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the best photo to cartoon program for Android 2024

Recently, many programs have appeared that allow you to convert your photos into cartoons, but some of them are paid and others contain annoying ads in abundance.

so we offer you a group of the best program to convert photos into cartoons for Android. through these applications, you can get special anime cartoon images, or cartoon pictures online directly, without any purchases or having to download unknown applications.

follow with us the details for each image conversion application.

A group of the best photo-to-cartoon program for Android 2021
Cartoon image converter

Best photo to cartoon converter for Android

  1. ToonApp (turn photos into cartoons)
  2. Cartoon Photo
  3. Cartoon Pictures
  4. Artista Photo Editor (colour, oil, pencil, cartoon)
  5. Painnt (turn photos into brushwork art)
  6. Photo Sketch
  7. Moments Cartoon Caricature

First: ToonApp for Android

ToonApp for Android is an application that specializes in converting images into cartoons.

It is considered the best professional caricature application with amazing speed, where you can also, after converting images, add a cartoon background proportional to the image. Learn about the advantages of the ToonApp program for Android:

  • Convert personal photos to cartoon images directly within a few seconds.
  • Dedicated brush for turning drawings into brushwork paintings.
  • A large collection of filters that add some aesthetic touches to your cartoon photos.
  • The ability to edit images and control colours, lighting, and contrast, according to what suits you.
  • The ability to add backgrounds and cartoon charts suitable for the image.
  • Edit photos by cropping, rotating, flipping and cropping according to your designs. 

Second: Cartoon Photo for Android

Cartoon Photo for Android is a new photo and artistic effects application that transforms your photos into drawings, sketches, oil paintings, pencil drawings, and many more important features including:

  • It has special effects that make photos look different professionally.
  • The ability to use the application's camera to take pictures directly and modify them.
  • You can edit, zoom in, zoom out and cut photos.
  • The ability to focus on a specific part of the image and blur the rest of it.
  • You can share photos after you finish editing them on social networking sites.

Third: Cartoon Pictures for Android

Cartoon Pictures for Android is the best cartoon photo editor. It is a photo editor for art filters, artists, cartoons, drawing shapes and artwork on canvas. It has a large number of features, the most important of which are:

  • The ability to use the application's camera for faster photo editing.
  • Convert images to cartoons with the ability to choose the cartoonish shape of the image.
  • Editing cartoon images so that they appear drawn with a pencil, or close to cartoons.
  • Numerous options for editing, adjusting and cropping images to suit your design.
  • Cartoon Pictures app provides filters, posters, paintings, prints, oil paintings, and photo art to use.

Fourth: ArtistA Photo Editor for Android

Artista Photo Editor is the best photo editing app with amazing artistic effects, from oil painting, photo tags, pencil drawing patterns, and artwork on canvas. With ArtistA Photo Editor your photos will turn into an art gallery. Learn about some of its fun features:

  • It offers amazing effects and special filters that make your photos look high quality.
  • It transforms photos into cartoonish or powerful animations.
  • The ability to share photos via social networking sites after completing their design.
  • It offers several different styles for great drawing with a soft or hard pencil.
  • The ability to use the application's camera and the selfie camera through the application for faster adjustment.
  • There are more than 50 artistic filters and art effects for more professional photos.

Fifthly: Painnt for Android

Painnt application improves images very noticeably, as it makes them look like a real painting, through beautiful colours that show you the brush strokes, it contains a large number of features, the most important of which are:

  • Transform photos into a work of art as a real painting, with a range of ready-made options in front of you.
  • It provides more than 1,000 filters and filters assorted, including classic, comic, modern, abstract, and mosaic.
  • Preview the modifications you make to the image before saving it to ensure its quality.
  • It gives you high-resolution images precisely output that is suitable for the professional level.
  • The ability to save the image directly to the camera roll or share it via social networking sites.

Sixth: Photo Sketch for Android

The Sketch photo application specializes in pencil drawing images, which offers an awesome collection of cartoon and pencil drawing and drawing effects, and this is what many image designers care about, the Photo Sketch application offers us a large number of advantages, including:

  • Convert personal photos into different cartoon images, through the set of cartoon patterns in the application.
  • With several pencil drawing styles, you can choose the appropriate style and convert images to it.
  • The ability to mix art with pictures through a painting drawn with great accuracy and professionalism.
  • The ability to take pictures through the program's camera and selfie camera for more elegant pictures.
  • Add backgrounds that make the image look more real through a set of images that the application provides to us.
  • Edit photos imported from the camera gallery, rotate, crop, and zoom in or out without affecting the original photo.
  • The ability to share photos after completing their design via social networking sites with friends.

Seventh: Moments Cartoon Caricature for Android

After the popularity of Moments Cartoon Caricature for Android, which made users know well that it is specialized in caricatures, emojis, animations and cartoons, it has become very easy to use it in editing images and converting them into cartoons, with a large number of unique features in it, the most important of which are:

  • Edit photos and turn them into cartoon images with different styles so that you can choose what suits you best.
  • Use your camera to colourize your photos and turn them into unique paintings.
  • The ability to use multiple effects offered by the program to edit images and improve their quality.
  • Edit images and control image colours from blur, contrast and saturation in images.
  • It provides us with universal drawing tools for photos that make them look amazing and more professional in terms of lighting, frames and fades.
  • The ability to edit, crop, rotate, mirror and resize images to suit you.
  • You can share the photos that you have finished editing via social networking sites.
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