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How to choose the right SEO agency?

If your website receives few or no visits, it is surely that it is poorly referenced in the search results. A web SEO agency helps you adopt the right SEO strategy to gain visibility!. Everyone can not improvise "reference", it is important to choose the right service provider.

How to choose the right SEO agency
How to choose the right SEO agency

Understand the role of a SEO company 

The web reference agency SEO implements a set of techniques to improve your site's ranking in GoogleBut in order to get a real return on your SEO investment.

Keyword research and content creation

It is not enough to be referenced on a randomly chosen keyword . A good SEO company, after having carried out a complete SEO audit , studies your target and their search intentions.

Deduce a set of keywords related to an activity.

Netlinking: link creation

The part of a web agency is also to ameliorate the notoriety of your website in order to make it more visible to hunt machines.

The more people talk about you, the more Google considers you worthy of attention. Your agency will then create backlinks pointing to your location. But these dofollow links should be as natural as possible.

There is no point in creating links from sites that have nothing to do with your business or that have little reputation in your field.

Technical optimization

Your SEO agency also has the mission of carrying out on-site technical improvements. Loading time, URL, SiteMap.xml, HTML markers are all parameters to take into account to reference a website.

Therefore, the search engine optimization agency (SEO) will improve your site according to the following points:

  1. Build a tree structure for your site
  2. Enable search engines to quickly identify its various contents on your site
  3. Improve website loading speed less than 3 seconds
  4. Optimize your site's robots file.

Identify your needs and goals

To be able to communicate what you want with your SEO agency, you must already identify your needs and your objectives. For this, it is necessary to be able to understand a minimum of the jargon related to web referencing. We recommend that you study search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. You can start by reading some articles on SEO on our agency's blog.

  1. If it's a redesign of your website , this allows you to perform a light audit to identify issues around your SEO. And helps you clearly communicate your needs to the service provider.

For example, if you need quick results, you may want to consider running sponsored link campaigns on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) in conjunction with your SEO strategy. Mention it to your web agency, which will help you set it up.

Check the seriousness of an SEO agency

Once you know what you want, you will need to find a serious SEO agency, likely to carry out this work with you in the long term. But there may be thousands of them. Finding your way around is not easy. There are several ways to ensure the professionalism of a web SEO agency.

Analyze your E-reputation

A good way to check the soberness of your implicit SEO agency is to dissect its character on the web. However, it's rather a good sign, If it has a certain notoriety. To do this, look at its conduct on social networks

if it is prolific, followed and possibly generates commitment.

You can also take a look at his corporate blog and read a few articles to gauge his expertise. You can also see his participation in events as a specialist. Finally, you can start looking for opinions on their work through the web (Google My business, Forums, social networks, etc.).

Test the positioning of the SEO agency

A web SEO agency , worthy of the name, must be well positioned in search results, if only in its locality. If the agency itself does not succeed in referencing itself well in its sector of activity, what can it bring you?

Ask for and verify customer references

If these agencies have years of experience in the field, they are bound to have a portfolio of clients.

You can also contact the clients in question directly: this will give you information on the agency's ability to listen, communication and expertise.

Check the financial position of the SEO agencies services

It can take months, and sometimes years of work to achieve the expected results. So you will definitely have a long term relationship with the SEO agency for your website. So make sure your SEO is financially sound and not in danger of closing down overnight.

Request an interview with your SEO agency

Eventually, bandy with your SEO agency before subscribing with them. Telephone, skype or in person, offer him an interview to bandy your prospects and have a quotation drawn up.

  1. You can ask him about what SEO tools that you use on your site?
  2. Does it have references in your sector of exertion?
  3. What SEO ways are used?
  4. This will allow you to also assess their chops is they able of carrying out a quick inspection of your point?
  5. Is she interested in your exertion, your target?
  6. How to evaluate SEO agency?
  7. What is an SEO agency?
  8. What does an SEO agency do?

In addition, a good web communication agency will be able to clearly explain its SEO strategies and methods to you without spreading out its technical vocabulary. A reputable agency will also tell you how to measure your ROI.

She will give you regular reports of the results whether they are up or down and of the work to be done.

You can actually achieve the first results very quickly but it will not last. The techniques used, known as “ black hat ”, are far from being “natural”. They generally go against Google's recommendations, which will end up ousting you from its search results.

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