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Top Banks for Freelancers in 2024

It is essential for freelancers to have a professional bank account dedicated to their business. Not only is it legally required, but it also provides several benefits such as improved financial management, efficient cash flow management, and a more trustworthy image for the business.

Most banks provide dedicated offers for businesses, but the rates and conditions can vary. Online banks typically offer customized packages at competitive prices for freelancers.

Therefore, let's compare ten banks that are welcoming to freelancers in 2023 and choose the best option for your needs.

Best banks for freelancers
Best banks for freelancers

1- Blank et son offre spéciale pour les freelances

Blank is an online bank dedicated to independent professionals and is a subsidiary of Credit Agricole. With just 10 minutes, you can open an account and manage your finances easily.

The mobile application is intuitive and convenient, allowing you to access your accounts from anywhere. You can easily check whether the latest invoices have been paid with just a glance.

In addition, Blank offers an integrated tool for invoicing and quotes, helping you produce compliant documents with just a few clicks.

Moreover, this online bank takes care of your URSSAF declarations, saving you two hours per month.

As for pricing, Blank offers a free trial for one month with no commitment required. If the trial is successful, you can subscribe for as low as 8€ HT per month.

2- Hello Bank! Clear Offer for Freelancers in 2023

Hello Business is an online bank dedicated to freelancers, launched by Hello Bank!, which belongs to BNP Paris.

With an intuitive mobile application, managing your professional account is incredibly easy. You can easily keep track of your cash balance, expenses, and customer payments at all times. Making transfers and modifying payment parameters, such as deferred debit, can also be done with just a few clicks.

Hello Business offers transparent and attractive account maintenance conditions, with no hidden fees, transaction commissions, or termination fees.

Pricing-wise, Hello Business offers a unique package for €10.90 excl., which includes features such as a tool for creating and monitoring quotes/invoices and consideration of checks.

3- Shine Banking: Your Ultimate All-in-One Banking App

Shine is an online banking platform that aims to simplify the daily life of entrepreneurs. Beyond traditional banking services, Shine provides tools to manage finances, cash flow, and invoicing, all with just a few clicks.

Shine's services include online payment options, allowing customers to pay via bank transfer or bank card within seconds. Additionally, if you accept checks, you can deposit them in your online account as well.

Subscribing to Shine includes receiving a Mastercard for your professional activities, and a free trial month is available without obligation. The first formula starts at 7.90€ excl. VAT per month.

4- N26, a free virtual bank card

N26, the German online bank, has launched N26 Business, a tailored offer for the self-employed. With just an 8-minute registration process, you can open a professional account for free and manage your business effectively. No initial deposit or proof of regular income is required.

N26 offers a free virtual Mastercard to pay for your purchases securely on the internet, as well as via Google and Apple Pay services. If you prefer a physical card, it will cost you €10.

One of N26's strong points is its customer service, with advisors available seven days a week who speak French and can assist you with any questions or concerns.

5- Boursorama Banque, no hidden fees

Boursorama, the well-known online bank, offers its Boursorama Pro package for individual entrepreneurs who seek a hassle-free way to manage their finances. With the help of their mobile application, you can easily handle your withdrawal and payment limits, which can come in handy during cash flow fluctuations.

Moreover, the app includes a virtual safe, which allows you to store and access important documents like invoices. This feature comes in handy to keep track of bills that are paid and those that require reminders.

Boursorama guarantees a quick account opening process that takes only 5 minutes. Additionally, if you subscribe to their service, you will be eligible for an offer of 80€.

The price for their service is transparent, with no hidden fees. For €9 per month including tax, you can avail of a bank card, an authorized overdraft of up to €2,500, and the option to sign up for the Zettle by PayPal payment terminal.

6- Monabanq, additional legal protection

The bank with the slogan "people before money" has a dedicated offer for freelancers called the Monabanq Self-entrepreneur account. The account is priced at 9€ TTC/month and comes with an authorized overdraft, a Visa Classic card for purchases and withdrawals, and compatibility with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paylib. There are no income conditions or commitments required. Additionally, you can upgrade to a Visa Premier (+3€/month) or Visa Platinum (+9€/month) if needed.

If you need to cash checks or withdraw cash, you can do so at Crédit Mutuel or CIC ATMs.

Monabanq offers an extra service of legal protection, where experts are available to assist you with understanding or editing a contract, answering questions regarding unpaid bills or errors, and providing support during a dispute.

7- Quonto, the all-in-one online bank for freelancers

Quonto, an online bank, has gained the trust of 200,000 businesses with its all-in-one bank account that caters to business needs. The bank offers a special independent formula that includes a Mastercard, an intuitive cash management application, transfer management, and compatibility with Apple and Google Pay.

The first offer from Quonto is priced at €9 excluding tax per month. You can test the bank for free for 30 days without any commitment before making a final decision.

Quonto also offers the ability to connect, automate, and synchronize your accounting, helping you save time in processing your business expenses and VAT.

8- Revolut, a top online bank for the international market

If you frequently work with clients from other countries, Revolut is the ideal bank for you. This online bank makes it easy to send and receive international payments in over 28 different currencies. Revolut provides complete transparency by informing you about any associated costs beyond your subscription plan.

Revolut also offers the option of opening multiple accounts with different currencies, enabling you to better manage your international transactions. Another advantage of Revolut is its integration with other accounting or marketing tools such as QuickBooks, Slack, Xero, WooCommerce, Zoho, Sellsy, and PrestaShop.

Regarding pricing, it is possible to open a free account with no bank card. However, if you require a bank card, you may consider the €25/month subscription plan, which also includes priority customer service available 24/7.

9- Anytime, tailor-made for the self-employed

Anytime, an online bank belonging to the Orange Bank group, offers customized solutions for self-employed individuals and micro-entrepreneurs.

Pricing for these solutions starts from €9.5 per month and includes 2 accounts (one personal and one professional), 2 Mastercard cards, 50 single-use professional virtual cards, 20 monthly transfers and direct debits, emergency support, and customer service through chat.

If you require a payment terminal, Anytime offers subscriptions to TPE Zettle by PayPal, SumUp, or Smile and Pay.

The Anytime application provides the ability to digitize receipts to manage VAT more effectively, edit quotes and invoices, and monitor cash flow through real-time notifications.

10- Axa Banque, a simple and intuitive offer

Looking to segregate your business expenses with a dedicated bank account? Axa Bank offers a solution that allows you to easily open a professional account and manage your micro-entrepreneur activities from your mobile or desktop.

Moreover, the offer comes with a Visa Classic card, as well as instant and free transfers.

The pricing of Axa Banque's offer is not based on a monthly subscription, but rather on the use of your bank account. If you make payments of over €900 by card every quarter, then you won't be charged any fees. However, if you don't use the account, you'll have to pay €15 per quarter (i.e., €5 per month).

There are no account maintenance fees, but charges apply in case of overdraft or rejected transactions.

FAQs About Top Banks for Freelancers

FAQs Top Banks for Freelancers
FAQs Top Banks for Freelancers

1- When you're self-employed, which bank should you choose?

The ideal banks for freelancers include Hello bank Pro, Monabanq Pro, and Boursorama Pro, as they offer suitable bank accounts that come with complete means of payment and collection (such as checkbooks, bank cards, cash deposits, accounting, TPE, etc.) that cater to their needs.

2- Which bank offers the most flexibility?

On the other hand, online banks like Boursorama Banque, Hello Bank, ING Direct, or Fortuneo offer greater flexibility, as you can access their website 24 hours a day. Additionally, they provide more competitive rates on specific products and services, such as account maintenance fees.

3- Which bank offers the best earnings in France?

BNP Paribas is at the top of the list for its activity and profitability, with the group's net income of 8.173 billion euros confirming its leadership. Check out the offer: save!: EKO from Crédit Agricole for only 2 euros per month, which includes a bank card, a mobile application, and an agency.

4- Which bank offers a professional account for self-employed individuals?

There are ten online banks suitable for freelancers, including Shine, which is a community bank, Monabanq pro that offers coaching, N26 as the most economical option, Revolut as the multi-currency solution, Qonto, the French bank serving the self-employed, and Anytime, the most practical solution.

5- Which is the most affordable business account?

For startups, the cheapest Pro bank is Shine, with its Business offer costing €26.90/month, which is very comprehensive and meets all the essential needs of small structures with high lift. For small businesses, the cheapest pro account is, with its offer at €29.99/month.

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