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Phone charging base malfunction

Individuals can charge their phones by connecting the charging cord to the charging base slot at the bottom, but the entrance to the base may have malfunctions that affect the charging efficiency or the inability of the phone to charge, so in this article, we will show the most prominent reasons that cause the charging base to be damaged, and how to fix it.

Phone charging base malfunction
Phone charging base malfunction

Reasons why the phone charging base malfunctions

Charging base issues and the inability to charge the phone can be attributed to one of the following reasons:

  • Malfunction of the charging base (Micro-USB) port

The friction of the tip of the charger cord with the charging port of the phone when repeatedly using it causes its teeth to break or some of its parts to move from their original place, and this leads to a wrong contact when the charger cord is connected to the phone, which causes its inability to charge the phone.

  • Dirt collects in the charging hole

Dust and lint particles build up inside the charging slot over time, and this prevents the charging cord from properly connecting to the slot.

  • The charging base gets wet

Water reaching the charging base causes an electrical short or rust formation when connected to the charger cord, and wet access to it may damage it completely, so the base should be dried well before connecting the phone to any wires through it.

  • Software problems

Software problems that activate the charging of the phone, or sudden software problems in the phone may cause the charging base to be unable to perform its function.

  • Inserting the charger cord incorrectly

Inserting the charger cord into the charging base slot upside down causes its parts to move the wrong way, damaging the base and inability to charge the phone.

  • Using a charger cord that does not fit the slot of the charging base

The shape of the charging dock holes for different phones is different, so you should pay attention and insert the match to avoid damaging it.

  • The need to move the charger cord inside the base hole to a certain angle

Some people need to insert the charger cord at a diagonal angle into the slot or move the cord until it is in a certain direction for the phone to start charging. Leaning the cord inside the base causes an internal burn that completely destroys the phone.

  • Black accumulations appear around the charging port

These black materials appear around the opening of the charging base due to the burning of several internal parts in the base, and when observed, the phone should be taken to specialists to avoid damaging the base or the entire phone.

Solutions and Tips for Phone Charging Base Problems 

The failure of the charging base causes the phone to stop charging its battery, and it is recommended to follow the following things to repair the charging base and its associated parts to function properly:

  1. Modify the location of the internal parts of the charging base slot and return it to its original place, because it will move and become warped with the repeated insertion of the charger cord, and the individual can modify it by turning off the phone and removing the battery, then using a wooden toothpick to adjust its place.
  2. Removing dust, dirt and food residues from the entrance to the charging base, as they enter it when placed in bags and clothes, and they can be removed using a soft toothbrush or cotton bud, and a compressed air can be used as it blows dirt out of the opening easily.
  3. Update software and phone version; Because it may be responsible for the software not responding when the phone is connected to the charger, and the individual may need to restart the phone to solve software problems due to sudden software crashes after the update, and it is recommended to return the phone to factory settings if the previous software solutions did not work. 
  4. Replacing the charger cord because it will be damaged when folded during use, and it can be confirmed that it is responsible for charging problems by connecting another wire with the phone and comparing its ability to work with the new wire, and it is recommended to replace it with original high-quality wires; Because bad ones may cause an electrical short that will damage the phone completely.
  5. Check the charging base to make sure it is free of rust or short circuit, and then it must be replaced, and the problem may be simpler and solved by re-inserting the charger cord that is connected to it well in its slot.
  6. Replace the battery every few years because it will not respond to charging after its life span.
  7. Changing the plug used to charge the phone, such as changing the charging from a ground connection or the serial bus slot in the computer to a wall plug, because different plugs provide the phone with different amounts of electrical current, which may affect the effectiveness of charging.
  8. Avoid charging the phone in a confined space, near water, or in hot and humid places; Because it will cause the phone to overheat during charging, which will negatively affect the charging parts of the phone.

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