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What is the concept of SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and helps companies appear on the first page of Google for words they can monetize, but without paying for ads.

Search engine optimization is an important part of any long-term marketing plan, as Google and other search engines constantly update their search algorithms, some companies often wonder if SEO is marketing strategies to boost business growth . Necessary or not?

What is the concept of SEO
What is the concept of SEO

SEO features

  1. It helps your other sales channels indirectly, for example: through the process of optimizing your site on search engines, you make sure that it is mobile friendly and that it loads quickly, and these two things help to increase the relevance of the advertisement and reduce the cost per click .
  2. SEO is a powerful safety net that provides consistent sales at any moment, especially during tough economic times.

If you have good online visibility because of your SEO, you're doing well, and you don't have to spend more on ads to get sales or cut your budget to stay successful. So how do small businesses improve their sites on search engines with a small budget?

Optimizing your site for search engines "SEO - SEO" with a small budget is confusing, especially if you work alone or have only one partner, and it can be exhausting, especially if the company's team is small and the company is still in the stage of growth, because there are a large number of There are options to choose from, and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups should know that SEO is not about stuffing content with repetitive keywords like it was a decade ago, taking this approach may actually do more harm than good, so keep an eye on these strategies and choose the ones that Easy to implement and great returns, we've listed a number of SEO strategies that give you a quick and easy start:

Ways to improve the site on search engines: Improve the site on mobile browsers

Optimizing your site for mobile browsers is a necessity, not an option. It is one of the factors affecting the ranking of your site within the Google browser, and therefore it cannot be ignored to achieve your goals in improving your ranking on Google pages. Websites designed for mobile screens work better than browsers used on a computer, and it makes sense to optimize your site on a mobile browser after the appearance of the Google mobile index, so do not be afraid of this step, as it is very easy to implement, as platforms such as: WordPress will do it for you They have a range of mobile browser optimized themes that you can easily choose from.

And take advantage of some free tools to increase page load speed, customers are not fans of slow loading websites, and neither is Google. You can use a free page speed checker tool like, which will tell you exactly what you can improve to make your site load faster.

Search Engine Optimization Methods: Build a local foundation

Having a local customer base is key to improving your site on the Google search engine. It makes sense to invest in this area because of its importance in knowing your site locally, and this includes obtaining positive reviews from customers locally. In a survey of local search ranking factors, local search experts ranked quoting local customer reviews as 13.31 percent of the main influencing factors. on a website's Google Pages ranking, and Google My Business registration accounts for approximately 19.01 of these factors. According to Moz, you can build these local opinions and citations through three main portals: the industry platform, the local business data platform, and the web.

For example: Yelp directory helps businesses such as restaurants, bars, beauty salons, etc. expand their local listings, and providesGoogle My Business is a common portal for businesses in all fields, and you can also earn local quotes and opinions through blogs, government websites, and apps. It is important to remember that it is not just an online presence, but accuracy and detail play a major role in your online visibility. Inconsistency in information on your different online pages can be detrimental to your business identity, and can mislead the public and create bad opinions about your business. So make sure your brand name, address, and phone number are accurate, and update it on all social platforms.

Search engine optimization methods: Create a sitemap

Crawlability errors are one of the main reasons for low traffic on the site, so address this issue if you want to increase your website traffic results, and start addressing this issue with the beginning of your site's optimization on search engines "SEO".

You can map search engines and list all the pages of your website, to be crawled effectively. Generating a sitemap is a good step to improve your site on search engines and it is easy, there are a number of sitemap generators online that you can take advantage of, and sites hosted on WordPress generate the sitemap automatically with Google XML Sitemaps Generator .

Ways to improve the site on search engines: focus on enriching metadata

Metadata optimization is one of the best do-it-yourself ways to improve your site for SEO. The basic metadata elements consist of: title, meta description, URL . Start by including your target keyword in the title, and add short snippets of information your audience can view from search results to your meta description. Engaging meta descriptions force viewers to click on your website link. Be careful that your meta description is no more than 320 characters long. Make sure you Putting the correct URL structure in order to achieve your search engine optimization goals. Make sure to add your target keywords to your URL, and keep your URLs as short as possible by eliminating unnecessary associations.

Ways to improve the site on search engines: Improving the external appearance of the website

The main motive of your SEO strategy is to improve the user experience and get a higher rank in Google pages, as the user gives his first impression of the site when he visits this site for the first time, so it is necessary to leave a good first impression on customers.

So improve your website design visually, and make sure your blog is visually rich. Articles with images related to the content of the article can get 94 percent more views compared to those with only text. It may not help your budget to invest in a video production company to create a explainer video about your company, but a explainer video can give you an additional advantage to increase positive reviews about your site, you can try it yourself, there are many free design tools that can help your brand in To become more visible and attractive.

Search Engine Optimization Methods: Focus on thought leadership when creating content

Good content is still the most important basic of the world of marketing and the foundation of your site's optimization process on search engines "SEO". So as you begin to create your content marketing strategy, consider creating unique content that adds value to your readers, find unaddressed customer needs and provide solutions through your content, and incorporate visuals into your content plan to present information in a more engaging way. When it comes to creating website content, answering customer questions and showcasing your knowledge, you can use the free website that tells you (who searches for a certain term, when, where, why and what the content is) these are the questions your customers are already asking search engines. You can include a free marketing strategy in your niche, the more you can showcase your expertise, the more people will trust you.

This helps you build your audience; People want to buy from someone they trust, and customers may pay a company, but they buy from you. Google also wants us to return the best results to its searches as well, as reliability makes it the best search engine in the world. The more you show Google that you are an expert in what you do or offer, the more likely it is that Google will show your website higher in the rankings.

Although you may be reluctant to constantly offer free advice, it will remain in your favor. Build trust with a potential customer in the future. They may not buy from you now, but there is a good chance to buy from you later, or Maybe they know someone who needs to buy from you right now, and point them to you.

The best SEO approach for small businesses are strategies that put them on par with the big ones. The first step to doing this is optimizing your website metadata and making it mobile-friendly, adding local quotes and customer reviews. A good local presence helps small businesses reap big rewards.

And make sure to make a visually appealing first impression to improve customer experience. Be patient, because planting seeds and growing your network takes time, keep building your expertise, and you will see impressive results in the long run.

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