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How to sell more at higher prices

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We've all had our share of pain due to the economic recession we've faced. Our purchasing methods have seen a fair amount of change.


    We first negotiate with ourselves whether we really need to buy a product! Sales fell.

    What do sellers do to sell more during a recession? After some deep reflection on the subject, these are some of the thoughts I have.

    I've collected a bunch of quick tips that can lead you to sell more even when the purchase price is high.

How to sell more at higher prices
How to sell more at higher prices

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  1.  Quality is king. If you can make sure that your product is of much better quality than the competitors, you win. It doesn't necessarily add all the features that your competition has. Adding enough features can encourage the purchase of your product, but the quality should lead customers to buy from you and encourage others to do so, for the high quality of what you produce.
  2.  Necessity is the motive. The individual always pays the highest price for better quality food, rather than buying from street vendors. If your product can become a necessity, customers will pay a price no matter how high. If your product does not fulfil this necessity, think about how to make it a necessity?
  3.  You are the only one. If you are the only one who provides the customer with this product. Could that be possible, why not? If you have a patent for a certain technology or a license from the maker of a product, no one else can sell it. So you are the only one who sells this product and the profit is yours alone.
  4.  A guarantee is granted. If you give a guarantee and assure the customer that they have nothing to lose, you are halfway to closing the sale. People are afraid. They won't get their money out unless you can assure them that the buying decision is correct and that you guarantee the product.
  5.  The right timing. If you sell at a time when the customer is in dire need to buy. Imagine the train is about to leave and you urgently need to buy a bottle of water because your children are thirsty. Do you waste time bargaining on the price and miss the train? Or do you pay what the seller asks and don't lose the reservation?
  6.  Use your charisma. Remember, if you can influence the decision-maker, make sure the deal is in your pocket. Try to develop your charisma and how you use it, it won't hurt. Make the customer love and comfortable dealing with you more than others.
  7.  Compliance with the request. The customer is obligated to buy from you. If the company is committed to certain standards in its products and never violates them, the customer is obliged to buy from them, whatever the price. Compliance with certain standards that obligate customers to buy from you, and the competition narrows and is almost non-existent with other producers.
  8.  Good reputation. I have been in the market for some time and people are simply attached to your products or services to the high efficiency and honesty you do with them. These customers will simply attract other customers to your facility. Even in this world where customers are exposed to tons of advertisements daily, a simple word of mouth from friends or acquaintances is still the most influential.
  9.  Communication with clients. You know people - who know people - who listen to them. In short, they will provide you with enough leads to get to know more people who might buy from you, and get you ready to connect with them and convert them into customers. Your communication with your customers is the torch that lights the way for you, opens up markets for you, and attracts more customers, and thus more revenue.
  10.  Full flexibility. If you can offer flexibility to your customers in choosing the right size, right quality, the right packaging, accurate delivery, and not yet within the industry standards, then there are very good chances of attracting more people.

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