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Solve the problem of fake charging for iPhone and Android in easy

If you're looking for a solution shipping problem placebo for iPhone and Android you'll certainly notice that shipping may drop from 70 per cent to 50 per cent within minutes, and then keep your phone on the proportion of shipping 50 per cent for a long time, this is what can be called the charging phantom of the battery, it is likely to indicate The battery needs to be calibrated.

Solve the problem of fake charging for iPhone and Android in easy and simple steps!
Solve the problem of fake charging for iPhone and Android in easy and simple steps!

What is the reason for the appearance of the fake charging problem?

It can be said that the reason for fake charging is the batteries that degrade over time, which leads to a gradual decrease in their capacity, but the phone you own cannot always measure the charge percentage accurately, and correctly.

Solve the problem of fake charging for iPhone and Android

This problem may occur in most types of electronic devices that run on batteries, so the solution to the problem of phantom charging for iPhones, Android, and even laptops is the same, not much different. Although it is not a big problem, it causes inconvenience if the phone is left at 25 per cent charge and after a minute you find your phone saying goodbye to you and closing its eyes, and you still want to enjoy your time because your energy is still full.

Steps to get rid of the fake charging problem

  1. In the first step, leave your phone running without charging until it is completely empty, and make sure that it is no longer able to work at all, and that the battery has become completely empty, make sure of this when you try to turn it on to find an icon that indicates that the battery is completely empty, before the phone turns off again after a few seconds.
  2. Go to the second step and leave it without turning it back on, then connect it to the charger, and let it charge until it is complete and it becomes 100% and the phone is left turned off for the entire charging time.
  3. Some specialists suggest leaving it on for an extra hour to make sure the battery has taken up as much charge as it can, but this is not often necessary.
  4. In the third step, restart your phone, and when the home page appears in front of you, make sure that the charging percentage is completely complete up to 100 per cent, then you can disconnect it from the charger.
  5. It can be said that after you unplug the phone charger the battery is calibrated, and you can use it again on your phone normally.

When should a mobile phone battery be calibrated?

Surely now you are wondering how often you should calibrate your phone battery, but there is no rule of thumb for how often to calibrate it.

But from a technical point of view, you do not need to do this if you are not concerned with accuracy in the percentage of charge, and you are always charging the battery.

But if you are meticulous and want to know the condition of the battery constantly, and its true charge percentage, we advise you to calibrate it every two or three months, or more if you wish.

Do battery calibrators increase their life?

Some iPhone and Android users believe that constantly calibrating the battery helps extend its life, but this belief is wrong.

Important Tips

  • In fact, the best way to solve the problem of fake charging for iPhones and Android and maintain the safety of the battery is not to leave the battery at 0% discharge to charge it.
  • If the charge of your phone reaches between 40 and 70 per cent, charge it directly, and do not leave the percentage to reach less than 40 per cent. This will help you avoid calibrating the battery, and it will be preserved as new.
  • If you followed the above-mentioned steps and did not solve the problem of phantom charging, and you found that the battery in your phone is still draining quickly, you must buy a new battery that suits you.

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