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What Is The Best SEO Agency? TOP 20 SEO Agencies

Having a website is now necessary for all companies that really want to increase their turnover significantly. It is the brand's virtual showcase.

However, your site must be visible on search engines, in particular Google which holds more than 90% of the market share, in order to attract potential customers.

This is precisely the reason why you should turn to SEO techniques ("  Search Engine Optimization“). Admittedly, some companies take charge of the natural referencing of their website themselves, but the ideal is to call on an SEO agency.

SEO agencies have the technical tools and expertise needed in SEO to help you achieve the best results! In addition, it will allow you to fully concentrate on the operation of your company.

best seo agency
best seo agency

What are the advantages of taking an interest in the natural referencing of your website, and better still, of using an SEO agency? What are the 20 best SEO agencies in France? We invite you to discover all the answers to these questions here.


To begin, here is what an SEO agency is through the presentation of a well-known entity in the world of SEO which is none other than Digimood.

Digimood , a successful SEO agency with very good references

The universe of e-marketing extends over many horizons where the key words are traffic and conversion. To meet the different visibility needs of its customers, Digiperf collaborates with the SEO agency Digimood.

Specialized in natural referencing for more than ten years, Digimood develops your visibility on the web by activating the three main levers of SEO which are: content, popularity and technique. At the heart of search engine positioning, the synergy of these three disciplines allows you to aim for the first page of Google or Bing.

This SEO agency therefore offers you to optimize your website by developing a visibility strategy based on these three action levers.


Quality content is essential to be visible on a search results page. Indeed, from the number of words to the subject covered through the density of keywords, search engines evaluate the relevance of your content before offering it to users.

Relevant content will be put forward and ranked higher than poor text. Digimood develops with you a strategy in accordance with your needs and your sector of activity. This SEO agency offers you various web content services for this purpose. The experts offer you “SEO” writing and web content optimization (category page, product page, buying guide, spin texts, blog article, etc.) as well as coaching in SEO writing and a strategy. editorial. Of course, a semantic audit created according to your needs remains the basis of any effective strategy to aim for the first place in the SERP.


Search engines give more credit and interest to a “popular” site that is cited by different sources. The trust attributed by several sites to the same site reflects both its notoriety and its relevance.

Netlinking consists of increasing the number of links to your site to make it more legitimate than another in the eyes of search engines. Since the updates of Google's algorithms, netlinking requires taking into account a certain number of increasingly sensitive criteria: notoriety of sites, diversity of anchors, semantic universe... This is where services come into play. netlinking consultants from Digimood. Netlinking strategy and audit, link acquisition campaign,


The technical performance of your site highlights the two previous levers. A fast website that displays on both mobile and desktop is more likely to be visited by Internet users than one that loads slowly and is not mobile friendly. To best meet the guidelines of search engines, Digimood optimizes the technique of your site in depth through an exhaustive crawl of the pages, an analysis of the internal mesh, a verification of the HTML structure and many other crucial elements for your SEO. SEO consultants also support their clients in site redesigns and migrations, serving as a mediator between the company and the development agency in charge of the project.

The Digimood SEO agency also offers its services in paid referencing and social Ads for multi-channel visibility. Based in Marseille, it has also established itself in strategic cities such as Paris, Annecy and Montpellier. Drawing on its many years of experience, Digimood has strengthened its team with expert professionals in each of the areas: SEO, SEA and SMA, traveling throughout France.

Today, many renowned companies have joined the Digimood adventure to boost their performance in digital marketing and increase their traffic and their turnover on the internet. Are you looking for an SEO agency or do you want to discuss your redesign project?

Do not hesitate to contact our team, Digiperf and Digimood will support you by offering you turnkey solutions to position your activity on the SEARCH.

With more than ten years of experience, Digimood has succeeded in ensuring the natural referencing of the websites of major brands such as Haribo, Histoire d'or, Jules, San Marina, Belambra, Homair, Aesio (Eovi Mcd mutual), Animalis , or even Sant√©Vet…


Listing your website naturally on Google has many advantages.


The first advantage of natural referencing is that it allows you to improve the visibility of your website , and thus to supplant the competition. Indeed, today the competition is extremely fierce on the web. Having an excellent natural referencing will allow you to appear in the first results of Google's search pages on specific keywords (or queries). Internet users will therefore see your site before that of your competitors. This will ensure you more SEO traffic .


More SEO traffic will necessarily allow you to increase your turnover . Indeed, Internet users who will feel interested in your services will be directed to your site, and through an optimized conversion tunnel , will become your customers.


This advantage is characteristic of natural referencing. The results obtained via the SEO of your website are durable and hold over the long term, unlike those obtained via paid referencing. The gains of paid referencing indeed disappear as soon as you stop paying for advertising. It should not be forgotten that Google is the largest advertising agency in the world.

Natural referencing is free from Google. Thus, even if you stop working on the SEO of your site for a few weeks, you will still retain your achievements and the positioning obtained on the Internet. However, it goes without saying that some sectors are more competitive than others and that regular SEO work is essential.


You will only have advantages in using a professional agency. The main objectives? Become No. 1 on Google and ensure the sustainable development of your brand !


Some business leaders – after reading numerous articles or books – decide to take charge of the natural referencing of their website themselves. Not being really experienced in the matter, they will simply apply the advice given by the authors. However, not all theories are always effective in practice. Having experience turns out to be fundamental.

Therefore, successful SEO agencies that have demonstrated their abilities know exactly what works and how to react in such and such a situation. They know what to do and what not to do to hoist your site in the first results of search engines.


With a competent SEO agency, you will be reassured to achieve very good results , and this, quickly. You won't waste time in risky experiments with the risk of Google penalties that follow. In addition, an experienced SEO agency will put in place a personalized natural referencing strategy taking into account your objectives and the current state of competition.


Deciding to take charge of your natural referencing strategy yourself could lead you to neglect certain tasks that are essential for the survival of your business. By entrusting this task to experts, you save a lot of time and energy. You will be able to concentrate fully on the operation of your business and set up new projects.


Hiring an SEO agency for the referencing of your website will actually allow you to save money. By taking charge of the natural referencing of your site yourself, you will have to hire or call on many professionals in the field such as an SEO consultant, a good web editor or even a netlinking platform in order to stand out from the competition. You will have to pay them a fee. However, SEO agencies can make you benefit from the best rates thanks to their network of partners according to the SEO strategy put in place. They know the best tricks of the trade. 

These service providers therefore have multiple specialists at their disposal. Once you sign a contract with an agency for the natural referencing of your site and depending on the options chosen, it is obliged to take charge of the different aspects of the service. It is therefore no longer you who will pay the editor or site editor directly, but of course the agency.


To make it easier for you to find the best SEO agency for the natural referencing of your site, here is the top 20 of the best SEO agencies available in France.

  • Digimood

Digimood is a French digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, SEA and SMA techniques. This agency is present in four major cities in France which are Marseille, Paris, Montpellier and Annecy. In addition to being recognized in the field of natural referencing, the company specializes in paid referencing strategies (SEA and SMA). 

Thanks to its natural referencing service, Digimood will help you successfully raise your brand in the first search results of Google . Before launching an SEO campaign, the agency will first carry out a technical, semantic and netlinking audit to determine your real needs. Once your natural referencing strategy has been set up, you will be able to reach a truly qualified audience and, as a result, you will increase your turnover.

The agency will also take care, if necessary during your SEO follow -up , of the migration of your website, the improvement of your e-reputation, complex technical optimizations, the creation of qualitative content for the onsite, the acquisition of long-lasting links in netlinking on the offsite side, etc. The best SEO tools are available to this provider to optimize your results. The agency also offers numerous training courses in natural and paid referencing. You can therefore easily follow formative days there in order to take care of the referencing of your site yourself.

With more than ten years of experience , Digimood has succeeded in ensuring the natural referencing of the websites of major brands such as Haribo, Histoire d'or, Jules, San Marina, Belambra, Homair, Aesio (Eovi Mcd mutual), Animalis , or even Sant√©Vet…

Digimood seo agency
Digimood seo agency

  • Seo fr

This agency has existed since 1998. Based not only in Paris, but also in Miami, and with 20 years of experience, Seo.fr can help you achieve all your business goals. Moreover, its objective is to position your pages at the top of the first results of Google.

Seo fr helps you improve your visibility on the Internet, according to your needs. This optimization carried out by Seo.fr concerns both the technical side and the content. Beyond referencing, the agency accompanies you for the creation of a website, the transition to HTTPS, hosting and netlinking.

seo.fr SEO agency
seo.fr SEO agency

An SEO agency must provide services that are as complete as possible and that, Seo.fr has understood this. This is why it is also involved in other SEO strategies such as Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). Seo.fr also provides numerous SEO training courses. Although the agency mainly deals with VSEs and SMEs, it can also work with companies of much larger sizes.

Since 1998, the agency has worked with more than 1,150 clients and has a positive return rate of almost 88%. She has worked with many recognized companies including Sodexo, Huawei, Hermès Paris, Chantelle, etc.

  • SEO hackers

It is one of the best SEO agencies in France. It has been working in the field of natural referencing for a few years and has many experienced SEO consultants within it. The SEO Hackers company has the experience it takes to naturally reference your website.

SEO Hackers company
SEO Hackers company

First of all, it can help you create your website (if you don't have one yet), or help you with its migration. This agency specifically helps you find an SEO strategy that suits your needs. She can also take care of carrying out an SEO audit to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current SEO strategy.

SEO hackers is also an expert in netlinking strategies, e-commerce referencing, local referencing and international and multilingual natural referencing. The SEO consultant can also intervene in e-reputation or in Google news referencing.

SEO Hackers also provides numerous training courses to help you take charge of your website's SEO yourself. To carry out all these missions, SEO Hackers uses the best SEO tools such as Killduplicate. It is therefore not in vain that the slogan of SEO Hackers is "a natural referencing 5 stars".

The SEO Hackers agency operates all over France and is present in major cities such as Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier, etc. It also offers SEA referencing among its services.

  • Eskimoz

Eskimoz is an agency based in Boulogne-Billancourt specialized in natural referencing. She offers to help you throughout the process of referencing your website. The agency offers four main services to its clients.

First, Eskimoz helps you with your SEO referencing. To this end, it uses White hat techniques to ensure your site's good positioning on search engines over the long term. Then, the agency takes care of your e-reputation, which allows you to establish a real relationship of trust with your customers and potential customers. The technical side is not the only one that matters in terms of natural referencing. Content is just as important. This is why Eskimoz offers web writing services. To this end, the agency has professional and experienced web editors. This SEO agency also has the necessary knowledge to lift all Google penalties.

Eskimoz seo agency
Eskimoz seo agency

In addition, Eskimoz also has the expertise to support your paid, mobile, social or video SEO strategies. The agency also offers numerous SEO training courses. Eskimoz therefore offers you a truly complete service in terms of digital strategy and has referenced the sites of many recognized companies in France and around the world. These companies include Franprix, eBay, Cdiscount, Speedy, Leboncoin, L'Oréal and MAAF.

  • 1√®re position SEO agency

It is an SEO agency that has six offices in the cities of Lille, Nantes, Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Annecy. 1st position has an experience of 20 years and works with all types of companies.

To ensure you a quality natural referencing, the agency is interested above all in your commercial objectives. She will then carry out an audit which will allow her to develop a tailor-made natural referencing strategy for you. 1st position, just like its slogan "Take the lead", helps you to be on the first page on the Google search engine. The agency can also help you get out of a Google penalty and improve your editorial content thanks to its web writing service.

1ère position, although being an SEO agency, is also specialized in SEA, SMO and SMA referencing. Thanks to its methodical know-how and its experienced team, 1ère position has succeeded in making clients such as Moneyline, Chazelles, LCL and Ba-Click appear in the first results of Google. In addition, the 1st position agency is certified by numerous labels including CESEO, QUASEO and Google Analytics.

  • Primelis 

It is one of the best-known SEO agencies in France. Its clients include very prestigious companies such as American Express, Allianz, Etam, Air Cara√Įbes and Rakuten. Working with around fifty experienced people, Primelis operates in several areas of expertise, including SEO referencing.

In the case of natural referencing for example, Primelis has many SEO consultants with a perfect knowledge of SEO tools and techniques. They analyze your web environment to determine your needs, and thus, they develop a SEO strategy that perfectly matches your expectations.

By entrusting your website to Primelis, you are sure that in a very short time, your site will be in the first search results for your keywords. If you prefer to opt for SEA or SMO referencing, Primelis will also accompany you, whether you are just starting a business or whether you are a large company. Headquartered in Lavallois-Perret, the Primelis agency also meets your needs for quality content creation (graphics, visuals, editorial, etc.).

Primelis seo
Primelis seo

  • Korleon'Biz

When it comes to SEO, Korleon'Biz is one of the important agencies. The head office is located in the Lyon region but the agency works with clients in the four corners of France. Korleon'Biz proposes to achieve various natural referencing objectives, provided of course that they are realistic.

After carrying out an SEO audit, the agency relies on three SEO pillars: the onsite (including all the onpage optimizations of your site), the offsite (with netlinking and the creation of a PBN) and the e-reputation (including the cleaning of the SERP in order to maintain a good reputation on the Internet). 

The results obtained thanks to Korleon'Biz are concrete and will allow you to increase your visibility, your leads, and therefore your sales. With 10 years of experience and 14 employees, the agency is made up of young dynamic consultants with a thirst for learning behind the personality of Julien Jimenez.

  • cybercity

Cybercité is a fairly large SEO/SEA agency. Indeed, it has more than 130 employees and has 6 agencies spread over the cities of Lyon, Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Sophia-Antipolis and Chambéry. Exercising in the field of digital marketing since 1999, Cybercité has the particularity of operating thanks to white papers that it publishes itself.

In addition to supporting your natural referencing strategy, Cybercité is also experienced in SEA referencing, Social media, content writing, web analytics, Inbound and conversion. Similarly, the agency has the necessary expertise to ensure international referencing, in nearly 16 different languages. To reference your website, Cybercité uses many SEO tools such as SEO Updates Tools, SEOPRESTO and SEOGENTO.

The Cybercité agency has acquired numerous certifications, including those of Google Analytics Certified, Google Marketing Platform, Bing Ads, etc. Cybercité counts among its clientele Culligan, Corolle, Chocolat Deneuville, and the Casino Crésus.

  • Mediaveille

It is a large digital marketing agency established in many cities in France. It has offices in Rennes, Nantes, Tours, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lille, Nice, Lyon and Marseille. She specializes in acquisition and conversion and works in various fields including natural referencing, social media, business intelligence, etc.

Mediaveille digital marketing agency
Mediaveille digital marketing agency

In terms of natural referencing, it offers several services ranging from SEO audit to the creation of optimized content. The service also involves the development of strategies, competitive benchmarking, SEO support, analysis and monitoring of positioning. Mediaveille is based on three main criteria for the natural referencing of your site: the technical optimization of your website, the creation and optimization of content and finally, netlinking which consists of a system of meshing internal and external links.

In order to help you strengthen your SEO and maintain it over a very long period, it offers business intelligence services. This service consists mainly of the creation of an optimized monitoring unit. Mediaveille also offers competitive intelligence and e-reputation services.

Mediaveille has improved the natural referencing of the sites of many well-known companies in France. Among these companies are L'Oréal, EDF, Groupama, Bein sports etc.

  • Let's click

Let's clic is a digital marketing agency present in France for nearly 10 years. It has offices in two cities of the country which are Paris and Marseille. The agency specializes in SEA, SEO and website creation.

With regard to natural referencing, Let's click proposes to accompany any type of website in order to allow them to have a much better visibility on the web. Before developing any strategy, Let's Clic first performs an extremely meticulous audit based not only on your offer, but also on those of your competitors. This will allow him to develop a strategy truly tailored to your challenges, in order to allow you to achieve the best positioning on Google.

To do this, it helps you with content creation. Let's Clic also carries out your referencing for Content Management System sites such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, etc.

To strengthen your referencing, Let's Clic can, if the need arises, improve your graphic charter and carry out the migration and maintenance of your website.

If you want to take charge of your natural referencing internally, Let's Clic can train your team and advise you appropriately. It is recognized by QUASEO and has referenced the websites of many customers since its creation. Among its best-known clients are Adobe, La Poste and the Banque de France.

CaptureLet's clic is a digital marketing agency
CaptureLet's clic is a digital marketing agency

  • Seoh

Seoh is an SEO agency mainly based in Paris and more precisely in the tenth arrondissement of the city. Specialized in the field of natural referencing for ten years already, Seoh has an experienced team that makes every effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The SEO agency will be able to support your natural referencing strategy, regardless of the type of company you own.

To offer you first-class SEO, Seoh follows a well-defined process that can be summed up in these steps: SEO optimization, analysis of your current traffic, netlinking and cleaning of fake links. In case you decide to do your SEO monitoring yourself, Seoh also offers training that your employees can easily follow.

If you have a CMS-type website, the Seoh agency offers SEO services for WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. As soon as you visit the Seoh website, you can benefit from an immediate website audit. Although present on the market only since 2010, Seoh has managed to gain the trust of major brands such as E.Leclerc, Sarbacane, Dorcel and Stérimar.

  • Optimize 360°

Are you looking for a web marketing agency capable of providing you with truly comprehensive services? Optimize 360° meets this expectation. The agency's headquarters are located in Neuilly-Plaisance, but the agency has many additional offices in other cities including Lyon, Metz, Nancy, Bordeaux, Rouen, etc.

The agency is also present in Switzerland, mainly in Geneva. Optimize 360° offers a range of services including website creation, inbound marketing, e-reputation, natural referencing, paid referencing and referencing on social networks.

For your natural referencing strategy, Optimize 360° helps you both for local and international referencing on Google. If you do not yet have a website, the optimize 360° agency can take care of creating a site that perfectly meets your expectations. She will then take care of applying SEO techniques in order to position it in the first results of the various search engines.

If you have an existing site, Optimize 360° will just carry out an audit to define your needs. It is only after this step that she will develop a natural referencing strategy, which corresponds perfectly to what you need.

In nearly 20 years, Optimize 360° has worked with many clients including The Ascott, Holding Finance, Le Negresso, and Adaptel.

  • Referencing Manuel.com

SEO Manuel com is a digital marketing agency located in Paris and Auvergne, more precisely in Clermont-Ferrand. Expert in this field since 1999, this agency provides you with an effective and efficient SEO strategy that will allow you to quickly and exponentially increase the traffic on your website.

To implement an excellent SEO strategy, the brand will first carry out an SEO audit of your current digital situation. This SEO audit is divided into three points which are: the SEO technical audit, the semantic audit and the popularity audit.

Once the audit is completed, your agency will use various SEO strategies (Keywords, technical recommendations, netlinking etc.) to ensure better positioning on Google for your site.


The services offered by the agency go far beyond SEO referencing. Referencing Manuel is also an expert in data Analytics, SEA referencing, paid media and Content marketing. The agency also offers many very interesting training courses taking into account all the services it offers.

SEO Manuel.com has many certifications such as Bing Ads certification, Google analytics certification, Waze Ads certification etc. It is because of all this that the agency has managed to gain the trust of many clients such as Euromaster, La belle adresse and SPA.

  • Search Foresight

Search Foresight is a web agency located not only in Paris, but also in Nantes. This web agency specializes in digital marketing strategies such as: SEO, SEA, content and Paid Media. With more than 20 years of experience, Search Foresight will be useful to you in many areas. First, the agency can help you develop an innovative website that really looks like you.

She can also assess your real SEO needs and, based on the results obtained, she will develop a personalized digital marketing strategy. This strategy will allow you not only to increase your visibility on the internet, but also to outperform your competitors. Search Foresight, thanks to Data profiling techniques, helps you to know the profile of your customers and visitors. This will allow you to adapt your offer to the profiles of the customers.

Search Foresight is also an expert in conversion optimization (CRQ), SXO (which involves improving the user experience of your site) and Amazon strategy. It is an interesting web agency if you want to boost your sales. The agency counts large companies such as SFR and Société Générale among its clients. Search Foresight has a lot of certifications including CESEO, Google Partner, Botify, etc.

  • ska referencing

Based in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Nantes, and Marseille, Ska SEO is a webmarketing agency that operates in the fields of social referencing, paid referencing and of course, in the field of natural referencing.

In terms of SEO, the agency has a personalized approach that allows it to ensure the best positioning on search engines. The agency first proposes to carry out a complete audit (content, technique and popularity) in order to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Then, she will take care of developing a natural referencing strategy that is specific to you. The agency follows 5 key steps which are: semantic audit, editorial strategy, technical SEO audit, netlinking and notoriety, and analysis of results.

Ska referencing thus offers you the first places for your local referencing and it can help you if you wish, to obtain position 0 on Google. With this agency, you will have the necessary techniques to effectively reference your product sheets for Amazon, and as a result, you will considerably increase your turnover.

This agency also gives you a lot of advice regarding all the SEO strategies it supports. Ska SEO is also certified by Google partner, Google Analytics, and Agence Directory, which is undoubtedly a guarantee of quality and expertise.

  • The web agency

The Web agency specializes in natural referencing. This agency is also located in Levallois-Perret and offers all its clients premium SEO services. To improve the visibility of your website, the web agency uses natural referencing methods. They also offer paid search, e-commerce search, social ads and local search services.

The Web Agency is interesting, and this, for many reasons. First, it has three different departments which are: the PR department, the technical department and the editorial department. Then, the web agency works with high-performance SEO tools such as Smart SEO, Search report or the Google results simulator.

Moreover, the main objective of the agency is to make you reach the first position on Google. It is in partnership with 1.fr, Yooda, Criteo, Facebook Ads, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Ads, etc. It is for all these reasons that companies like Ucare, Axa, Cacharel, Easy gym and Planet Sushis trust him.

  • Igoseo

Igoseo is an agency operating in the field of digital marketing for more than 15 years. Based in the city of Paris, Igoseo specializes mainly in natural referencing. To this end, it has very experienced people who master the techniques and algorithms of different search engines.

Very close to its customers, Igoseo begins any SEO operation with a meeting during which you will define together the needs of your site and the objectives you wish to achieve. After this step, Igoseo sets up a truly personalized SEO strategy for you in order to achieve your different objectives. The agency provides assurance of concrete results based on the analysis of certain performance indicators.

However, it must be said that the services offered by Igoseo go far beyond simple natural referencing. Indeed, to strengthen the referencing of your website, Igoseo offers an SXO strategy to improve the user experience. Igoseo is also an expert in local referencing, press relations, CRO services.

The agency also has the necessary knowledge to lift Google's penalties and take care of your e-reputation. Igoseo has also helped major companies including Engie, Allianz and WWF to improve their SEO on the Internet.

  • Oscar seo agency

Oscar is an SEO agency located in Paris, more precisely in the second arrondissement. The agency gives you the assurance of multiplying your sales exponentially. To set up your SEO strategy, she first carries out an audit to determine your needs, and thus establish an appropriate strategy.

Oscar uses natural referencing techniques such as keywords, content optimization, netlinking etc. Once this action plan is implemented, you will successfully increase your traffic, improve your conversion rate and get qualified traffic.

Oscar SEO agency
Oscar SEO agency

This agency also offers quality content writing services, which will allow you to meet the expectations of your potential customers. She is also an expert in other types of SEO including Social Media and paid Google SEO. Oscar also supports you in optimizing the user experience of all visitors to your website, in order to strengthen your SEO strategy.

It has several certifications including Google Analytics and Google Ads. The agency has worked with a clientele made up of structures such as SQI, Unilever, Kavkom, and even Perenity.

  • Seomix

Seomix is ​​a web agency specializing in the field of natural referencing. It is headquartered in Nantes and has a young team, with all the necessary experience, and very available to meet your different needs. The natural referencing strategy proposed by Seomix focuses on three main points which are: the audit of your website, the optimization of your content and the creation of popularity.

SEOmix also offers many other services. The company is an expert in WordPress SEO and paid search. She offers training in WordPress (development and SEO) and SEO.

Although it has only been present on the market for a few years, it is important to specify that Seomix has the experience it takes to work with large groups as well as with VSEs, SMEs and the self-employed. . Moreover, she has collaborated with Casal Sport, SIAL, Kiabi, Lengow, etc. In addition, Seo Mix is ​​certified by many quality labels such as Google Analytics, Google partner and Google Adwords.

Seomix seo
Seomix seo

  • Anthedesign

Having taken up residence in the Oise department, mainly in Compi√®gne, Anthedesign has at its disposal a team of seasoned experts in natural referencing. The slogan of this SEO is “the web agency that boosts your SEO”. The brand does everything to comply with this slogan.

Before undertaking any strategy on your site, the agency first carries out an SEO audit. It is only after that that Anthedesign can offer you a natural referencing strategy. For this, it focuses on keywords, netlinking and backlinks, etc. Anthedesign also pays particular attention to content that must be relevant. Once your strategy is implemented, the agency helps you with SEO monitoring. Likewise, it will ensure the regular updating of your publications.

Anthedesign offers many more services. The agency is mainly involved in the creation of websites and at this level, it helps you in the creation and redesign of websites, in the creation of showcase sites and in the creation of e-commerce sites. It has a website hosting service and can also be of real use to you for CMS WordPress referencing and paid referencing.

Among its clients, Anthedesign counts Logica, Floordesign, Climatex, Trianon Hommes Thyliane, etc. Anthedesign is therefore able to work with different types of companies.

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