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How to hide likes from Facebook posts and not show the number of interactions

For more privacy through Facebook, you may resort to hiding some information that appears to the public, including you can hide likes from Facebook posts and not display likes on posts, which is a healthy thing that social media such as Facebook follow to preserve the freedom of users during the browsing process daily.

It is worth noting that since May 2022, Facebook has made it optional according to the user’s desire, if the user chooses not to share the number of likes on his posts, via the main summary page, groups and pages, other users will be able to see a list of people who liked the post and not the number of likes the post got.

While the owner of the post will be able to see the number of likes, even if it is not visible to others, this feature is one of the most beautiful features that Facebook offered, among several updates, which also included closing the Facebook account through the Lock Profile feature for more privacy.

How to hide likes from Facebook posts
How to hide likes from Facebook posts

Hide likes from Facebook posts

This step is one of the good steps for the most pioneering companies in the world of social networking, "Facebook", in a serious attempt to create a psychologically sound social networking environment, to have a more positive impact on society.

It is time to realize the true role of different social media platforms to learn and realize the value and importance of the content we share with others.

In the coming lines, we will review together the ways to hide likes on your Facebook posts and how to prevent others from seeing the number of likes. It is an easy issue, it can be applied through a mobile application or on the desktop, and we will explain the two methods together.

How to hide likes from Facebook posts on mobile

The method of hiding likes from Facebook posts on mobile includes several steps as follows:

  • Press the menu button located at the top right or left of the screen, depending on the phone used, and click on the Settings and Privacy section.
  • By clicking on News Feed Settings, select Reply preferences, and from there to the Interactions preference settings page, where you can disable the number of reactions, disable participation by other users, or both.
  • The total number of reactions to Facebook posts can be hidden from others, by toggling the slider next to posts from others and toggling the spam slider for your posts.

How to hide likes from Facebook posts on the web

The method of hiding likes from Facebook posts on the web includes a set of simple steps, in the case of accessing the Facebook website from your PC or Mac or using your mobile device as follows:

  1. Select the down arrow in the top right corner.
  2. Choose the Settings and Privacy option on the next page.
  3. Choose News Feed Preferences, then Interaction Preferences.
  4. Toggle on the sliders next to other people's posts, your own, or both.
  5. Then the new settings are saved automatically as Facebook published via the support page.

Reset Facebook Settings

Note that by resetting the Facebook settings preferences to hide the number of reactions related to Facebook posts, they did not reappear in the News Feed or on Facebook Pages and Groups.

We will also find that ads related to the latest news or other places will be completely different due to the change of settings, which does not need to hide the number of reactions in Facebook entirely.

And in fairness, we should know very well that seeing the number of reactions will appear, but in another place such as Facebook's Marketplace, you can make it manually whenever you wish.

Despite the approval of several users for the feature to hide reactions to Facebook posts, Facebook has put in front of users in the event of negative experiences with the Facebook platform, one of the following two options:

  • Either take a short break away from your page on the social networking site Facebook, and you can see the article on moving away from Facebook to learn about alternative applications in this period.
  • Or permanently and irrevocably delete your private Facebook account.

Adjust Facebook page settings

The feature of adjusting settings on Facebook is a positive feature, which aims to encourage users to express their feelings, positive or negative, in light of the attraction of a very large segment of users to the global Facebook site.

Facebook has become a highly influential tool in the lives of most social media pioneers of all ages.

It is noted that with the feature of hiding likes from Facebook publications, many users can take a moment to take a breath away from the fierce competition among users about the priority of leading their publications from their families and friends to win the largest amount of positive reactions.

Finally, the issue of hiding likes from Facebook posts is a positive thing that helps a person reconcile with himself and his community, away from social comparisons, which are among the shameful things capable of disturbing the peace and tranquillity of society.

Questions and answers

How is the like hidden in Facebook?

How to hide the number of likes on Facebook

Open the Facebook application on your phone, then click on the “three conditions” menu and from the drop-down menu click on the “Settings and privacy” option, then click on the “Settings” option so that you access more settings related to your account in Facebook

How to hide the number of interactions on Facebook?

To hide or unhide the total number of interactions with your Facebook posts:

  • Sign in to Facebook from a computer.
  • Click in the top right corner of Facebook.
  • Click Settings & Privacy, then click Feed Preferences.
  • Click on Interactions preferences.
  • Next to Your Posts, tap the toggle to turn this setting off at any time.

How to hide groups and pages on Facebook?

Click the pencil icon to the far right of Likes and then select Edit Your Likes Privacy. Click the audience selector next to each category and choose Just Me to hide it from everyone.

How to hide liked pages in Facebook from the phone?

Go to the selection of likes and press the pencil "modify" and then choose "modify privacy" as in the picture. A new page will appear for you by categorizing the pages that you have previously liked, sportsbooks, games, etc... Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose other messages, press the corresponding "Public" key, and choose "Only me" as in the picture.

In the end, dear smart user, you are the master of your decision with your choices, so do what you like without harming or harming others.

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