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Top 5 Best GIF Editing Sites

Editing of GIFs

What is the importance of modifying GIF images, for the purposes of design and various applications for communication, this format of animated images has gained paramount importance in the web world in general, and has become one of the most popular and most sought after formats as well.

Unfortunately, there are not many free or even easy programs or applications that can deal in modifying this type of image, such as compressing the size, adjusting the colors, or even controlling the speed and frequency of movement.

Top 5 Best GIF Editing Sites
Top 5 Best GIF Editing Sites

However, in recent years, a number of websites have appeared that offer this service for free that does not even require experience. All you have to do is upload the animation, select the modifications you want, and then wait until you get the final output.


The most famous website for editing animated images, it allows uploading images of up to 35 megabytes, and allows compressing the image size with high accuracy, and also allows determining the dimensions of the final image and saving it to your device.


This free online toolur is all you need to compress any GIF image.

In just two simple steps, the site will take care of improving the quality of your lost GIF, you can compress multiple files at once and upload GIF files up to 50MB in size.


A tool that allows you to reduce the size of any of your GIF, just upload the animation, select an optimization method, and then click on the “Enhance” button to make the conversion in moments.


The salient features of this site are:

  • Provides a modern GIF compression algorithm.
  • Provides different stability algorithms.
  • Supports creating lost GIF files.
  • The frame rate for each photo is changeable.


This site has an easy and simple interface to handle, the default options compress the file size of the GIF image by up to 40-60%, you can choose the advanced settings (optional) to apply different compression strategies according to your request.

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