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Top 10 easy and proven ways to profit from the Internet

No one denies that the escalating economic crisis has pushed many people to the brink of poverty, as even those who belong to the middle class are suffering in silence due to the high cost of living.

Inflation rates have also reached record numbers, which drains salaries and forces the majority to sacrifice their usual way of life.

Theoretically, these problems cannot be overcome without finding a job with a salary paid in hard currency, which is impossible to achieve on the ground.

The only solution left for you is to try to search for a job opportunity on the Internet, which guarantees securing a source of income in dollars with greater opportunities for faster development.

I would like to point out first that success in making a profit from the Internet is not a stroke of luck, but rather the result of having the right skills and good planning.

Also, the Internet is an integrated economic system, so it is necessary to allocate an initial capital and invest it in the appropriate electronic project.

If you are the gullible type interested in making a profit by clicking on or watching ads, I would like to warn you that you are still lagging behind and on the wrong track .

profit from the Internet
profit from the Internet

I have previously gone through the same experience and know very well what it means to be exposed to fraud and exploitation, so your reading of this guide will change your view of profit from the Internet while acquiring the practical skills to put your first foot in the world of online business.

The best easy and proven ways to profit from the Internet (a comprehensive explanation)

The site team explained the best easy and proven ways to profit from the Internet to help beginners without experience work from home and launch successful projects online at the lowest cost.

1. Blogging 

Do you think blogging is just a hobby? You are absolutely wrong, as it is a field that generates good incomes and offers outstanding opportunities for development.

The secret of the power of blogging lies in its simplicity and not requiring a large amount of capital. It also allows you to work in any field you like and have experience in, whether sports, fashion or cooking.

Blogging is a long-term venture like owning an asset, which you can continually grow by adding content and marketing to it. Also, the success of the blog in maintaining a stable rate of visitors and stable profits for several months will make you eligible to sell it to another investor.

Choosing blogging to top our list of the best ways to profit from the Internet is not a coincidence, as it is the only project that is suitable for all beginners, as it requires the least amount of programming experience.

Also, you can run the project at a minimal cost by publishing periodic articles, and even hiring Freelancer services to write content will not cost much.

The most important thing about blogging is that it is not a quick-profit project, but rather a slow investment that requires at least waiting a few months before achieving good results. Most of the novice bloggers succeed in crossing the barrier of $ 1,000 dollars per month during the first eight months, and the rate varies according to the experience of the blogger, the targeting niche, the source of visitors and the marketing methods used.

Talking about technical matters will take a long time, so we refer you to browse our guide dedicated to explaining the steps of creating a successful blog from scratch, which will enable you to learn the basics of blogging while launching a professional blog as soon as possible.

Personally, I have practiced blogging for more than ten years with many other electronic projects, but it remains my favorite option for its ease of operation while ensuring passive and sustainable income for as long as possible.

For reference, some blogs that I own are still making good profits to this day, especially since I am a professional blogger and I am good at choosing Effective marketing methods for profit from blogging .

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet and is most popular with professionals and beginners alike. The secret of wide spread is the simplicity of work.

The “affiliate” marketer only plays the role of mediator, and therefore does not bear risks like the owner of the product or the final consumer. Success in making a profit from commission marketing is not related to luck, but rather an achievement of marketing high-quality products and accurately targeting visitors.

Also, it is necessary to professionally write emotional and emotional advertising content. The first stage of achieving sales is to gain the visitor’s confidence and convince him of the feasibility of investing in the product. In practice, products can be marketed by creating a professional website with marketing it through paid ads or targeting visitors from search engines.

Beginners without capital can content themselves with posting affiliate links on social media groups and pages, but it remains a method with a low conversion rate and lower returns.

The most important challenges of working in commission marketing are managing traffic while diversifying its sources, and the difficulty of acceptance by professional commission marketing companies. Visitor traffic is mainly related to the willingness to spend on advertising campaigns and the rate of return (ROI), and the professionalism of managing advertising campaigns is gained with the passage of time and the abundance of experiences.

Also, marketers who rely on ads can persuade the sales representative of the intermediary company, or communicate directly with the owners of the offers to obtain approval.

Also, it is necessary to ensure the good performance and speed of browsing the website, which will not be achieved without investing in purchasing a server from one of the professional hosting companies that was previously reviewed. It is often recorded that some affiliate marketing companies practice unethical methods in order to steal commissions, using scripts or failing to violate the promotion policy of the offer.

To ensure work in the best conditions, it is preferable to deal only with trusted companies, and it is necessary to use link and traffic tracking tools to accurately know the volume of conversions.

3. Dropshipping

Undoubtedly, dropshipping is the talk of the hour, so any publication or article that talks about online profit methods is not without reference to it. The great fame is justified, as working in the dropshipping field offers a good opportunity to make huge profits in the fastest time .

The dropshipping business model is based on selling products to customers without having them in stock, and thus shipping them directly through the supplier or a third party. The difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping is that the second allows you to sell the product at any price to the customer, not for a commission set by the original product owner.

This requires creating an online store to display products and deliver orders, before passing them on to the supplier for shipping on your behalf, with reference to your brand only. For more information, we refer you to our previous guide on Dropshipping, in which we reviewed the most important tips and steps for creating a successful dropshipping store at the lowest cost.

Also, the professionalism of the Shopify platform for creating online stores must be commended , which is the preferred choice for dropshipping professionals for its ease of settings and abundance of add-ons.

The year of life requires the presence of advantages and disadvantages for any project, so it is necessary to address the dark side of dropshipping stores, which most experts do not share. The first point I would like to address is the short life cycle of dropshipping stores.

You are always required to ride the trend wave and market popular products. This pressure will push you to pay a higher price than usual for advertising and shipping, which will reduce the profit margin, especially when marketing campaigns coincide with the peak of the holidays and holidays.

Also, the competition is fierce and not fair most of the time, so it is expected that competitors will be informed about your advertising campaigns or their direct contact with a supplier to monopolize the inventory.

Remember that any delay in product delivery will prompt customers to request a return of the sales price, and repeated complaints will certainly lead to closing your account on the payment gateway and confiscating the remaining amounts.

The perfect solution to reduce challenges when working on dropshipping stores isEstablishing a company in America Online and working under its umbrella, which will help you to deal officially with opening a real, full-service American bank account .

4. Self-employment and sale of services

If you have some skills or have professional experience in a specialty, you can certainly sell online services and consultations to clients from all over the world.

The first step to work as a freelancer is to register on one of the freelance platforms , which adopt different criteria for accepting applications for joining, with the classification of members according to academic evidence, experience and wage rate.

Also, work on the Internet is not limited only to professional fields, as most sites selling microservices give the opportunity to make profits even from the most trivial matters such as chatting with strangers or reading the future. The most popular site for selling microservices is Fiverr , which has gained the trust of tens of millions of users around the world.

Remember that quality and delivery of orders within the specified deadlines are the factors helping to win customer satisfaction , and therefore the inevitability of doing your best to ensure good reviews.

The most prominent problems that freelancers face are the high volume of competition and the instability of job offers, which can be overcome by building a professional portfolio with good relationships with clients. 

Also, if you suffer from a lack of projects, then reading this guide on the best steps to work and profit from the Fiverr platform will help you increase the number of clients in the fastest time. The last advice given to those wishing to work independently on the Internet is the need to report their profits and settle their tax status, in order to avoid any legal problems.

For example, Saudi Arabia requires all freelancers to obtain a self-employment document , which entitles them to obtain social insurance or to apply for a free life loan funded by the government. Also, Egypt imposes a value-added tax of 14% on the income of self-employment, “Free Lancer”, and its payment is conditional upon the revenue volume exceeding the barrier of 500,000 pounds annually.

5. Forex trading 

Forex is considered one of the largest financial markets with a volume of trading exceeding $4 trillion per day. It is also a highly volatile market and thus provides opportunities for snatching quick profits from trading currency pairs.

Forex trading does not require technical expertise or an academic background, but it is necessary to learn to study the market and allocate enough time to experience the effectiveness of the strategies used.

It is also an inexpensive project, as it requires an initial investment of less than $1,000, and most trading companies provide demo accounts to help beginners test trading in a live environment.

My experience with foreign exchange trading does not extend for more than three years, but during that time I succeeded in developing my skills in studying the market and achieving respectable profits.

This does not mean that success is easy and guaranteed, because the material capabilities and speed of learning differ from one person to another.

A good profit margin has made the forex market attractive to scam experts and fraudsters, and therefore one must be careful when opening a trading account for the first time.

This unfortunate fact prompted the site team to publish a separate guide to explain and review the best reliable forex brokers in the world, so allocating ten minutes to read it carefully will protect you from falling into the trap of fraudulent trading companies.

Also, forex trading necessarily requires distrust of recommendation groups and the study of indicators on Facebook or Telegram, because most of them are managed by marketers whose only concern is earning commission and not helping beginners.

For example, most of these groups encourage opening a brokerage account with XM trading companyNotorious, which ranks among the worst brokers in the world. Also, there is no need to sign up with paid recommendations or copy deals who show off their luxury cars on Instagram, as what appears to be a good deal often hides a complex scam.

6. Selling products online 

The latest statistics indicate that e-commerce revenues will amount to more than $512 dollars by the end of the current year, with companies and small business owners continuing to rely on online sales channels .

If you are thinking of getting your share of the e-commerce pie, then you are in the right place and you will not be disappointed at all. First, I advise you to review this article dedicated to reviewing the best e-commerce platforms , which will give you a clear idea of ​​the appropriate platform for your online store while creating it at the lowest possible cost.

The second step is to invest in buying goods in bulk before offering them online, which requires allocating capital and having some experience in real-world trading. It is also necessary to spend on advertising campaigns on social media sites to obtain sales, and to ensure that products are delivered to customers as quickly as possible. 

The most important problems that you will face when selling products online is understanding the nature of customers and choosing the appropriate payment gateways, which helps reduce the non-delivery rate and reduce losses.

For example, payment should be limited to bank cards if targeting developed countries, while most Arab customers prefer payment upon receipt more.

Unfortunately, this choice causes a loss to the pioneers of eCommerce, as some customers deny making the order and refuse to deliver it, which causes additional losses to the store owner. Also, spyware on paid ads works efficiently, so another competitor promoting the same winning product should be expected to appear soon.

Finally, it is preferable to hire a freelancer to help you update the store, manage orders and deal with customer complaints. The success of the online store project is linked to providing responsive customer service.

7. Investing in digital currencies

It is noticeable that the world is moving at an insane speed towards the era of the fourth industrial revolution, which will be based primarily on artificial intelligence, the digital economy and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions .

The first manifestation of this comprehensive change is the transition from the use of paper money towards digital currencies , a transformation that is supported and planned by all the governments of the world.

The wonderful thing is that the digital currency market is not under the control of banks and Wall Street whales until now, so it offers great opportunities for small investors.

You can make a good daily income by owning and trading digital currencies, depending on their nature and opportunities for their value to develop.

Professional trading in digital currencies is not as complicated as it seems, it is only about following the latest market news before executing buying and selling deals. For example, most experts recommend holding Bitcoin and Ethereum as long-term investments, which are best stored inCold and offline digital currency wallets to protect them from theft.

The rest of the medium or new currencies must be traded on a daily basis, in order to take advantage of the rapid fluctuation of prices. Another important piece of advice is that the coins intended for daily trading should be stored on the Binance platform , in order to save mining and authentication expenses during each trading session.

You can check out our guide to reviewing the best cryptocurrency trading platforms , which reviews the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Personally, I started investing more than $3,000 dollars in holding and trading medium-value digital currencies, which allowed me to reach a daily profit rate of more than $75. This is justified by my long experience in the financial markets, whether forex or commodities, but there is no guarantee of achieving the same results without making efforts and entering the market at the right time. Crypto is a fertile field for fraud and illegal activities, which were discussed in detail in a previous post about the most popular methods of fraud using digital currencies .

Also, do not forget to follow the latest news and market developments from trusted sources, which is why you must avoid misleading Facebook and Telegram posts.Also, not every YouTuber who wears elegant glasses or presents himself as a professional can be considered an expert, as most of them are swindlers and have no experience.

8. Create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best successful and profitable projects to work from home , especially with the spread of the Vlogging culture and YouTubers sharing their lifestyle with followers.

The platform can also be used to launch educational or entertainment channels, which are characterized by high viewing rates and high interaction rates. Profit from YouTube requires having good photography equipment and learning video editing (montage), in order to produce high-quality video clips before publishing them on the platform.

You can also use your mobile phone to shoot and edit, but you won't get the same results with the exception of Reels short videos. Also, having a creative sense and targeting trending topics makes it easier to get views, especially since most YouTubers use the same strategies for content marketing.

The great thing is that creating a YouTube channel and getting interaction opens the door to developing other sources of income, which are discussed in this guide on the best practical ways to profit from YouTube .

Working on YouTube is not without obstacles, like other online projects, which can be summarized as a whole in the weak profits of Adsense in English countries and the large amount of competition. I would like to warn you as well YouTube monetization policyThey are very strict, so they must be respected to avoid being banned and withholding profits.

For example, you should not use any proprietary material, whether it is video clips, music, images or descriptions.

Also, the children's usage policy must be respected, and any content that advocates violence or violates the law in general should be avoided. It is noticeable that most of the YouTubers respect YouTube's terms, but it is possible to make some mistakes when doing live broadcasts with followers.

9. Print on demand

This method of profit from the Internet is suitable for most graphic designers or owners of large pages on social networking sites, as it allows selling designs to the public and printing them through a third party.

Print on demand is not much different from the dropshipping business model, the difference is only in replacing products with designs only.

Starting a print-on-demand project is inexpensive, you just need to get the designs done and then offer them for sale on the Shopify or Printful platform .

The next step is to share links on the various available marketing channels, whether social media pages, or why not launch paid advertising campaigns. The platform prints the design and ships it to the customer, and finally pays a commission to the owner of the design according to the sales volume. 

I think I like to scare beginners by reviewing the problems of each project instead of sweet and sweet talk, but it remains the best way to form a professional entrepreneur in the field of online business, according to my point of view.

Printing on demand profits are very slow due to the difficulty of competing in areas with high demand, but the success of one design is enough to turn the equation around.

Also, the platforms are very sensitive to respecting intellectual property rights, so any imitation or theft will lead to account closure. If you lack a keen eye for drawing and color coordination, it is best to use applications that offer ready-made templates such as Canva . 

10. Binary options 

Trading binary options contracts is one of the fastest ways to profit from the Internet, but it involves taking high risks and luck at times. Also, the field of binary options must be dealt with with a kind of professionalism and not gambling, by learning to study market indicators and learn technical analysis.

The profit margin in the field of binary options may exceed 90%, but reaching the stage of making profits for beginners often requires going through dozens of losing deals.

If you are willing to take high risks (winner or loser), why not try your luck betting on Binary Option contracts with high returns. The first step is to go through this guide on the best and most reliable binary options trading platforms, which will secure you opening an account with a secure and professional platform.

It is recommended to deposit an initial amount of more than $500 on the platform in order to take advantage of a good deposit bonus, thus securing a sufficient amount to enter into many deals while securing a balance between losing and winning deals.

Personally, I recommend avoiding binary options because it suits the personality of gamblers more, but I am well aware that some are not satisfied with slow learning and love betting in search of quick profits, whatever the cost.

Also, the field of Binary Option is not without some complications, especially with regard to verifying identity and activating payment methods.

For example, it is preferable not to use a different withdrawal method than the one used for depositing, otherwise the identity of the account owner will be rechecked. Also, stay away as much as possible from social trading, as most of the Binary Option platforms prevent the use of trading bots or copying trades. Your violation of the terms of use may expose your account to ban and seizure of any profits achieved, and it is preferable to limit yourself to dealing with trusted platforms such as Quotex and Pocket Option.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the field of binary options trading is not transparent or regulated, as it is similar to the betting market and casinos on the ground, so it is good to try trading on more than one platform simultaneously to determine the most suitable for you.

The most prominent questions of beginners about profit from the Internet

I devoted this paragraph to quickly answering the most important questions of beginners about profit from the Internet, before moving on to the last paragraph in which I will share valuable advice based on my years of experience in working online.

Is profit from the Internet real?

The short answer is yes! Profit from the Internet is real because millions of people around the world work from home full time. Also, the Internet offers a golden opportunity to launch dozens of successful projects at the lowest cost, especially with humanity moving towards the transformation of the digital economy and spending more time browsing online on computers and phones.

Profit from the Internet is real, but it collides with the many methods of fraud and fraud targeting beginners, which are often wrapped in the form of making a quick profit from the Internet, as we have previously explained.

What are the problems of profit from the Internet?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs face many problems when trying to profit from the Internet, which can be summarized in the following points.

  • Searching for quick and irrational profit.
  • Not giving enough time to learn and develop skills.
  • Lack of discipline and complacency with work duties.
  • Dealing with suspicious and unreliable companies.
  • The rapid development of work methods that require keeping up.
  • Extravagance and failure to save in order to reinvest.
  • Lack of professionalism and linking success in profit from the Internet to luck only.
  • Falling victim to online fraud.

Is investing in the Internet forbidden?

Investing in the Internet is not forbidden. The Internet is only a means of communicating with investment companies and dealing with them. You must first know the nature of the investment and its conditions before searching for the jurisprudential opinion of analysis or prohibition, and the site team is not entitled to express an opinion. Please communicate with jurists and specialists to obtain an adequate answer, and we wish everyone success in their investments on the Internet.

What are the honest profit sites?

In short, all for-profit sites are dishonest and fraudulent, exploiting beginners, so each company must be carefully checked separately. We have previously published a practical guide on the steps to verify the credibility of the site , which you can apply to study any profitable site that you come across to find out its truth. As an example, you can read this article, which exposed the methods of profit sites from watching fraudulent ads, with conclusive evidence.

Is profit from the Internet halal or forbidden?

Profiting from the Internet is permissible and there is no doubt about it, provided that you do not work in prohibited areas such as publishing on pornographic sites, gambling and other things that are prohibited by Sharia.


My last advice to you is to avoid impulsiveness or greed, especially since the term “profit from the Internet” is often wrapped in the form of scams targeting beginners.

Also, one must search for a job and not make a profit, because the Internet is not a chicken that lays golden eggs, but rather an environment for practicing various professions and launching commercial projects. If you believe in winning without effort! I do not think that this guide is suitable for you, especially since launching electronic projects requires possessing some skills and having capital.

Now it is your turn to contribute to the discussion by sharing your experience in profiting from the Internet, and the site team is ready to answer all your questions in detail in the comments section.

Finally, I do not advise you to purchase any course or training for learning ways to profit from the Internet, because it is just expensive nonsense and a waste of time.Believe me, the articles and explanations included in our blog are more in-depth and useful, and they are available for free to anyone who is serious and wants to learn.

If you liked the article, do not hesitate to share it with friends, and the rest of the explanations included in the e-commerce section will help you to get acquainted closely with the rest of the methods of working on the Internet.

My name is Duc "JOSEF" Le and I work in Digital Marketing at Mageplaza and BlogAvada. Mageplaza offers a comprehensive collection of over 230 extensions that are designed to work seamlessly with the latest versions of Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce). Meanwhile, BlogAvada is a blog that serves as a platform for sharing information related to websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, digital marketing, and other related topics. I encourage you to visit our websites to learn more about what we have to offer.

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