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5 Best PC Optimization Software Windows 7/10/11

  • Windows is a fantastic operating system, but it still has flaws that need to be fixed.
  • You can invest in more powerful hardware or try software to optimize your PC.
  • Get the most out of your system by adding PC optimization software to cleaning utilities.
  • The best PC optimizer will be able to repair common errors and remove greedy apps, among others.

Windows is an excellent operating system. Although it is not error-free, it does not stop improving and the most recent version, Windows 11 proves it. 

No matter what version you're onboarding, Windows can get pretty bloated if you're not careful. It goes without saying that cluttering your hard drive can cause serious performance issues. 

Formatting is one of the traditional solutions to this inconvenience. Yet clean reinstallation is an enormously time-consuming and often quite risky task. 

By the way, this is the reason why users are looking for ways to move Windows to storage media without reinstalling . 

You also need to use a method to save your files and configuration, see external hard drive backup for Windows 11 , 10 and 7. 

If you want to avoid these rather tedious manipulations, the solution is to install PC optimization software.

How do I optimize my PC?

The best PC optimizer will help you:

  1. replace all problematic files
  2. clean your registry while eliminating superfluous keys from previous installations
  3. boost your RAM
  4. improve the overall functioning of your PC

The market is in full swing and there are countless products that promise to work wonders. 

Our team of testers is dedicated to testing these options to identify only PC optimization software that delivers tangible results. 

Obviously, the supreme proof consists of the noticeable acceleration in performance. PC optimization software that has met this criterion is included in this selection.

What software to speed up and optimize my PC?

Restoro Best PC Optimizer

The first system optimizer that you can choose to make your PC faster is Restoro. As confirmed by users around the world, this product really does make a difference.

Most of them saw a major improvement in response speed and not just on startup.

On the contrary, Restoro identifies and eliminates malware threats and detects dangerous websites that can cause serious damage to your computer.

In addition, the interface is well designed, very intuitive and unlikely to turn into a challenge even if you are a beginner.

Let’s take a quick look at its key features :

  1. Real PC speed boost
  2. Extremely easy to use
  3. Free up disk space
  4. Replaces corrupt Windows files
  5. 24/7 support is on hand to point you in the right direction whenever you need

CCleaner Deep cleaning

The most effective of these features is the Registry Cleaning Tool , which scans your PC and identifies any corrupt or outdated entries. 

It can also detect gaps, i.e. missing files and add them where needed in addition to deleting unnecessary keys. 

Another advantage of CCleaner stems from its decluttering capabilities. Thus, it  removes all traces of the most stubborn programs, it removes the remains of temporary files that are difficult to delete and more. 

Your privacy is the main concern of this PC optimization software. 

To protect your privacy, CCleaner will automatically scan and clean your system to remove cookies and caches, as well as search history and browsing data.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Portable and intuitive

IOBit's Advanced SystemCare Pro is unique: it's portable – you don't need to install it and it works like a Swiss army knife.

The software contains more than 20 tools – items such as disk cleaner, registry, browsing traces. It can even defragment your disks and help you uninstall any software on your PC.

All in all, SystemCare is the kind of software that's going to let you do things its competitors couldn't.

The interface is another strong point. You can easily browse and use its features.

Let’s take a quick look at its key features :

  • One-click optimization
  • Intuitive workflows
  • Built-in performance monitoring widget
  • Quick and in-depth custom scans
  • System protection against a wide variety of malicious agents

Glary Utilities Pro Less resource-intensive

Glary Utilities Pro is another great choice. Not only is it good and doesn't require a lot of resources to run, but it's also ultra-safe and won't interfere with your antivirus or firewall .

Let’s take a quick look at its key features :

  • Repair and cleanup: free disk space, cleans your registry
  • System tools: repair system files, restore registry keys
  • Optimization: memory and startup optimizer, disk defragmentation, disk management
  • Backup and Restore

Iolo System Mechanic Speed ​​booster

System Mechanic tries to be as user-friendly as possible. It includes various features that other similar products do not have.

It comes with a privacy tool that will help you change privacy-related settings in Windows 10. It will explain all the issues you are having with your PC in easy-to-understand language.

Moreover, it also includes a NetBooster tool which could help you boost your internet speed.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Bonus utilities

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the most expensive software on this list.

Still, it offers features like file encryption, full backup of your hard drives, and the ability to run benchmarks on your system.

Plus, there's a 40-day free trial giving you plenty of time to test it out on your own before making a decision.

If you want feature-rich software that's worth the price, we think WinOptimizer is the one for you.

How do I know what is slowing down my computer?

One of the best ways to find the source of a computer error is to make sequential changes to your PC. 

Installing new software, adding new hardware, adjusting your configuration – all these changes will help you identify the source of the problem. 

Another great way to hit your goals without spending too much time troubleshooting is to use software to monitor PC performance . 

Finally, Task Manager is another way to find out what's slowing down your PC. Note what uses the most of your RAM and/or CPU as well as the number of items configured for autostart. 

Why is the computer too slow?

The usual suspects are antivirus running in the background. Besides, this is the reason why many security solutions modernize their infrastructure by adding tune up utilities to AV packets .

First and foremost, make sure your PC meets the specs required by the programs you're trying to run. 

The compatibility issue may be implicit, but software conflicts are among the most common reasons behind excessively slow system crashes or freezes. 

Make sure there aren't too many programs running simultaneously in the background. Then, also check that your DLL/registry/system files are not affected by computer corruption. 

For this purpose, you can also try a slow PC cleaning software that will speed up your system in a graspable manner.

Good software to optimize your PC will automatically check all these aspects and more. So why not give it a chance?

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