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How to delete songs from iphone

delete songs from iphone Search for the song to be deleted in the Songs application .

If there is a download icon next to the song to be deleted, this means that the song is not present on the device, but it is possible to hide this icon by pressing and holding it, then clicking on Remove, and confirmation will be made. to remove the item.

How to delete songs from iphone
How to delete songs from iphone

Delete all songs

There is an easy and quick way to delete all songs at once, by going to Settings, choosing General, then iPhone storage.(iPhone Storage), and at the bottom of the screen will be a list of applications on the device, and it has been formatted based on the storage space that each application occupies, then the songs application is searched for, and constantly clicked, as it will appear at the bottom of the screen,

the music library (in English: library listed) are listed alphabetically by the name of the artist with a number next to each one indicating the amount of space it occupies, knowing that there is a number for each song list at the top, then clicking on the edit button (in English: Edit) at the top right of the screen, then clicking on the small red circles next to Each item, so that all songs of a specific artist are deleted, or everything is deleted if all circles are pressed, and after selecting what to delete, go back to the top, and press Done in the upper right corner.

Delete a specific album

One album can be deleted by opening the Music app, then selecting Albums or Songs, searching for the album to be deleted, and long pressing on the song or album, where some options will appear, to be clicked on the Delete from option. Library (in English: Delete from Library), and then confirm the deletion.

Note: It is indicated that if he uses one of these applications, whether the (Apple Music) application or the (iTunes Match) application, any changes he makes to the (iTunes library) on his computer will be made automatically on any devices that use the same application, in If the computer is connected to the Internet, so if it removes a song from (iTunes library), the same change will occur on the iPhone, if there is a sync with the computer, and if the only way to control the music on the iPhone is by By syncing with your computer, changes made to the iTunes library will be applied to your iPhone any time you sync.

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