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10 practical sites to resize an image

Need help resizing an image? No need to have very advanced photo editing software: there are free sites that allow you to change the size of an image directly online.

Just try one of the 10 websites below: it's convenient and easy.



ResizeImage is a fairly complete tool since it allows its users not only to resize an image but also to crop it, rotate it or even change its format (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP).


Ezgif is a site designed to resize and optimize animated GIFs, a format that can quickly weigh quite heavily, in particular risking slowing down your website.

You can therefore change the size of the GIF but also apply a special compression to it to reduce its weight (to do this, click on the “Optimize” button).


Picresize is quick and easy to use site. It gives you several options to shrink your photos:

  • Apply a percentage (ex: 50% smaller);
  • Automatically adopt a size adapted to a screen resolution (ex: 1024 px);
  • Use custom dimensions.

You can also apply different effects to your image.


Toolur is a rather complete website since it lets you choose between different compression methods classified from A to F:

Methods F and G do not cause any loss of quality when compressing a JPEG file;

The others generate losses but reduce the weight of the photo more (the A being the most effective compression but the most harmful for the quality of the image).


Cool is a rudimentary but effective site.

Here, nothing superfluous: load an image, choose its new dimensions and obtain a resized file in different versions.


Couldn't be more basic, ImageResize allows you to upload an image, resize it and rotate it. You can also change the format if you wish. allows you to reduce or enlarge an image in percentages as in pixels, but also to rotate your photo.


Bloggif allows you to automatically modify the size and format of an image, but also to rotate it in the desired direction.

Downside: there is no live preview of the changes made to the photo.


With ConvertImage, it's simple: choose the format in which you want to save your file, send your photo and change its size easily by dragging a slider.

Simple Image Resizer

Let's finish with a tool that is also very simple: Simple Image Resizer, which allows you to select an image from your computer and quickly adjust its new dimensions with a slider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to resize the size of an image?

In Explorer, right-click the image you want to resize. Click Open With and then Paint. On the toolbar, click the Resize button. If you want to set exact dimensions, select the Pixels option and then enter the width or height.

How to resize a JPEG file?

So open the copy of your image in your photo editing software and in the Image menu look for the Image Size or Resize function. Make sure Constrain Proportions are checked and enter the new width of your image, in pixels. The height will automatically adjust

How to resize an image for free?

ResizePixel is a free online photo resizing tool whose keywords are simplicity and efficiency. It is easy to use, user-friendly and secure service to resize your photos with strict respect for your privacy.

How to change the size of an image without distorting it?

To do this, go to “Main menu > Image > Image scale and size”. From this panel, you can choose the width and height and change the resolution of your photo. You have at your disposal an option "maintain proportions" which will allow you not to distort your image.

How to resize an image on a PC?

  • Quickly resize images
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Open the folder containing your files to be resized.
  • Select the image or images to resize. ...
  • Right-click the selection and click the Resize Images button.

Find in this article other sites to resize an image or files!

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