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Best Adsense alternative | Prices over $2 per click

Google Adsense is considered the best platform for anyone who wants to earn money from blogging. by adding ads on their site and withdrawing profits in easy and guaranteed ways for all countries in the world.

however, AdSense policies have become very difficult, especially with the closure of many accounts and the problems of not accepting the request to join On many sites. a new search word has spread on the web, which is the best alternative to Adsense?.

And how can I find an advertising company that provides me with profits and withdrawal methods that are distinguished from Google Adsense?.

Best Adsense alternative Prices over $2 per click
Best Adsense alternative Prices over $2 per click

Of course, if you search the web for alternative advertising sites for Adsense. you will find many companies that are considered good, such as propellers,  info links and other distinguished companies. but they are all similar to Adsense where you need to blog and bring visitors to increase your profits.

Today, my friend, you will find with us a different way where you can earn from your domain without the need to blog through the so-called renting a domain and get special profits for a click that may exceed $2. especially in foreign countries such as America and Canada.

What is the best alternative to Adsense for blogs and websites, according to my experience?

The site that I will share with you today is the Bodis site. where you can rent your domain by displaying advertisements related to your domain name, and in return, all visitors who enter the site click on the ads and you get the profits.

What distinguishes this company from the rest, as I said, is that you do not need to blog or any trouble to earn profits, and also the conversion rate of clicks. or the so-called CTR in English, is very high, which is because what appears to the user is only ads related to the content, which will contribute to increasing your profits, my friend.

Maybe you will think now about creating a site account and linking it with your domain and making a profit? is not it?

No, my friend, this is a mistake because we need strong domains with large visits. and the visits should be from rich countries and from sources other than Google, such as direct visits and social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube, and visits from other sites.

The question that arises is how do I get that domain name and where do I find unique domains with visits?

The method will be divided into stages.

The first stage

What you will do is to search in the expired domain market for powerful domains with a large number of visits, buy them and then link them with the site.

The best site that I recommend to buy expired domains is expired domains. which by creating a free account enables you to view most of the domains and then filter them according to strength and credibility, especially they're ranking on Alexa.

Of course, you will put the special keyword and then search for a domain that has a good arrangement, and then we will go to the next stage.

The second phase

After you find a well-ranked domain, you should check the percentage of monthly visits by entering the semrush site and entering the link to analyze monthly visits.

This method, and as the picture shows, gives you an accurate analysis of the percentage of visitors in the last month and its sources and based on this information. you will decide to work on it or leave it and search for a new domain.

third level 

Here, my friend, you will simply link the domain you purchased through the company you used (I personally recommend Godaddy and Namecheap companies) and change its DNS to the one you will find in your control panel, my friend.

After a period not exceeding 24 hours, the site will start adding ads, and congratulations.

What are the available withdrawal methods?

Unlike Adsense, which usually asks to reach the minimum to send you money. which is 100 dollars, this site considers it the best alternative it because it sends all the money every month and the minimum is only 10 dollars. with the availability of new methods of withdrawal such as PayPal, Pioneer and Bitcoin.

The site is honest, and as I said, the pay-per-click, or the so-called CPC, means that each click gives you an amount that varies according to the country and the field in which the domain is specialized. for example, forex ads or profit from the Internet are much more expensive than Android games, for example.

I hope you like the article my friend, and as I said, if you are looking for an alternative to Google AdSense, this method is certainly the best so far.

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