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How to fix swollen battery

Have you ever seen your smartphone battery stretched and swollen, even pushed the phone cover out, and possibly smelled a chemical smell?

It is very dangerous, not only does it damage it, but it can also harm you, so be careful.

Phone battery swollen to the point of exploding
Phone battery swelled to the point of exploding

Cause of phone battery swelling

  • Continuous use of the phone.
  • Exposing him to falls, knocks, or any violent treatment.
  • Charging the battery using a charger that does not match it; A greater effort enters into it than comprehends it; The circuit breaks down its protective plate.
  • Shipped at a rate greater than required.
  • The presence of the battery in an area whose temperature is outside the range (0-40) degrees Celsius.
  • Or even a defect from the manufacturer.

Is a swollen battery exploding?

Yes, a very swollen battery can explode at any moment, setting it on fire; This is due to the emission of gases from them.

The result of the inactivity of the chemical bonds between them, which happens with the age of the battery.

  1. How to treat a swollen phone battery
  2. Ensure that there is a warranty when purchasing it.
  3. Do not place it in places with high heat, such as the bathroom in case there is water vapor or the car plate under direct sunlight.
  4. Do not place it in places with high humidity, such as the bathroom.
  5. Use the battery as low as possible ( reduce the sound and lighting, close the apps and widgets you don't use ).
  6. Do not use the phone while the battery is charging.
  7. Disconnect the charger from the phone as soon as charging is complete.
  8. Keep the original battery charger.
  9. If you have to buy a new phone charger, look for the good ones that match your battery, and make sure you buy it from a trusted store.
  10. If the battery is less efficient, replace it with another one before moving on to the inflation stages.

But what if my phone battery is already swollen?

Swollen battery repair

There are some ways to avoid putting the battery in the refrigerator, puncturing it to get gas out of it, or pressing it.

But these methods are very dangerous and harmful, I just mentioned them to you, so you don't get deceived when you hear them.

My honesty forces me to tell you “ a swollen battery can't be fixed ”, but I will tell you how to do it then.

What do I do when the phone battery is swollen?

After you notice that the battery is swollen; He pushed the rest of the phone outside and smelled a chemical smell.

You must then act wisely and quickly, to maintain your safety.

  1. Stop using the phone, and disconnect the battery from it.
  2. If you are unable to disconnect the battery, take it to an authorized dealer.
  3. After disconnecting the battery, place it in a container in a cool, safe place.
  4. Open the windows to freshen the air in the room and get rid of the chemical smell emanating from it.
  5. keep an appropriate distance from it; Because it may explode at any moment, or it may catch fire.
  6. Dispose of the battery properly, do not throw it in the trash, dispose of it in an environmentally safe way, or take it to an authorized dealer who specializes in the disposal of batteries.
  7. Buy a new battery, and use the above tips.

This way, you have learned all the necessary procedures to avoid a swollen battery and to safely dispose of a swollen battery.

And remember that there is no such thing as “ fixing a swollen battery ”, just act wisely; To keep you, your family, and the environment safe.

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