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The Best Free PC Cleaning Software in 2024

As you surf the internet, numerous files such as cached data and cookies tend to accumulate on your hard drive. Additionally, there may be backups of frequently used applications and software, or residual files left behind by uninstalled programs. Although this data is usually of little use, it can take up a considerable amount of your computer's storage space and potentially decrease its performance. However, instead of purchasing additional hard drives or SSDs, or replacing your computer altogether, have you considered installing free PC cleaning software? This software can free up valuable storage space and optimize your device's performance. If you're interested in such software but uncertain about which one to choose, this article can help you make an informed decision!

The Best Free PC Cleaning Software
The Best Free PC Cleaning Software

What does a computer cleaner do?

It might be helpful for you to have a clear understanding of the specific data that is erased from your computer during the cleaning process. When discussing popular free computer cleaning utilities for Windows 10/11, they typically claim to eliminate a range of items such as unnecessary files, browsing history, cookies, and residual files left behind after uninstalling applications.

In addition, certain tools offer a paid version which grants you access to additional features such as one-click maintenance.

6 Free PC Cleaning Tools (2023)

Do your applications take an eternity to start up? Does your PC feel unresponsive? Are you struggling with limited storage space? Fortunately, you can wave goodbye to all of these issues! In this article, we introduce PC cleaning software that can improve the performance of your machine and extend its lifespan. It's important to note that all of the software we feature is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 7.

1- BleachBit

BleachBit is a software that stands out due to its simplicity, making it effortless to learn. Despite being a free software, it provides features that can be compared to those found in paid options, which is why it is considered to be one of the most exciting cleaning tools available today. Moreover, BleachBit has been around for a while, which is a testament to its dependability. It is an ideal solution for freeing up space on your hard drive, as it can remove temporary files, your web browsers' cache (including history, traces, and cookies), log files, and empty your trash.

In addition to being a PC cleaning tool, BleachBit offers a feature that allows you to permanently delete files or folders, making it impossible for anyone to recover sensitive files from your PC.

The latest version of BleachBit (Version 4.4.2) was released on November 13, 2021, which indicates that the software is continually improving.

2- PrivaZer

Don't be deceived by the basic interface of PrivaZer's website. This free software offers a remarkably high level of cleaning. With over a hundred scanning and cleaning operations, PrivaZer effectively erases junk files while also safeguarding your sensitive data.

PrivaZer focuses on thorough cleaning of the "traces" that you may leave behind while browsing the web, which can potentially lead to your data being compromised. It's worth noting that the cleaning process may take some time with this software, but the comprehensive file elimination it provides is worth the wait.

Additionally, PrivaZer allows you to create a restore point before deleting any unnecessary data. This feature makes it easy to restore your computer if you encounter any issues after cleaning.

Lastly, the software also enables you to schedule PC cleanings for specific dates and times, which is a convenient option for keeping your computer clean without any effort on your part.

3- Glary Utilities 5

This computer software is widely recognized and highly popular among our Anglo-Saxon peers. It has also received recommendations from the reference site Meet Glary Utilities 5 - a digital Swiss Army knife designed to optimize and clean your PC, even if it is slow, buggy or showing recurring errors.

While the free version of Glary Utilities 5 is already quite powerful, unlocking the full potential of the software will require upgrading to the Pro version (and therefore paid). It's worth noting that the Pro version also includes options for automating frequent tasks.

With Glary Utilities 5, you can easily recover disk space by removing unwanted data from your PC. You can also clean the registry to remove outdated entries and search for unnecessary empty folders.

Moreover, Glary Utilities 5 includes a comprehensive set of tools, such as a software uninstaller that removes all traces of uninstalled programs, a file shredder, a file recovery tool for deleted or lost files, a context menu manager, and a software updater.

In summary, Glary Utilities 5 can be considered as the top-of-the-line PC cleaning software. If you're interested in learning more about Glary Utilities 5 and how it works,

4- Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a well-established cleaning software that has been around for a long time and is known for its effectiveness. If you're looking to speed up your computer for free, then this software is perfect for the job! It is an easy-to-use tool that allows for quick and efficient cleaning of your PC.

Similar to Glary Utilities 5, Wise Disk Cleaner offers a scheduling option that allows you to plan when the software should perform its cleaning tasks (e.g. every day at 10 p.m.). It also allows you to create a "clean in one click" icon on your desktop, making it even easier to optimize your machine without having to open the software.

Wise Disk Cleaner can clean Windows system files such as temporary files, log files, cache, error reports, and more, as well as all traces of your internet browsing, including browsing history and cache. You can choose which items you want to get rid of, giving you greater control over the cleaning process.

5- Cleanmgr+

Cleanmgr+ is an enhanced version of Windows 10/11 native software “Disk Cleanup”. The latter has evolved in parallel with the operating system, so that the developers have relied on this solid base to create a more powerful tool. Thus, Cleanmgr+ allows you to safely remove files deemed unwanted from your PC. It allows you to push the functionality of the Windows tool installed by default further by choosing precisely what you want to delete (obsolete files, temporary files, cached data, residues of deleted software, etc.). However, the possibilities of this tool are limited to that and you should not expect new optimization options.

To learn more about Cleanmgr+ and how it works, I invite you to read our dedicated article.

6- Emjysoft Cleaner

For our recent election software, we opted to showcase Emjysoft Cleaner, which is developed by the French company of the same name (Go France!). Emjysoft has a reputation and experience in software development that rivals that of American tech giants.

Emjysoft's cleaning tool offers an array of features, making it highly desirable. With just one click, the software can perform automatic cleaning, delete temporary files, clean browser cache, browsing history, cookies, and automate several other operations. Its comprehensiveness and ease of use make it ideal for both professionals and individuals.

In summary, Emjysoft Cleaner ranks among the best PC cleaning software available. To learn more about its features and how to use it, please refer to the accompanying documentation.

best tools PC cleaner for Windows 10/11

While there are some best practices that every user should follow to keep their machine safe and sound, using Windows 10/11 cleaning software can be useful in certain scenarios if you choose the right tool. However, it's important not to rely solely on these tools for machine optimization.

Unfortunately, many window cleaning tools have a bad reputation because there are so many harmful options out there. Some tools can slow down your computer, install unwanted software through trickery, or kill important system processes, all in the name of making your PC faster.

In fact, some Windows 10/11 optimization tools will even create minor or non-existent issues to scare less tech-savvy users into paying for the software.

That being said, I've had some good experiences with a few free computer cleaning tools. For example, using CCleaner to clear unwanted data significantly improved the boot time of my old PC.

However, I would still caution against using any random cleaning tool to fix your PC. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

If you do feel the need to use cleanup tools for Windows 10/11, here are some of the best options that you can try.

Best free cleaner for Windows 10

1. Advanced SystemCare 16 pro:

IObit has created Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro, a PC optimizer and cleaner that is compatible with Windows 10. Along with other helpful Windows utilities such as Uninstaller and Start Menu for Windows 10, this software can be used to enhance your computer's performance.

Pros and Cons of Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro:

  1. The user-friendly interface of Advanced SystemCare makes it easy to use this computer cleaning software, and its important features are readily visible.
  2. With the ability to optimize startup processes, delete unnecessary files, fix redundant shortcuts, and clear browsing data, among other features, Advanced SystemCare is a versatile tool for improving PC performance.
  3. In addition to its standard cleaning features, this free PC optimizer can help you check for outdated system drivers and optimize RAM usage.
  4. By adding add-ons such as IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, and more, Advanced SystemCare can be expanded to provide additional functionality.
  5. With a desktop widget that displays real-time data on RAM and CPU usage, Advanced SystemCare helps you monitor your PC's performance in real time.
  6. Advanced SystemCare also offers the ability to schedule PC shutdowns at a specific time for added convenience.
  7. During the installation process, be aware that Advanced SystemCare may attempt to install additional software.

2. Iolo System Mechanic:

System Mechanic by Iolo is a comprehensive PC optimizer for Windows 10 that can help clean up junk files and fix over 30,000 issues that can cause a slow-running computer. It classifies issues and recommends the best fixes to resolve them, resulting in improved boot time and RAM performance. Additionally, it includes features like a startup manager, privacy cleaner, and registry tuner. However, it comes with a price tag and some of its features may require advanced technical knowledge to use.

The pros and cons of Iolo System Mechanic:

If you're looking to improve your computer's performance, you can take advantage of a variety of PC cleaning tools. These tools can optimize your system's startup configuration, fine-tune hidden internet settings, and fix broken shortcuts and internet connections. They can also automatically boost the speed of your processor, hard disk, and RAM.

3. CCleaner:

CCleaner is a popular cleaning tool that can be used on both Windows and macOS operating systems. It is known for its ability to clean up junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary data that can accumulate on a computer over time. Additionally, CCleaner offers a range of features, including a registry cleaner, program uninstaller, and startup manager, among others. With its user-friendly interface and range of features, CCleaner is a popular choice for users looking to keep their computer running smoothly.

Pros and cons of CCleaner free version:

CCleaner is a widely recognized and easy-to-use Windows cleaning tool, also available for macOS. It quickly scans unwanted data on machines and removes it, and users can configure which types of data the software should delete during the process. The tool also offers intelligent cookie analysis to preserve login information while clearing browsing data.

The free version of CCleaner includes most of the necessary features, and users can exclude specific folders from the cleaning process. The tool also includes many additional features, such as a Disk Wiper. Regular software updates are available, but the free version does not update automatically.

However, the smart cookie scan feature may raise privacy concerns for some users.

4. CleanMyPC:

CleanMyPC is a popular cleaning tool for Windows 10 and other versions, known for its wide range of optimization tools. Some of the features that make it a favorite among users include:

  1. Computer cleanup, which helps to remove junk files, old backups, and system logs that can slow down your PC.
  2. Uninstaller, which can remove unwanted applications and their associated files completely from your system.
  3. Registry optimizer, which helps to keep your registry clean and error-free.
  4. Startup manager, which allows you to disable unnecessary programs that start when your PC boots up.
  5. File shredder, which can securely delete files and folders to protect your privacy.
  6. Browser extensions manager, which allows you to easily manage browser add-ons and extensions.
  7. CleanMyPC can help to eliminate common crashes and errors that can occur on your computer.

Overall, CleanMyPC is a comprehensive cleaning tool that can help to improve your computer's performance and keep it running smoothly. It's a paid software, but you can try it out for free to see if it meets your needs.

The pros and cons of CleanMyPC:

CleanMyPC is an all-in-one optimization tool for Windows that offers a range of features including:

  1. Junk and Cache Cleaner: It helps to remove unnecessary files and cache data from your system that can slow down your computer.
  2. Registry Fixer: This feature helps to fix registry errors and optimize your system performance.
  3. Bulk Uninstall: You can uninstall multiple programs at once with CleanMyPC, saving you time and effort.
  4. Manage Autorun Apps: It allows you to manage the applications that run on startup and optimize your boot time.
  5. Data Shredder: CleanMyPC includes a file shredder feature that permanently deletes files and makes them unrecoverable.
  6. Overall, CleanMyPC is a powerful and easy-to-use optimization tool that can help improve the speed and performance of your Windows computer.

5. Avast Cleanup:

Avast Cleanup is a reliable and easy-to-use cleaning tool for Windows 10 developed by Avast Technologies, the makers of the famous antivirus software. While this tool does come with a price tag, users can give it a try and see if it meets their needs.

Avast Cleanup can help clean up your PC by removing unnecessary files, optimizing your storage, and improving the performance of your computer. This tool also comes with additional features such as browser cleaner, registry cleaner, and automatic maintenance scheduling.

While Avast Cleanup can be a good choice for some users, it's important to consider the cost and whether the additional features are necessary for your computer. There are also many other free cleaning tools available for Windows 10 that can provide similar functionality.

The pros and cons of Avast cleanup:

This cleaning tool boasts several features that make it a popular choice for users looking for a comprehensive solution:

  1. The user interface is visually appealing and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate.
  2. The tool can clear junk files related to a variety of supported apps, freeing up valuable disk space.
  3. Sleep mode is a feature that prevents less frequently used applications from consuming system resources.
  4. The tool can detect and suggest removal of bloatware and other less frequently used applications on your computer.
  5. It supports the ability to clear temporary browsing data for over 25 different browsers.
  6. The tool includes a built-in disk wiper and registry cleaning tools to help maintain your computer's performance.
  7. Unfortunately, there is no free version of the software available, meaning users will need to pay for access to these features.

6. Storage Assistant – the built-in free Windows 10 cleaner:

If you are using Windows 10, there is no need to download any additional software to clean your PC. Windows 10 comes with a built-in cleaning tool called "Free Up Space" that can effectively clean your system.

Free Up Space works similarly to a regular Windows cleaner, but it is built into the Settings app on your PC. This means you don't need to download any third-party apps, and you can be assured that it is safe from malware.

To access Free Up Space, simply open the Settings app and go to "System" > "Storage". From there, click on "Free up space now" to start the cleaning process. This tool can help you remove unnecessary files, temporary files, and other items that may be taking up space on your computer.

The pros and cons of Storage Sense:

  • Free Up Space is a built-in cleaning tool that comes with Windows 10, so there is no need to install any additional software. It works seamlessly and automatically updates with Windows 10 updates.
  • This tool can help erase unwanted files from your computer and can also automatically optimize your storage, clean up your Trash and Downloads folder, and remove other unnecessary files that may be taking up space on your system.
  • However, it's important to note that Free Up Space is buried deep within the Settings app and may not be very visible or easy to find for some users. Additionally, this tool is not supported on older versions of Windows and is only available on Windows 10.

7. Disk Cleanup:

If you are using older versions of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, the built-in Disk Cleanup is a great option for cleaning your computer without needing to download anything. Even if you are using Windows 10 and don't like the Storage Sense feature, Disk Cleanup is also available.

To access Disk Cleanup on any of these versions, simply open the start menu and search for "disk cleanup". While it may be a bit slower than the Free Space tool on Windows 10, Disk Cleanup can still effectively remove unnecessary files from your PC.

The Pros and Cons of Disk Cleanup:

  1. Disk Cleanup is designed to remove various types of unnecessary data from your computer, including junk files, temporary internet files, and thumbnails.
  2. In addition to deleting those types of files, Disk Cleanup can also remove old Windows installation data, which can take up a significant amount of space on your hard drive. This can free up space and improve the performance of your computer.
  3. Disk Cleanup can also erase data from your Downloads folder and Recycle Bin, which can help to further free up space on your computer and improve its overall performance.

These are some of the top cleaning tools available for various versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. However, the list is not exhaustive, and there may be other tools available that are not mentioned.

We will continue to update this list in the future as new cleaning tools become available, so be sure to check back for the latest options.

What is the best free cleaning software?

It's hard to say that one cleaning tool is better than another. Especially since the habits of each user make this judgment subjective. To find the ideal software, you can test the ones we have presented to you below, but be aware that there are many others (free or paid). While some allow you to perform a quick cleanup daily to keep your PC running smoothly, others allow for more in-depth cleaning operations. Thus, the choice of a particular software will depend above all on your needs.

In this regard, if you use free cleaning software that we have not mentioned here, feel free to complete this list from the comment area!

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