to improve your digital marketing in 2024

The stylish way to perform coming time is to dissect the impact of your digital marketing to make applicable opinions. For this, nothing better than a complete and useful inspection.

But what's a digital inspection?

Auditing your digital marketing means examining all the practices, styles and results of the means enforced to establish and ameliorate your online presence. Whether it's content, SEO, social media marketing or optimizing your website, no aspect is left to chance.

audit to improve your digital marketing
audit to improve your digital marketing

The ideal is to dissect the impact of each decision taken, each strategy operated, to identify good practices and ameliorate. Then is, in 4 way, how to conduct a marketing inspection effectively.

Dissect content marketing

You must have a clear idea of what you anticipate from the published content what's the main ideal of your content marketing?

Next, take a table to classify.

  • The stylish performing papers (with the most visits)
  • The most engaging papers (those that have been the most reflected on the blog)
  • Less effective content ( many visits)
  • The papers with the stylish engagement rate on social networks
  • Content with the loftiest click-through rate (which led to another runner on your website)

You can also optimize your content marketing for coming time, by readjusting the content that stylish met your ideal.

You'll also know which particulars to reclaim, in order to save time on your digital strategy!

Find the details of the way to review your content in our composition 5 way to review your content marketing

Discover the SEO content strategy packs for your SEO content strategy. Treat yourself to a semantic inspection and a turnkey content strategy to gain visibility on Google without wasting time chancing content ideas and writing them.

Estimate performance on social networks

Auditing your social media strategy involves having clear pretensions for the coming many months. These pretensions vary from assiduity to assiduity.

  1. Why are you on Facebook?
  2. What do you anticipate from Twitter?
  3. What are the important pointers on Instagram?
  4. Why did you choose Linkedin?

Each platform will have to be the subject of a specific analysis, linked to your objects.

First, you need to make sure the main pointers are up.

  • Clicks on your links
  • Community Volume
  • Engagement rate

Also remember to check the quality of your followership Do your subscribers have the same profile as your buyers persona??

Eventually, inspection the content. As with your content marketing, you need to know which posts entered the stylish engagement rate, the most clicks, or the most shares. This will help you shape your unborn tract strategy.

👉 Find the details of the way of a social media inspection and the performing conduct then How to review and optimize your strategy on social networks?

Track SEO

Google regularly updates its colorful algorithms. An inspection of your digital strategy must imperatively contain an SEO inspection. Indeed so, we explosively recommend that you regularly dissect your positioning!

Don't vacillate to redo a hunt on the keywords you use, but also to search for new bones. The vocabulary and expressions used may change from one time to the coming.

Analyze your SEA campaigns

Although paid hunt tools and services frequently acclimatize your juggernauts according to their algorithm, it's necessary to regularly dissect your juggernauts to insure that they meet your objects and that your budget doesn't fly down for nothing..

To do this, ask yourself the right questions!

Audit your website

Carry out a complete analysis of your website to better understand the possible obstacles or frustrations that your visitors encounter. In this way, you will be able to improve your site to best achieve your objectives.

To do this, we have prepared a website audit guide for you as well as its free template to download:

Evaluate the UX of your website

The ergonomics and security of your website are an integral part of a digital audit. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are the internal and external links working optimally?
  2. What is the page load time?
  3. Are the images loading correctly?
  4. Is the information on the site up to date?
  5. Are the metadata all filled in?
  6. Are the themes and plugins up to date?

Check the performance of your e-commerce

If you have an online store, you need to regularly check very specific points to ensure that you are maximizing conversions:

The data doesn't lie. Auditing your digital marketing allows you to have a clear idea of ​​your situation.

This in-depth analysis will inevitably lead to the reassessment of your strategies… for the better! Indeed, the objective is to improve your performance, year after year, thanks to the experience acquired. The most difficult will be to be regular in the production of content.

To save time, you can use the services of Ré to set up a turnkey content strategy. . An SEO expert and professional writers take care of carrying out a semantic audit of your site, finding ideas for articles and writing them. Optimized for natural referencing and formatted in HTML, all you have to do is integrate them!

Do not hesitate to become visible on Google!.

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