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12 reasons why any ad fails and tips for making it better

Any advertisement can be a machine that generates money for your project or, God forbid, a black hole that devours your budget without finding real results, so what are the reasons that lead to the failure of any advertisement? Whether you launched a commercial in Google Ads or social media, or whether your ad is an advertisement for a product or service, you need to read these factors that lead to the failure of any advertisement. Complete the article so you don't miss a reason.

12 reasons why any ad fails

reasons why any ad fails
reasons why any ad fails

1. Launching any advertisement without a strategy

Of course, it is always best for you, before launching any advertisement, to rely on a ready-made marketing plan template, because it is the first professional step for the results of your ads to be positive in the medium and long term. Ask yourself whether the plan is applicable, how your ads differ from competitors, who you target and what are the largest platforms they exist. What is the purpose of the advertisement? Is it to increase your sales, introduce people to your services, or another goal?

2. Launching any advertisement in the wrong platform

It is easy to avoid this mistake when launching a digital ad for your project, but despite this many people make this mistake. If you sell your services to companies, for example, the most appropriate way to do that is the LinkedIn platform, because advertising on the wrong platform will waste the budget without results or interaction from the audience. .

3. Ad content does not reflect your target audience

This problem may appear when you target the wrong audience in the platform where you launched a new ad, and it is easy to correct this error by testing the audience, modifying the campaign later, and monitoring its results. And the second mistake is not mentioning the advertisement to the target audience and the beneficiary of this product or service. Perhaps this problem appears as a result of many customers searching for a template for writing a ready advertisement without modifying and customizing it to suit you.

4. Over-promising

When launching an advertisement, it is important to monitor the promises you make to customers because making false or exaggerated promises because marketing here will be negatively counterproductive to you. Explore customer expectations and select the messages of any advertisement according to these expectations so that your advertisement does not end up failing.

5. Bad product and its negative ratings

There is a principle circulated by advertisers and marketers that says that “good marketing does not save the bad product.” If you do not add to your accounts the investment in the quality of the product and the delivery and packaging process, then if lying does not work to sell the products, then the solution is to make it actually desirable to the consumer with its quality and improvement for his life, so that it does not fail. An advertisement you launched so that returns do not increase, and most importantly, so that you do not run into legal problems if the products are defective.

6. The content and design are unattractive

“Create your online store in one step” is our motto at Willet, which we use in advertisements. How about if we tell the customer that his store needs 80 steps to appear and succeed? Will anyone be excited to open the ad? No, of course, because the steps are many, and therefore the attractiveness of the advertisement depends on the wording that you say to the client and on the method of design and not being crowded with texts or various elements.

7. The wrong timing of the announcement

Many entrepreneurs rush to launch more than one advertisement for sale without knowing whether the product is suitable for the customer or not and whether the timing is appropriate or not. Repeating the purchase order over and over again without understanding what the audience wants or knowing when they need it may lead to the failure of any advertisement, no matter how strong it is. .

8. The ad titles are weak

The answer does not appear only from its title, but also attracts from its title. Everything starts from the strong title, the first lines of the ad, the first seconds of the videos, inviting the customer to complete or to skip the ad, so try to explain the benefits in your title.

9. Absence of a call to action

Why did you launch a new advertisement if you did not invite the customer to take action from this advertisement? The problem is that the customer finds your words convincing, but he needs you to put him on the next step or the action required of him, whether the place to find the product or the coupon or others, and be careful when directing the customer to your site or Your store should go to a landing page, so that the customer does not forget why he came to the site and so that he does not get lost in the many details.

10. Not having a strong landing page

In any advertisement, the predominant goal is to sell, so you have to make sure that the customer gets all the information he needs from the product at first sight, and that his mind is not distracted by other products or things, so it is important that you present your site and ads in the form of landing pages Specialized for each product or service because it is more effective and contributes to increasing the conversion rate for customers.

11. Difficulty using the site

The more clicks or steps a customer makes to complete their purchase process, the less sales will be achieved, so make sure that the process of completing the order for the customer is easy and even lightning, and in general, all users of your website or online store must be satisfied with The experience should be smooth for them without obstacles.

12. Repetitive advertising to audiences (or customer fatigue)

In marketing, there is a term called customer fatigue or exhaustion from the frequent repetition of advertisements on them, and the customer then chooses to ignore the advertisement and request that it not appear again for him. So the next time you launch a new ad, set the number of times the ad is supposed to be shown to customers before you stop showing it to them, review your analytics, see how many customers have bought after the ad has been shown more than once and decide how many times it should be shown They advertise to upcoming customers based on this.

Strategies that will contribute to the success of any advertisement more

1. Create an experience for your customer

If you needed proof that customer experience is critical to successful closing, 84% of companies that have invested in improving user experience report increases in sales, which is an expected number because we've all had such difficult experiences with stores and sites we've sworn never to come again and again. Purchase, improve customer service, order fulfillment, website colors and readability and most importantly mobile responsiveness.

2. Adopt the idea of ​​“limited quantity.”

Sending alerts or writing a promotional advertisement in a way that makes the customer hurry up to buy before the quantity runs out or the discount ends is an effective strategy that you should use in any advertisement you launch, whether in email marketing, in Google ads, or in the banner of the home page of the site or the store .

However, you should not use the alerts feature or e-mail too much so that the customer does not feel that he is being targeted by your messages and stops receiving notifications or marketing messages from you, as 32% of users will disable the feature of receiving notifications from you if they receive more than 5 notifications per week.

3. Take advantage of marketing automation

Marketing automation means making all marketing processes automatic, as some platforms such as Mailchimp and others collect customer data and sort them according to their behavior and send marketing messages to them later according to the behavior they did and because this process is automated using artificial intelligence, the results are higher, and the budget is lower and effortless almost.

4. Target your existing customers

As all marketers know, the cost of retaining customers is always lower than the cost of acquiring new customers, so it may be better for you to target previous customers and always remember that a customer who had a positive experience not only returns on his own and repeats the purchase, but also recommends family, friends and colleagues Business buying from you and analyzing data in your e-commerce will help you to know your previous customers, their cost to acquire and everything else related to them.

5. Interact with your customers and don't leave them

When launching an advertisement on social media, it is important that your accounts are active so that you do not give the impression to customers that you do not exist, and while providing attractive and useful content on those accounts, expect that customers who visit your accounts will follow you so that they do not miss anything from the upcoming content.

6. Rely on video advertising

Making a video ad may be a difficult challenge for you, but it is worth investing in as it is the most powerful marketing tool ever, and since global audiences spend more time on mobile phones and consume more than an hour and a half of video minutes throughout the day, it is important to show customers in videos because it is faster In its spread, stronger in its impact, and greater in its investment returns. In your videos, try to include customer reviews, and use storytelling in a marketing way to increase sales.

last word

In the end, we hope that you will avoid these mistakes if you intend to launch a ready-made written advertisement or even start launching an advertisement that relied on an advertising agency in it, and in all cases remember to include what the customer will benefit from in your advertisements and focus on the customer’s problem and solution more than your focus on highlighting your project .

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