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Top 7 Old - Damaged Photo Recovery Software

  1. Do you want to keep a historical legacy or maybe revive a cherished family picture?
  2. Photo restoration software is the ideal solution for your needs.
  3. Enhance the brightness, fix the flaws and remove the yellowing.
  4. You can easily bring back the old days’ splendor with old photo restoration.

Old photos are valuable souvenirs of our history that need the expert care of antique photo restoration software.

While modern technology offers the best conditions for keeping and organizing photos , this is not the case for photos taken before the digital era.

Time leaves its mark in various ways: rips, fading, stains, scratches and more.

No matter what kind of damage is making old photos lose their quality, there are also many ways to reverse the deterioration.

With old photo editing software, those beloved treasures will be revived with their original beauty and a fresh look. But how to restore an old photo?

Is there a specific technique or is it enough to use old photo restoration software? Read on to find out more.

How to restore old photos?

Old photo editing encompasses various methods, depending on what you want to achieve.

Some people may want to learn how to fix a damaged photo, while others may want to add color to a black and white photo .

No matter what your final objective is, the right old photo restoration software will help you get there.

Programs like inPixio Photo Studio, Photoshop or Akvis Retoucher let you apply a variety of filters, correction tools and colors to revitalize your photos and make them look crisp.

Let’s explore some common photo renovation needs that such a program can meet:

  1. Fix damaged photo: Erase scratches and yellow tint to repair damaged photos
  2. Enhance the quality of an old photo: Make an image clearer and more vivid, sometimes remaster a photo entirely to make it look newer
  3. Add colors to an old photo: Use color filters and intensity to restore color to an old photo
  4. Colorize a black and white photo: Recolor an image 5- Rejuvenate photo: Remove skin imperfections or improve the appearance of models
  5. Bring a photo back to life: Animate photos or use other AI-based techniques

On the other hand, professional editing software can do much more. No need to soak old photos in treated water. Old photo restoration is now easy in just a few clicks.

What software to restore old photos?

Damaged Photo Recovery Software
Damaged Photo Recovery Software

1- inPixio Photo Studio 12

If you want to restore your old photos without being a professional, inPixio Photo Studio Pro is the perfect software for you. It’s very user-friendly and easy to use by anyone.

The latest version has a completely redesigned interface that makes it even more intuitive and enjoyable to work with.

You can make scratches and cracks on your photos vanish like magic with the Erase tool . Just trace over the damaged areas of your photos and they will be fixed.

You can also use this tool to remove unwanted objects, people, or watermarks from your photos.

But that’s not all. You can also create stunning cutouts and compositions with just a few clicks.

The new version also improves the image correction and enhancement features. You can correct any flaws in your photos with just one click.

You can also crop, blur, and apply color effects to your photos to make them look more vivid and beautiful.

And if you want to combine all these memories in one place, you can use inPixio to create amazing photomontages !

Here are some of its main features :

  • Very easy to use with a friendly user interface
  • Share option on Facebook, Twitter
  • Easy removal of objects and watermarks
  • Fast photo editing and enhancement
  • Large collection of backgrounds
  • Quick wrinkle removal and 1-click image correction.

2- Adobe Photoshop CC

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile photo editing software, you might want to check out Adobe Photoshop CC.

It is a popular choice among both amateurs and professionals who want to edit or create images and graphics.

It offers a wide range of features that allow you to fix old or damaged photos, such as scratches, color fading or sepia effect.

One of the main advantages of Photoshop CC is that you can work with multiple layers, fine-tune the brightness and contrast, and manipulate the colors of each pixel.

You can also enhance your photos by adjusting skin tone, applying filters or removing backgrounds.

Even if you are new to photo editing, you can learn how to restore old photos with the help of Adobe's detailed guides and tutorials.

Here are some of the key features of Photoshop CC :

  • Comprehensive photo editing tools (photo cropping, retouching, restoring, repairing and editing)
  • Unlimited layers, masks and effects for amazing images
  • Compatible with different platforms and devices and supports pen or touch input
  • Your projects are automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Interactive tutorials and inspiring content available in the app

3- Corel Paintshop Pro

Corel Paintshop Pro is a great tool for restoring photos that can suit both beginners and advanced users.

The company name reflects the quality of Paintshop Pro, which has improved a lot over the years.

One of the most common issues with old photos is fading, and you can easily fix that with the fade correction tool. You can adjust the color and the amount of fading as you wish, without having to master complex photo editing skills.

Another useful feature is the scratch remover, which can help you deal with scratches on damaged photos. You can select an area with scratches and then cover it with a layer of paint.

You can also remove the background from the photo with the Cutout Lab feature, while preserving the quality of the edges.

Some other key features are:

  • 1- Interface that you can customize
  • 2- Support for pen and drawing tablet
  • 3- Smart clone and fine brush
  • 4- Editing and manipulation of 360 photos and HDR photos
  • 5- Creative content integration

4- AKVIS Retouch

If you need to restore old or damaged photos, AKVIS Retoucher can help you. This software can remove dust, scratches and other imperfections as well as reconstruct missing parts.

This tool also helps improve the composition of photos by removing unwanted elements. It works as a plugin for Photoshop and other compatible image editors.

Here are some of its main features :

  • 1- Smart cloning techniques to hide selected areas and eliminate photo defects
  • 2- Solves the problem of extending the edges of a layout that has no room for cropping
  • 3- Photo restoration tools
  • 4- Removes date stamp, distracting detail, and enlarges canvas image by using patterns to fill in empty areas

You can also use AKVIS Retoucher as a standalone program with a trial version.

You don’t need to register to try all features of the software for 10 days for free.

5- SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

With SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher, you can edit your digital photos and make them flawless.

You can easily erase any unwanted elements from your pictures, such as tourists, animals, or wires.

The program uses content-aware algorithms that fill in the gaps with the original background after you remove something.

This also enables you to cut out the background from an image entirely if you want to.

SoftOrbits can also help you fix minor flaws like scratches, dust, stains, cracks and more.

6- shine

Luminar makes it easy to revive your old photos with its advanced tools.

You can use Luminar to remove noise, enhance black and white images, and fine-tune tone, clarity, and contrast.

Luminar uses AI-based image processing and powerful noise reduction tools to make your old photos look sharp and clear.

Here are some of its main features :

  • 1- Automated photo editor based on AI
  • 2- Noise reduction tools of professional quality
  • 3- Old photo restoration tools to clean up smudges, scratches and dirt
  • 4- Erase tool to hide problem areas with similar textures
  • 5- Fix faded photos by adjusting contrast, tone, exposure and color
  • 6- Color temperature filter to lower the temperature of your photos

7- Fotor

Fotor is a free online tool that can restore old photos with ease. It may not have as many features as Adobe Photoshop, but it can still do a great job of enhancing old photos.

It also offers a comprehensive set of photo editing tools for free. We think it is the best free online tool for old photo restoration available today.

Fotor’s main functions are color correction and RAW image editing , which make it perfect for adjusting balance and improving faded colors and shades in old photos.

Here are some of its key features :

  • 1- Supports all common graphic file formats
  • 2- Has a photo restore function built-in
  • 3- Photo editing tools (crop, add or remove objects, punch, adjust contrast, correct color and shadow, etc.)
  • 4- User-friendly and simple interface

Don’t let your precious photos fade away with time and its marks. You can restore them to their original glory using photo restoration software.

You can erase stains, damage and other flaws, and then show off your memories with photo album creation software.

You have the power to use the latest technology to make your most beloved moments come alive again.

From your fingertip to posterity, it’s time to boast about your legacy!

FAQs Damaged Photo Recovery Software 


1- How to revive old photos?

How to revive old photos in Photoshop? Open the original photo in Photoshop. … Make a layer. … Use the Spot Healing Tool to remove wrinkles, fix torn areas of the photo , or even erase stains or mold spots.

2- How to enhance the clarity of an old photo?

MyHeritage, a genealogy platform, developed a tool last month to improve the resolution of old family photos . The tool, called MyHeritage Photo Enhancer, helps sharpen fuzzy historical portraits, so you can see faces that are clear and more identifiable.

3- How to repair an old broken photo?

One of the best ways to fix corrupted or broken photos is to use Wondershare Repairit software , a tool with a sophisticated interface and widely known as Wondershare Repairit. It is user-friendly and straightforward.

4- How to upgrade the quality of an old photo?

To restore old photographs you need to erase all the traces of time . To do this, go to the “Retouch” tab and select the Healing Brush. With this tool you can remove all the small cracks and scratches that cover the faces of the models.

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